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10-11-2000, 09:53 AM
I am a Level 50 Druid.. Where is the best place to PL a level 8 Enchanter?

Thanks in advance for the help :)

Balien Whitewind

10-11-2000, 01:20 PM
Best place I found at that level was South Ro -- at level 8 your enchanter can still play tank.
I just went round and round thru the 5 orc camps there with mine and flew thru 6 to 11 about
and then switched to the dervs, madmen, giant scarabs near the desert line for the next few
levels. Put on SLN, Thorns, Chloro. You set the druid to auto-follow while grouped with the
enchanter and then disband the group -- you stay on auto-follow that way. Just leave the
enchanter targeted and heal (with level 19 heal spell) if needed usually. Once in a while you
may need to finish off a tough cleric orc or snare a runner or something. Enchanter just runs
from camp to camp and tries to hit each orc once with their cheapest spell (shallow breath
or ??) while the orcs kill themselves on the damage shield.

10-11-2000, 03:34 PM
I have to agree with Kresha the zone hardly ever has more than say 20 people in it (well on Povar at least). Most of those people are after the AC and SG's anyways, so you should have your pick of just about anything else.

10-13-2000, 05:59 AM
1-12 The Undead Ruins in North Karana
12-19 Reaver Hill In East Karana
19-34 Unrest yard then basement
34-39 Lower Guk Live Side at the zone
39-48 Lower Guk Live Tower and Noble Area
48-52 Front 6 at The Hole
53-56 Lower Guk King/Herbalist Area or SolB LDC/Beetles

Veil Nyjinnyn
10-13-2000, 07:58 AM
For what it's worth....

Kresha nailed it. On the nose. The area he spoke of is my favorite newbie training ground.. there's just so many mobs for a higher level to drag out to play, its awesome. Not much on loot, but that's not your goal, true?

10-13-2000, 08:31 AM
I do agree with Kethos for the next step though -- Reaver Hill in EK is usually not crowded and has
lots of mobs although I don't think I took my lowbie there until 14th or whenever South Ro started
to slow.

I didn't try unrest, but the yard always seemed pretty crowded when I had been there and lots of
train monkeys causing problems heh. Maybe I'll try it in the off hours some time and see if I have
better luck.

Glacius Mercykiller
10-16-2000, 10:27 AM
Well i've PL'd many friends and guildmates secondaries plenty o' times. Heres how I do it and best locations I've found. Also: up to lvl 35 make sure the person your powerlevelling gets at least 1 hit in on each mob. Always keep 4-5 mobs on him at once. If it is a caster with an AE available even better as he can hit them all (same with PLing a bard)

lvl 1-5 East commons (bears, beetles, snakes etc)
lvl 5-14 Unrest. Yard trash. (these levels FLY)
lvl 14-17 Derv Camp in WC. Pull the entire camp (lol).
lvl 17-25 Mistmoore out by the pond.
lvl 25-35 Upper Guk. Scryer room.
lvl 35-40 * Infected Paw dungeon. Group with them and kill everything. You get no exp, they get hella exp. This will only work if you are lvl 50 or so. Any higher and they don't get exp.
lvl 40-51 Timorous Deep. Group with them and quad kite spirocs.

Well there ya go. Personally after lvl 25 it becomes a chore. So this person better be a good friend of yours.

Also, they should take time out every 4 levels and fight for a level on thier own to get the skills up.

Power levelling spells up to 35 (before grouping) are:
Buff them with Skin like Nature, Chloroplast, and Spikes damage shield. Heal as needed.

Hope this helps.

- Glacius

10-17-2000, 07:23 PM
I think i like befallen, i mean there are sooo many mobs to kill and they respawan pretty quick, you can work on pickpocket skills, and there is always the chance of getting a plat ring.


10-19-2000, 06:53 AM
I would recommend SK like others mentioned for the lower lvls. Main reason? Nobody there and in the offchance of the AC spawning, you group and you REALLY just powerlvled the enchanter more then anything else. With JBoots he will be able to charm/solo from 12 on (with about 200pp worth of char items).

If nobody is hunting the AC you can just powerlvl him/her around the desert area trying to get the AC to pop. Works great! Only trouble is he/she might be over the lvl before the AC does show up, but worth powerlvling with many blues with the offchance of the JBoots

10-20-2000, 11:56 AM
Unrest yard is an awesome place to PL from lvl 8 up. The exp will be great and the only problem will be that the caster has low ac, so will require heals a bit. A lvl 51 druid friend and I have been taking turns PL'ing each others alts and friends alts there. SLN+Chloro+thorns and the exp comes really fast.

10-21-2000, 10:00 AM
I took a lvl 10 Druid friend over to Kerra Isle...and he cleaned up on exp. I dmg. sheilded him, healed and snared and harmonied the mobs for him. It worked great!!
Got him 3 lvls in about a day and 1/2.

The best part is...NO ONE ELSE WAS IN THE ZONE.!!! Hardly anyone EVER goes to that zone.

Errr but this was before they upped the mob lvls in Kerra, but I'm sure it will still work great.

Shadeaux NightRaven
Druid of the 9th. Circle
League of Levity
The Rathe

10-23-2000, 03:15 AM
Unrest - I have taken a bard and a Necro from 6th to 12th in about 3hours just off the yard trash. Exp slowed down after that and it took 1.5 hrs to get to 14, hehe, Unrest is an awesome low level PowerLevel spot. It would be great up to around 30 if it didn't get so crowded.

10-25-2000, 08:27 AM
I agree with everyone on all their posts, they are all great places to plvl. I just thought i would add that another great place to plvl from about 16-22 is in DC at the gobbie camp. EZ mobs, and its usually not that crowded, plus u have a chance at bilge spawning (PKT
*Drool*). The gobbies spawn pretty fast, and the chloro can usually out do their dmg (meaning u heal faster than they deal dmg) although lvl 19 heal spell is necessary. If u r 54 and plvling them then it's even better cuz u got regrowth hehe. Then a great place from lvl's 22-30 is at the sarnaks in LOIO. Goto the castle, and go in like just past the entrance. It's never heaavily camped, and the mobs give xp up thru 31 if not higher. From then on, it gets harder to plvl and gets slower, so it's not as fun. If you want to grp from 31+ i suggest CT til 35, then Lower GUK spider room til 41, and then guk/solb/DL until 50. Karnors from 51-55, and depending on what class u r u can go solo in tim deep til 60. O btw, if u r a solo class u can solo from 40-54 with great xp off of the spirocs in tim deep. Hope this all helps.

Tekkin Underpaw lvl 51 Druid Essence of Immortality
Aulien Azzkika lvl 23 Warrior Divine
Sinamyan al'Thor lvl 12 Necromancer

10-27-2000, 07:02 AM
Just curious as to what mobs people have found that actually kill themselves on the damage shield? seems like most things run away now. people talk about keeping 5 or 6 mobs on the person they are pl'ing, but they all get to a point where they run away and need to be snared.

for example, last night i was helping a friend, doing crags in karana. the spider would beat itself up on the shield, go to run, i would snare, than my friend would sit there for 5-10 minutes, trying in vain to hit this red mob, until finally he connects enough times to kill it. It sucked.

beetles in karana kill themselves on shields, as well as mummy's in sro. not all undead kill themselves though. dry bones run as well.

so, any other mobs that kill themselves on shields?


10-27-2000, 10:01 AM
Solve the problem by rooting the mob with the 5 damage root and it will kill itself off for you.

11-09-2000, 01:00 PM
Also consider using /assist, that way you can keep the lowbie targeted, hit assist to target and root the mob he's working on, then /assist again to retarget the player.

Toggling between views will also help you see and keep track of all the action and enable you to target and root the few that do get away. Then the lowbie can just walk over to that rooted one, get within meelee range and let it finish itself off.

Powerleveling is, in itself, a skill that must be practiced. LOL :) But if I get one more tell that starts with, "hey, you busy right now?" I'm gonna scream.

Frank the Druid
Phraynque Senbeenz
50th Season - E'ci

11-10-2000, 07:48 PM
I am surprised nobody mentioned Field of Bones. Very easy to pl up to the mid teens...various skeletons and scorpions are your best bet since they don't run. You can pop into Kurn's tower probably as early as level 9 or 10 as well with a Druid pl'ing you.

11-10-2000, 08:20 PM
Ytsal you mentioned Field of Bones..that's pretty close to Cabilis right..arn't we KOS there..or if we're in Wolf form are we ok? I've never been there & figured I'd never really wanted to get too close to Cabilis also are there any roaming Iskar Guards around that one might have to worry about..also what is Kurn's tower..

Jafaa Dahutt
Wood Elf Druid 37th Season
Guild Officer Raj'Artair

11-11-2000, 11:23 AM
I will say south ro like the first poster.


If the AC pops up when you are powerlvling them, you can give an Enchanter a powerlvl item that nobody else could.

If my enchanter had JBoots, he would have rocked from that point on. CharmSoloing without needed to beg for SoW

Montgomery Burnzs
11-17-2000, 02:17 PM
You people have no clue what you are talking about. I powerleveled a warrior to 50 in 2 days played time. This is the best possible xp you can get without a doubt
1-5 newbie zone
5-10 Dervs
10-18-Orcs in Oasis
19-29 Goblins in Sol A
30-45 Kedge Keep All the fishes and pirhana
45 50 Dreadlands

Bobban Furfoot
11-20-2000, 05:06 AM
Started PL my tank over the weekend, got him from 15 to 21 in Mistmoore by the pond, damn crazy xp there for those levels.

I will be moving off somewhere else now he's 21, SolA sounds like a good idea, I'll give that a go tonight.

11-24-2000, 10:04 AM
1-10 South Ro
11-16 Reaver hill in East Karana
17-30 Camped Ghoulbane in Upper Guk :)
31-44 Mino Elder and pals in Lower Guk Live
45-50 Dreadlands

Lilliana Sweetleaf
11-24-2000, 02:02 PM
North Karana is GREAT for a lvl 8 or so newbie. The worst part of PLing is when the mob starts to run. Sure, snare stops it, but it doesnt kill it. This leaves the poor newbie to finish off a mob he/she can barely hit, let alone nuke. If i finish it off, i KS.

This is where NK is great.

The zone is packed with pincer/borer beetles..all around level 15 and they dont run when hurt.

Your lil' twink can do about 3 levels an hour if played right. Each kill does about half a bubble of xp. Course this is only really good until 13 or so, then it starts to slow down a bit.

Lilliana Sweetleaf
53 druid of Brell (gonna ding tonight baby)


11-27-2000, 05:45 PM
Well I have done this too. However my choices were a bit different. I chose areas that were not occupied so I could maximize the number of pulls per hour.
1-8 Misty Thicket
8-12 Orcs/Dervs in WC
12-16 Beholders Gorge
16-22 Runnyeye
22-30 Lake of Ill Omen or Firona Vie
30-40 Overthere and Kedge Keep

If you can pull light reds or yellows to the enchanters level you can go up really quick, by quick I mean a level every 30 minutes in the lower levels, a level an hour in the mid levels, and about a level every couple of hours in the middle 30's.

11-30-2000, 04:32 AM
I have powered about half a dozen characters using the following guide:

1-8 misty thicket/west commons (young kodiaks, dervs, willowisps, etc.)
8-12 gorge of king xrobb (yes you read that right, muddites are the ultimate powering mob-- they don't run when low on health and don't hit that hard)

I have powered people from 1-12 in under 4 hours played using the above tactics. After 12 you have many more options, i have done all sorts of zones, one of my favorites being high hold pass killing the entire orc camp. this of course only works if no one else is around, otherwise you're probably better off elsewhere.

11-30-2000, 08:45 AM
1 - 13 Field of Bone Pit
14 - 20 The Overthere near dry lake near Wrsliks Woods ZOne
21 - 24 Undead Ruins in Swamp of No Hope near FV zone
25 - 29 Frontier Mountains near Dreadlands zone. Zone in and turn left across first ridge. Go to bottom of V by tree, safe camp spot
30 - 35 The overthere, zone in from FM and turn right, run down a bit away from crowd
36 - 40 Yetis caves in Dreadlands

Made level 40 in just over 4 days played with my druid powerleveled by 42 mana bard and 49 Pally/46 Cleric

vermis mysteriis
01-04-2001, 03:55 PM
tee hee hee.. just want this on the first page again.. quality info that i hate to have to find again.

Glacius Mercykiller
01-05-2001, 07:27 AM
I'm working on quickly PLing a chanter to lvl 16 (breeze) or 29 (clarity), and parking her at Steamfont druid ring on other computer. Tough part will be PLing her to 29 where she can really dish out the crack :)

TP, Crack Fix, Gate back. Will come in handy at lvl 54 when crack will stack with Form of the Howler's +2 mana regen.

One of my favorite threads on this board.

Glacius Mercykiller
Wanderer of 53 Seasons

01-05-2001, 11:30 AM
Well Glacius your going to have to get your chanter to 35 if you really want a good clarity. A lvl 29 clarity only increases mana regen by 2. It goes up to 7 by lvl 35 which is the max. It really wont take that much time to get him to lvl 35 and in the end result is definitly worth it. Plus at 34 the chanter gets gift of magic, hard to say no to free +75 mana.

Bainwolf, 56 Woodelf Preserver, Erollisi Marr

01-05-2001, 01:11 PM
Just a note about SRo

go there for as long as you can. Hopefully on off hours also. If you see the AC while powerleveling, then you start blasting while he starts the group up, you accept and kill.

There isn't going to be a better PowerLeveling feat than a new pair of JBoots.

Its a great place to PL also.

01-07-2001, 12:46 AM
1-4 Field of Bone
5-16 Kurn's Tower
16-25 Kaesora
25-35 Dalnir
35-50 City of Mist

Won't take more than four hours to get to level 15 at Kurns. When things get blue or even it's probably time to move. Second, have them use the fasest delay weapon they have. Their damage means nothing, you just want them to make sure they hit each mob once. Make them pull while you med.

I'm not 100% on my levels, but my general plan is correct. Never, ever, ever power someone on a mob that will a) agro to you if you heal or, b) run away when it's low on heath.

Skels, skels, skels...

Gaennen Fizzlewhiff
01-08-2001, 12:37 PM
You can PL alot faster at the zone to paw. Go in and get the mob in runmode, make sure it is ensnared and then zone leaving your apprenice in there to beat on it. When you come back in if the mob isn't dead, damage shield your buddy and then root the mob with the level 5 root spell. The mob will do itself in and your buddy will see some damn nice experience. Just make sure your friend has the HP's to handle the beatings while you cast heal. As soon as you will zone your friend will take at least one hit. There's also the chance of a reposte.

01-28-2001, 10:40 PM
Can't let information like this go to waste.

/bump, for great justice ;P

01-29-2001, 06:03 PM
Working on PLing a friend of my partner, friend has 50s on another server but they want to group on BB.

_Great, ungodly exp can be found in the back corridors of Permafrost. Go to the Archaelogist's area, pull in ice goblins from the surrounding spawns. A pair of 12ths were making 2 blue bubbles a kill off them. Snare pull, let the goblin beat itself to death (grasping root it when it runs so it turns to smack and die). Just be sure to kill the casters yourself, they take far more mana than its worth. Fortunately the ice goblins are the more common spawn. And you can get a pack or mask off the arch, no one hunts there except for the named.

This will get you at least a level a night (2 to 3 hours of killing, max), I worked two 12ths to 16th/17th there in a few days.

1 - 5 newbie lands, wolfform and one of them being a bard just sponged exp up at a furious rate.

6th to 9th on the orcs in S Ro.

10 - 12 on the WK bandits, there are many spawns in the mountains, and they are never camped.

Then to perma. Note the common point, nothing they killed was camped by people hunting in their own weight class. Its rude to PL where people are hunting. Which is why places like Unrest and MM are off my PLing list. But you can always find gobbos uncamped, say in the OOT. Or FM.

01-31-2001, 01:36 PM
just quit my druid on Rallos to play on Rathe with my sister Atrea, need this info so she can PL me :)

55 Preserver
Rallos Zek

12 Druid
The Rathe :)

02-01-2001, 07:55 AM
Powering my monk on a second machine at the moment, here's where I've been.

1-8 - General newbie areas, Misty etc.
8-25 - Unrest. Start with yard trash and work your way up through the house, pulling reds as much as possible.
25-27 - Dalnir. Fun dungeon, but too many casters
27-33 - Current level. Lower Guk live side zone.

Probably going to stay in Lguk for a while and camp Raster for the RotLC quest. Once I'm done there (maybe level 35 or so) I'll consider going to CoM.


02-01-2001, 08:13 AM
The limiting factor for me is healing, and short of having clarity there is not much I can do about it indoors, outdoors Form of the Howler helps.

Fixation of Ro is a 44th level spell out of Velious, its an AC/ATK debuff. Works wonders for PLing, mobs that were tearing our friend up suddenly became managable.

Now that we aren't using it, I'll add my next step after the Perma goblins: The undead ruins in Rathe Mountains.

Rarely camped, and while trash mobs spawn in place of the good ones, just add them to the pull and let them do a few points of damage while killing themselves on the thorns. You can easily work someone from high teens to high twenties there.

02-01-2001, 08:17 AM
1-3 Newb Area
4-6 WC
7-11 NK Beetles
12-19 Lake of Ill (kill mostly skeletons & cats)

I only went that far to catch our group of friends up together. Now i gotta work on spells/weapon skills.

50 Druid

02-04-2001, 07:49 PM
Ok, remember that PLing any caster has some troubles assosiated with it. The Enchanter is going to be spending a lot of time get doing skill raises on spells. Still, why not... we are rather good at powerleveling after all.

Remember this though! An Enchanter is the master of the powerlevel too. Once your little buddy hits 12th pick up memory blur. (I'd do NRo, WC, LoIO and such areas to get to 12th, it really should not take long.) With memory blur you can forget the whole porcupine levelling bit and do things in style. The Druid picks something about three levels above the Enchanter. He then nukes into into submission, the flight but snared stage. Our intrepid Enchanter then Mem Blurrs it three times or so and finishes with a nuke or poking it in the back. Voila, full experience for the Enchanter. Mix in some old fashioned porccing to keep those neglected finger-wiggler defensive skills up and you have an Enchanter on a mission.

vermis mysteriis
02-16-2001, 07:52 PM

i found the sarnak castle in loio to be amazing for pling my chanter twink.. went from 20ish to 29 there, my brothers sk did the same with me while my dr00d sat back and healed/ds aswell as the regular buffs. we were probly making EVERYONE really pissed, as we could and would take just as many mobs as a full group sitting near. glad my bro has turned out to be a good puller = )

vermis mysteriis
53rd wanderer of prexus
*A Fire Inside*

02-20-2001, 11:00 AM
Just a bump. Don't want this post to disappear ever :)

02-20-2001, 01:58 PM
What are some good locations for powerleveling a character from 25+? I'm looking for a place that has numerous mobs, that don't run when low on health.

The beetles were good in the lower levels in NK, then the skeletons & tigers in lake of ill were good. But now the skeley's & cats are no longer the nice yellow/light red that was good for powerleveling. But 25 is a bit low for Rhino's & Tigers in OT, so any other ideas?

51 Druid

02-26-2001, 08:24 PM
my guide - done a few melees from 1-50

up to 6 newb zone to perserve equipment and corpse
6-18 field of bone moving from pit to between Kaesora and Kurns on grass
18-25 Swamp of no hope - near bandit camp and obelsk
25-30 LOIO sarnaks
30-46 Overthere
46-52 Dreadlands outside karnors or BW

Im about to drag a 48 warrior to coablt scar to see how it pimps up there versus BW

This is with a 51 druid PL - and sometimes a cleric healing


03-03-2001, 05:00 AM
Thanks I have a 25 monk and now have a lot of suggestions. I think I'll take him to dalnir and try and get some crescent armor.

03-05-2001, 02:24 AM
I have been Power leveling my new DE cleric. I checked this post many times and I hit 29 with him last night. Here is my summary of where I did it.

1-6 Misty - great newbie zone, I couldn't pull fast enough, mobs to spare.

6-10 Sro Derv camp - Nobody here, ever. This is on E'ci with 2800 people on.

10-17 Unrest Yard - OMG, if you have never PL'd here, this is the place for you! I would run my cleric around and argo huge trains. Pull back to where I parked my druid and the mobs would line up to hit me. Only 4 would hit at once, the rest would wait in line! Also, nothing runs away, best zone to PL IMHO.

17-25 Mist Moore - Another great spot, I tried LOIO at this level and it is WAY over camped. I can remember leveling my druid there and the mobs ran free. Now, its a rare to see a roaming mob on in LOIO on my server. I did manage to do a level or 2 in the goblin tunnels, that was decent.

25-29 Upper Guk - I went to Uguk and headed to the live side zone. Set up camp in the small room right at the zone line. I love this place, but I think its time to zone over to lower guk, live side and start doing the bedroom and minos.

Scorpie Tundrawolf
03-06-2001, 10:48 PM
Lets see if i can remember, its been a while. PL'ed my little bro from level 5-51 in just 2 days play time.

5-10 Sro, Orc camps (All of em)

10-15 Unrest (Yard, First floor ghouls)

15-40 MM (From 15-25 i did the closer to zone spawns then from 25-40 i did Cave/Castle. Even camped Dhamp from 39-40 and got one cloak.

40-51 DL, Ridge area is good. CoM is also another good place and not really camped much.

*Edit* This was when i was level 57, not 60. Would have only been like 1 1/2 days played if i was 60.

03-07-2001, 10:03 AM
Hate to question you, but 2 days is very fast for level 50.

Think of it this way, you will use bone chips in Kaladin to reach level 12 in less than 20 minutes.

Then considering killing creatures that are always 10 levels higher than the PL friend, you would need to kill 990 creatures (always staying 10 levels higher, so at level 49 your killing level 59 monsters) to reach level 50.

This assumes no deaths.

Put a rate of 6 minutes per kill (many 30 level spawns are on a similar spawn time) and considering NO travel time.

This would result in 99 hours to hit level 50.

99 hours is 4 days 3 hours to reach level 50.

I will give you the doubt of it being 2 days 23 hours.
That means you average 4 minutes 19 seconds per kill.

For levels 43 to 49, your killing level 53 to 59 monsters every 4 minutes 19 seconds? Wow.

Also, you can assume you never let your monster get above level 45 and ease off the increase from player level 35 to 45, so that while he is level 45 the monsters are level 45. Then you do not greatly increase the kills needed to level.

At level 45 you need to kill 96 level 55 monsters to level.
At level 45 you need to kill 105 level 45 monsters to level.

So this may help you keep the low minute delay between kills.

In any event, if this is true, I am very much in awe.

Numbers based off a halfling druid (they require the LEAST to level; so other classes will require MORE kills).

Want to check my figures, please do, the data is taken from the code of the game itself. URL: (

03-08-2001, 12:16 AM
aye i have some doubt on the "2 days played, level 50" statements i've seen in this thread. that's just insane. i'd really like to see a screen shot of that. there's just no way. i consider myself a damn good powerleveler, and if i PLed for 24 hours straight, i can get a meleer to close to level 30. but 30-50 takes ALOT more time. you've got hell levels and mobs that take much more time to kill. DS become pretty much pointless post 40. just doing the math in my head and i must say that 2 days just doesn't add up. 50 hours for 50 levels? that's a level an hour. highly unlikely, but i guess i could be wrong, so show me a screen shot. :)


03-08-2001, 12:42 AM
I PL'd my chanter to 34 by taking the mob to very little life with a few blasts, then my chanter tashani'd and mem blurred, got one good blast in (all this with my best root on), you learn to know when memblur takes, and her pet killed. You can buff pets with over 50 buffs and thorns. The mob pretty much killed itself on the thorns and I healed pet. You just have to get one point of damage in before the mob dies after the memblur.

Danee SilverPine
03-09-2001, 01:15 PM
Hail all-

I've used a combination of the posts here. Great stuff. I currently have a lvl 37 war twink that I've pl'd as follows.

1-5 newbie area
5-15 unrest yard trash
15-20 LoIO mill side
20-25 LoIO other side
25-30 BR/SR/GIBS LGuk
30-37 MM & Kedge Keep

Been hangin out a lot in MM because of the loot, but I think KK is better exp. Though MM is still better than quading. I think quading will make better exp once he's low 40's, dunno, but cant wait to find out.

Robyn Goodfellow
03-09-2001, 06:10 PM
I have a cleric that I've power leveled to 39 with just over five days played. I'm proud of the fact that most of his primary skills are pretty well maxed out, including divination for invis to undead. His conjuration is pretty weak, haven't worked on any weapon skill but 1HB, but I figure that's enough since clerics don't need to be in melee at higher levels anyway. Most importantly his defense is maxed. I spent some time chain casting for points occasionally and I spent a couple of hours with my druid doing some quest related stuff while on my other computer, the cleric was just swimming in place for that skill.

I spent my clerics lower levels in Butcher Block. Dwarf skeletons until level five or so, then the chessboard till about 10 maybe.

South Ro pulling dervs, ghouls, dry bones till about 15.

UNREST!!! 15 to about 25 in wolf form is fantastic. I'd pull yellows and reds for my cleric, gaining a little extra experience from the inevitable yard trash that would join. I could pull, pick and choose the mobs I wanted for my cleric, while he was relatively safe outside, since he was non-KoS in wolf form. When the morons made trains, most of the time we were on the wall by the back door, so we avoided them or if a train came by and we weren't fighting, I could just let it pass by and it would ignore us. I only had to zone once I think in the entire time I power leveled here.

LOIO at the goblin caves from 25 to 30. I scoffed when a buddy suggested LOIO because the gobs were blue to my cleric, a few even cons when he was at 25. That was until the first few kills. Incredible experience from LOIO mobs, and surprisingly, even when there were 100 folks in the zone, the caves wouldn't be heavily camped. Go figure.

Tizmaks from about 30 to 38. The experience from each tizmak isn't that great, but the cave entrances have an incredible spawn rate, so I was killing non-stop. Once my cleric got to 34, my druid could have up to four tizmaks dying from ES Vambraces, while my cleric would Atone the most dead tizmak, rooting it if my druids root broke, and letting it beat itself to death on the thorns.

Crystal Caverns 38 to 39 maybe to 40. Take the left tunnel after the broken bridge and kill the tentacles. Again, mad spawn rate and you can single pull with a high level druid.

I plan to start getting into groups with my cleric post 40 since he is now at the point whereby he will be valued over shaman and druids for healing duties.

Robyn Goodfellow
54 Wanderer Prexus

03-14-2001, 01:40 PM

Sllack Blader
03-19-2001, 12:42 AM
6-14 : Befallen
14-25 : Unrest
25-31 : MM
31-46 : Lower Guk

This is a generic template, I have used it 2 times (working on 3rd) and it works well for me.

03-22-2001, 11:57 AM

03-24-2001, 11:33 AM
Bump. PLing a Monk now and going to switch to my shaman to get him from 35 to 50. With haste, JBB and pet, it should be a fun ride. Plus, I still need the students log from CoM for my shaman epic, so, off to CoM I go!

03-27-2001, 03:56 PM
I see a lot of people saying MM is good for wish to 30, I have been there quite a few times late at night and when your the only ones in the zone it is awesome. However it only take about 2-3 groups in mistmoore to make it suck, spawn times are low and there are not enough out by the pond to go around. when there are about 12-15 people in the zone I would get about 1 kill every 10 minutes. Kind of crappy unless you want to stay up until 3-4 am every night.

Xashren the Lost
04-05-2001, 07:47 PM
This post isn't allowed to get so low :P

Adding to the nice places to plevel, try Nurga at 34+. Lots of gobs, and a nice xp bonus for your trouble. The gobs have very few hps for their level, and 50+ can easily pull singles for someone they are helping.

Only one downside: Casters, and lots of 'em. Resists help, and some way to stun is vital to stop those healers.

Also, you might want to print out some good maps of the place, because it's difficult to get out once you're down there. One of the two ways to the lower section is one-way, and the other is very hard to get up unless you know have a wizard to Gflux you.

04-06-2001, 12:25 PM
I usually use Unrest up to level 20 or so, starting with the yard trash and then pulling from inside the house, and then working down to the basement. Usually takes about 6 hours to go from level 5 to 16, depending on the particular class and how good the people you are PLing is. IE knows to hit every mob on him at least with 1 dmg. Melee classes are the quickest.. especially monks and warriors.

After that I usually do a Shadowman camp, they spawn fast and are many. The only ones that cause problems are the Cleric class ones. And there are many zones that have Shadowmen camps. That works fast til about level 25 or so.

Past that, I don't do much PLing as it takes awhile, but in the higher end leveling, 35+ quad kiting Spirocs in TD is nice all the way up to 45. Or if you can manage to grab hold of the Dwarven docks and Sister camps in BB. They work good as well.

Hope that helps.

04-13-2001, 03:09 AM
Oh my, how did this post get to the 2nd page.. =)

Still PLing my Lizard Monk...

lvl 35-38 I did Yetis in DL
lvl 39-45 CoM

My monk is currently lvl 45 and I am doing the Goo house and the surrounding mobs for excellent exp. One thing to note is, I am no longer PLing with my druid, I have switched to my shaman and the exp is insane. I think if I wasn't PLing a melee class (ie my cleric), I would still be doing this with my druid.

At lvl 45 I have no trouble holding the Goo house in CoM and doing the mobs in the 2 near by huts. I think thats 3 Goos, and 8 static mobs. By the time I clear them all out, they recycle. A great way to get out of 45. =)

04-13-2001, 09:35 AM
One of my fave spots is the 5th floor of Tower of Frozen Shadow, doing the Ushers. All of them are good exp up to about 47 or so, you CAN get xp with them all the way to 51, but you'll go through a lot of xp greens to do it.

I'm helping a good friend work her warrior up, she's got herself decked out pretty darn good, full crafted dwarf with dual yaks ;)

Getting up there is the trick... I took her up with my druid and my cleric, cleric has the keys... Invis/Invis vs undead on your way up at each level's mirror/entryway, when you get to the 5th floor you're set to go... you can work your way in pulling with snare and just buff/dmg shield/snare the mobs and heal while they just fight their ass off. It keeps their skills up, at around 30 they are red, and xp will FLY till about 45. We were doing a level in a casual night's play for a while. The reason I did it this way is she can work on her pulling skills, and her other skills stay maxxed, bring a variety of weapons with and let them work the skills up. If you can bring a bunch of bandages with, you can let them get beat down pretty low and use gheal to keep em in "frenzy" mode, the ushers *will* run back down the hallway to the end and "warp" to the right side and keep running in a loop because of it.

IMHO one of the BEST places as far as risk/reward because the money is decent, there's the mirror right close by, and then you have the added bonus of being able to turn around and blast Nosja and Daman at the odd time if the floor is empty, and possibly get rings. I have gotten at least 6 of the rings Daman has dropped... NONE off of Nosja, they've *severely* nerfed those ring drops off of him. The downside is the Enraged Relative. I camped my 50 warrior up there and have a third machine ready to log him in if that one pops... blue to a 54, this thing gives me the added bonus of getting xp for pl'ing someone, but will tear through stuff in melee very fast, so you better have a cleric behind your melee.

04-13-2001, 12:14 PM
For folks doubting the "I got lvl 50 in xxxxxx days" sort of stuff ....

When you make your arguments, please keep in mind that MANY quests out there (and no, I'm not going to list them so Verant can NERF them) result in close to a yellow bubble per pop. Some can be repeatedly given enough cash and/or quest items. Some even work in the 30s to 40s. It's not just the bone chip quest that can "zoooom" ya through the levels.

Not that I'm advocating it, as your skills will suffer ... but I used a combination of quests to get through level 35 the first time (was getting so frustrated with the Hell level and EQ that I almost quit). I had spent over a week in 35, and had one yellow bubble. A friend clued me into a nice quest (good thing I had a lot of plat in the bank) and I finished 35th the next day.

04-17-2001, 04:50 AM

04-17-2001, 06:42 AM
Well, I've taken PLing as a profession lately from doing it so much. (made friends with most of the people whom I PLed). I've done four warrior, three rogues, a monk, a mage, two rangers, three paladins, two necros. Let me just say that if you're going to PL, try as you as you can NOT to PL a caster. They have low ac, low hp, crappy offensive abilities and they are just plain hard ot keep alive. PLus PLing goes hecka slow with a caster. So go for a tank type.

Here is what I did
Lvl 1 to 4 - Snakes, rats, and all that junk.
Lvl 5 to 9 - Orcs and Dervs in the Southwestern corner of Oasis of Marr. Two orc camps here plus tons of wandering orcs.
Lvl 10 to 14 - Reavers, animals and stuff in EC. Bes tplace is the reaver hill.
Lvl 15 to 30 - Temple of Cazic Thule. I Haven't read many of the posts here, but haven't seen anyone put this down. This is the best place to PL a tank. My warrior (has a 55 ranger as main and is an RL friend) would take his half elf in full FS and run around in the maze until he gets some mobs then comes back to me in the same inner corner inside of the maze. There, I'd hit him with dmg shield, and just relax while watching his hps. Easy as pie and extremely fast exp.
Lvl 31 to 40 - Lower Guk. Best place is the Bedroom to 35 then either Ass/Sav/Cav/Exe (But NOT Sage).
Lvl 41 to 50 - Dreadlands and LGuk. Both are decent, but by now it gets hecka slow and boring. So put on some music, get out your eq papers and just relax. Make the tank pull since he/she should be high enough to do it.

Some guy posted here saying that every 4 levels, the guy should get his skills up. Well, that's good advice, but not necessary. I mean, his skills will be flying when you put him with SLN, Chrolo, DMg Shield and set him against a red mob. Oh, never waste mana. You should never bother with any other buff, except maybe magic resist if you are in LGuk. If you get down to 40m or lower, call a short break and med, especially if the guy you are PLing is in his 30s or higher.

If you're doing the pulling, fudge about safety and pull like two or three mobs. It's hecka fun ;) Set them against your tank, root and snare all of them, then just watchi the guys health. PLing is as easy as pie as long as you have good mana at all times. If mana gets low and mob's kicking your buddies butt, don't be afraid to say "zone". Oh, and whether the mob runs or not, snare it. Use snar euntil the guy is in his 30s then use ensnare. Just in case. Always expect the unexpected. ANything could happen.

Oh, and usually when you get into the PLing business and get good at it, people give you awesome things. I've been offered lumi staff, 30k, shieldstorm, MoSS, thorneblade of yk, hammerhead helm, smr, iksar regen bp, glowing black stone, Crown of King Tranix, KDs, wu sticks, fighting batons, fbss, tbbs and more. I tell you, get good, play long hours (like me, hehehe) and you'll get rich within a week. If the guy is paying you plat, then make out a system. Like, "pay me every 5 levels" or "pay me every level". Just know that the lower levels, you should not get alot of plat cause they're easy, but at higher levels, you should get plenty.

Anyway, I'm done blabbering. Hope some of that helps ya. ANd yes, in case people haven't noticed, I don't like Kunark or Velious PLs much. Too sucky there.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Nikan Spahr - 54th Wanderer of Tunare
Akiru Runeleaf - 46th Warrior of Tunare
Tamador - 35th Rogue of Bristlebane
Resides Within the Reality (Server) of Innoruuk
8th Year Experienced Roleplayer
"The Gods have given us magic to protect and preserve. Misuse them, and they can take it away just as easily." -Nikan Spahr to Council of Druids

04-19-2001, 01:23 AM
Adding my own first experience. I'm lvl 46 druid. Ported to WC, ran to west FP, put SLD, sow, chloro and dam shield on my friends lvl1 monk and he was halfway through lvl 3 when i had medded full, since i came in there oom. Then ported us to BB, bound him in Gfay and went to unrest. Level 3, yes. Memmed "Healing" spell and off we went to kill beetles. 3 hours later he was lvl12 and we called it a night. At around his lvl 10 when he reached 400+ hps i memmed greater healing. Wolfform of course.. at lvl 11 we just stood in front of house and took whatever came our way. i rooted with grasping roots and healed him.. i guess it's good spot until about lvl 17-18 or so. Then we can move pretty deep into house... or go to LOIO.
About velious.. i think orcs and later stalags/spiders in CC are pretty good.. and around 33-35 you can move to walruses/ulthorks in EW or wolves in GD. Lots of mobs, don't hit hard, don't flee when more than one. We'll see...

04-20-2001, 05:00 AM
Unrest yard trash is great exp to 14. i was about lvl 9, then we tried unrest.. so many mobs, and only 3 will attack at once..

at one time, there was a line of about 5 or 6 spiders, undeads that would attack as soon as one currently attacking died.. i did at least 1 pt of dmg, and got all exp..

15 now, and might just try to stay inside, go upstairs or something..
Maybe try mistmoore, cause alot of you said it was good..



04-26-2001, 11:21 AM
PLing an Erudite Enchanter.. Did Kobold camp, including evrything nearby, then moved into the new Warrens dungeon for a couple of levels.

Taking the advice hear and moving to Unrest now.. )

Strebor Mediatizer
04-30-2001, 06:49 AM
Power leveling a Bard right now with me being a 45th level druid. The bard is 17th right now and I am loving Unrest for the speed we are cranking up levels (14 to 17 in 3 hours!) Goal is to get the Bard to 38-40th level. Anybody have other suggestions the what is listed above?



Megilla Gerilla
05-01-2001, 10:26 AM
Just wanted to add my template, have used this to pl a warrior, shadowknight, and working on a rogue to 50 in about 4 or 5 days played with a 54 druid:

1 - 5, newbie zone, buff up and run around killing everything

5 - 30, Upper Guk, at 12 start with the heart spiders and frog spawns close to that, at 20 work your way down a little more toward scryer area, and around 25-30 do shins near lower guk live side

30 - 35, overthere, sit near skyshrine ramp and pull the sarnaks outta the tarpit just out from it when there isnt anything around

35 - 50, lower guk/solb, great exp, in lguk you can pull mobs to arch mage safehall, or go to solb and camp the area above window, or named depending on what you can find open

been considering trying CoM for 35 - 50, can't get off my ass and go there though =P I'm a big fan of zones you can stay in for a ton of levels ( upper guk ) I hate moving around, plus that place is never camped

Galiana of Quellious
05-01-2001, 11:44 AM
No no no, you people missed the best and easiest XP in the game. The alluring sirens in OOT. Right when you enter the zone from Butcher, look to the right of the boat. You will see them on some rocks. They are mermaids with orange lower bodies. There's 2 of them, they spawn every 6 minutes or so and give fantastic XP. I took my rogue there at level 10, with my druid standing watch of course. Each kill was a solid blue bubble of xp. By level 13 it was 3/4 a bubble.

But then I took him to Unrest. Unrest is best at that level for one reason: undead never run. They fight to the death. The rogue's dodge, defense, dual weild and double attack just shot up, and he gained 3 levels in like 2 hours. He's now 16 and parked in Freeport. Eventually I'll take him to Oasis and let him earn the rest without Galiana watching his ass. :)

05-01-2001, 04:09 PM
i have only powerlvled my sk to 25 at the moment, but by far the best exp i found from 10-20 was random monsters in Warslik Woods... the best place is the intersection with the iksar monks (one of them drops a bracer of scavaging quite often) the iksars spawn very fast and you can pull brutes and gobies onto the tank while he fights. the best part is its secluded and you dont get hassled or have to compete for spawns, and you can just bind in overthere incase the unthinkable happens

05-03-2001, 06:47 AM
You have gotten better at Powerleveling (200)!!


This is a great thread.

I'm currently powerleveling a cleric alt on another account since our guild is woefully short of high level clerics at the moment (only 1 level 49+ cleric in the guild).

1-7 did Misty Thicket (beyond the wall), wasps, giant bats, young kodiaks

7-11 Derv camp in SRO. Nobody ever camps it and you get an occassional Sand Giant so you can make some money while powerleveling your alt/friend.

11-14 Unrest yard trash. OMG, this is incredible. I'd run around the yard and snare everything that moved, bringing back 10-15 mobs at once. Then they'd all bunch up in line waiting to hit me. The Cleric steps into the middle of the group and casts Word of Pain. Hits 4 of them at once, who all turn and beat themselves to death on the dmg shield. Did 11-14 in about 90 mins, plus 1hb, defense, offense are all maxed. Casting skills were maxed at 11, and I plan on maxing them at every 3 levels thereafter so they don't get too far behind.

14-?? Currently in EK at Reaver Hill, but several are blue. May do gorgehounds and dark reavers at the other end of the zone, or go back to Unrest =)

A little different tactic with my Rogue I'm also powerleveling. I'd get mobs that I *know* will run at low health and snare them. That way he gets at least a couple backstab practices on every kill.

Something that nobody has mentioned. If you are worried about mobs running at low health, pull more than 1 at once. Most mobs will fight to the death if there is more than one of them on you. What I do is pull 2 Reavers and hit one a couple times just to do some damage. Then switch to the other one. The first one beats himself to death on the dmg shield while you kill the other.

Plus, I never pull mobs that are so red that the powerlevelee can't hit. I hate standing behind a mob for 10 minutes whiffing at it (unless I need weapon practice =).

Ellendilh Silvermist
05-03-2001, 09:22 AM
I am new at PL'ing and used part of this thread to start easy with a warrior. One thing I have noticed, at least for me, is that it is much safer in outdoors areas than in dungeons. If the area is deserted, it is even better.

Here is my path so far:

1-10 : East Karana (beetles, bears, wolves)
11-17: Rathe Mountains (undead ruins)
18-23: Swamp of No Hope (undead ruins)
24-24: Mistmoore - left after 3 deaths (ugh)
24-24: Unrest - left after 2 deaths (ugh-ugh)
24-26: Frontier Mountains (anything but casters)

Dungeons were really not my thing. Too unpredictable to my liking.

I will probably stay in FM for several more levels, and move to OT around 30.

05-03-2001, 11:05 PM
Unrest is truly fabulous.

Yard trash is good till the beetles become green after 15 or so. Mind you I'm a late night powerleveler. You get better exp from a handful of low blues than a single yellow. Having the twink round is great.

Then, it's time to pl inside the house. A good spot is on the second floor at the end of the hall in the south east corner. This is a pretty popular soloing spot so you might want to move into the room next to the creepy gnome. (looking at the magi room door, it is to your left). You can pull to here from the third floor, the magi room and eventually pull the bartender and knight rooms.

If you're PLing a melee, you will eventually want to hit the basement. If you are over 50, you can powerlevel any class on anything down here, including hags and the ghost himself. Where do you go? The little dead end hall behind the tentacle terror. It is a safe spot.

Just snare anything you pull in there. If your twink can't tank it, just tank it yourself. Snare to keep aggro and let the thorns go to work while the tank does his point of damage. If you have good resist gear you can do the hags the same way. Just heal yourself, they go oom and beat the crap out of themeselves on you. Mob casters are truly great experience.

Another reason I like

My favorite PLing spots are:

Misty Thicket 1-6
Steamfont to 10
Unrest to 30 (could go to 40 if alone in basement)
Glacier Yetis to 40, large cave 7 spawns

The monk I helped was PL'd hard to 40 then made 50 in total 17 days mostly while grouping with people for the last 10.

My bro and I were taking turns PLing a cleric and had 24 levels in 24 hours going until he logged him on to practice spell skills for a few hours. I wasn't happy, wanted to see how long we could keep up a level an hour in unrest hehe.


05-07-2001, 08:45 AM
1-7 Butcherblock/Steamfont Skeletons
7-15 Unrest Yard Trash. Mobs thorn themselves to death because they don't run. Can't beat Unrest IMHO at this level.
15-25 Unrest just down the stairs into the basement. Again things that don't run rule
21-30+ Cazic Thule Haven't seen Cazic in Anyone's post??? Close to a druid ring (a must for me....don't want to have to run all the way to Lake of Ill Omen.

Haven't gone higher yet, but I have done 1-23 over and over. Mistmoore also rocks from 17-21 near the entrance. If there is a low 20's group killing initiates and pledges too, better try somewhere else though.

Going to the Yeti cave next. I am level 27 in 20 hours game time.

Danee SilverPine
05-08-2001, 10:23 AM
2 more cp

This is what I've done with my twinks.

1-5 Newbie Area- This is usually the toughest for me, as I want to get their skills up and going, but you lvl so fast to 5, most skills are still around lvl 1(10)-2(15). My last twink, my clr, I just played to 5 to help get skills going.

5-14 Unrest Yard Trash- I agree with many, best in game.

14-19 LoIO- Mill side. Mostly cats and skellies.

19-24 LoIO- Fort side. Cats and skellies. (getting harder to do now, more ppl camping loio)

24-30 LGuk BR- Pulled everything but the spiders. GIBS are better exp than the frogs even.

30-35 MistMoore- This was more for the fact I like NS Wreaths, Fangs, and would like a cloak. I usually took the maid/butler or the cloaked dyhampyre guy. The cooks were a lil rough on my twinks though. Fountain/cloak is better exp, more mobs, can pull from piano room too if keeping the cy clear.

35-40 FV- This was a great place for exp. I went to the drovlarg camp at 800, neg 2k. There were roughly 30 blue mobs, and not a soul in sight. Exp is great having that many mobs to yourself. This was during prime time too, not sure why ppl dont use them more. Bad loot, but exp is more important when PL'ing.

40-50 LGuk, KK, SolB- I prefer the old world mobs, they dont hit as hard. I mean, with a 40 twink, I could pull the whole pool room, window room, two SK from KR, and all the GK to the LS zone in the 29min spawn time(even after sow wore off heh). Only problem is more and more ppl are leveling twinks and mains in old world dungeons now too. I am thinking about trying CoM though w/my lvl 41 war twink. I think CoM is a bindable area by the zone in or inside. Just have to get over there like a previous poster mentioned.

For me, in my experience, 40-50 is slower than the previous lvl's. PL'ing gets boring to me. Besides you can still get about a yellow bub an hour in a good group by KC in DL. For me, grouping is more fun, especially after mostly soloing a dru, and then 'soloing' my twinks with two computers. If I could get two yellow bub an hour (41-50), I'd solo though. Since I havent found that, I'll prob group some and PL some to 50 from now on to mix it up.

05-16-2001, 04:00 AM
Ill second Mistmore, wicked experience at level 19 fighting the whites-reds. I gained almost 2 yellows in the time it took 1 endure magic wear off. And it would have been more had there been less trains.

vermis mysteriis
05-20-2001, 02:21 AM
Bump to get FranticT off the first page =]

Fantome Thunderstrike
05-20-2001, 03:50 PM
I have PLed many toons..some my own, others friends, and guildies. my PLing goes like this:

1-5 any newbie area (just SLN, regen..thorns cause more losses than gains)
6-14 dervs in w commons or N Ro
15-20 Gobbies in Permafrost (average 5 levels in 3 hours AND camp for a mammoth cloak or something)
21-30 CT courtyard
36-47 Barbarians in West Karana (if you don't mind faction hits)
48-51 DL or Ice giants in perma
52-55 Cyndreela in Ferrott

hope this helps,

05-20-2001, 04:20 PM
When powering a melee, 33-59 should all be done in sol b. Unless people have their entire guilds camping all of sol b waiting on ragefire, there are plenty of bats, beetles, and ldcs to keep you busy.

At 33, the best spot I found was pulling kobolds to pool room. Little competition up there and tons of spawns. Kobolds will take you all the way to 47 or 48, but start to green out at 46.

Can start off at 45 or so in sol a bat(bat 4), starting on bats and the occasional beetle. By this time, the melee should be pulling as his hp and ac will be far ahead of yours, not to mention the pain hell have taunting it off of you(and wasted heals, regrowth, buffs on yourself). Will want to avoid ldcs until 53 or 54 really, unless you have a fungi or epic(rogue/monk).

At 52 and 53 you can start pulling ldcs, but will want to get drones and winged on them to lower their hp a bit.

At 56, beetles and bats really start to green out and youll want ldcs only. This would be a good time to move to elbow so you dont have to bother with the green stuff.

At 58, you can solo pull imps and guardians which should be fairly easy by then. Can do ldcs all the way to 60, as 1/2 are blue and even the greens give exp at 59.

Rogue in my guild went from 29 to 59 in under 18 days played using exactly these steps and a naked level 51 druid. The warrior Ive been working on is currently at 57 with just over 10 days /played. Best exp in the game youll see right here.

05-21-2001, 05:21 PM
Something I have found evil re powering, is shadowmen in Innothule.
Nice level 24-26 mobs, 1/2 a blue to 1.25 blue per kill at 20, 1/2 a blue to 1 blue at 22, about 6 spawns, and on a 6 minute or so timer.
Up to 2pp per kill, so nice coin.

They hit hard, but not much harder than similar level mobs. I'm figuring they give so much xp cos it be a newbie zone for baby trolls.

05-23-2001, 08:57 AM
I always use SRO and I have the person stand near the top of the hill to the Oasis zone. That way if I loose conn or lag for some reason. All they have to do is run over the hill. I haven't lost anyone doing this as all MOB's even SG's will not go over the hill. With one exception and that is the snakes, they are ther only MOB that will chase you over the hill. After I pull the MOB to them I ensare it. Since ensnare sticks for 10 minutes the MOB's don't get away. And of course unlike root once the MOB's try to run they stop dead in their tracks with their backs to the player and he or she doesn't get hit as they finish it off. I sit there and med while they are fighting what I pulled and I keep them targeted always to make sure they are okay. Wednesday I took a guild brother from 11 to 13 in around 2 and a 1/2 hours with others fighting the same stuff in the zone. Drybones for a level 11 to 13 melee are very nice experience. If I do PL someone above 15 to 30 I always use unrest. I go in and pull to the pools against the wall.

Zayne Moonhowler (The Blood Kin)
WE Druid in his 50th season
The Nameless

06-08-2001, 09:39 AM
Hard Core powering,

Level 1 - 20 Kurns Tower any class fast weapon-thorns
Level 20 - 30 CT or UGuk- Low Delay weapon-thorns-snare
Level 30 - 40 Dalnirs or GD Mino Caves - Low Delay weapon-thorns-snare
Level 40 - 50 City of Mist - 51 plus Puller

Sro is way to much Micro and running around , in all these locations you can setup and never move, gets boring fast but get friends to come and have a party. in the tower and in cazic let the poweree pull all mobs for best result, an extra healer is nice to have for Cazic and above.

PS Level 20 - 46 can be done in Crystal Cavern starting with orcs then Terrors at broken bridge then spiders , then Terror Room. but CC is usually to busy to be effective

MikJo Wynterwolf
06-23-2001, 12:47 PM

Kokoya Ohhboya
06-25-2001, 06:30 AM
I am 34, I need to power level a level monkey to from 18 to 22 is unrest still a good place?

I am on rallos so I cant use so ro or oasis bcause of pkers.

That Kia Girl
06-30-2001, 09:32 AM
I kind of ran my warrior all around, but got her to level 35 with about 3 days of played time, not bad, especially considering she wasn't being pl'ed the entire time.

Misty Thicket 1-4
North Ro 5-9
Oasis 10-14
TD Ogres 14-17
LOIO 18-26
FM 17-30
Splitpaw 30-33 (great exp with the bonus)
Iceclad Cougars 33-35 (go cougar earrings!)
Droga 35-44 (shroud of nature camp, you'll get a few of these AND great exp. )

Gattwin Greyleaf
06-30-2001, 10:45 PM
Okay I'm starting to become pretty good at this power-leveling thing so I have one place to add:

31-46 Mines of Nurga

This place is nearly built for power-leveling. The spiders are my favorite spot because they only rarely spawn a caster. Lots of great exp to be had here since they buffed up the exp modifier of this zone. No wanderers at all and lots of wide-open deserted areas to pull to. If you are power-leveling an Enchanter with mem blur or Cleric with atone, the spiders will be taken down to near death with one cast of winged death and using your level 5 root to keep them in place. The mobs don't hit too hard here so it's really easy to keep your melee's healed and ready for action. The spiders do poison tho so keep your counteract poison memed. This place is usually deserted as the loot pretty much sucks. However, they do drop up to 4pp and that adds up after a while. No decent items drop but plenty of spider silk if you happen to be a tailor.

edit: one more thing. If you are 51+ you can pretty much pull singles out of a crowd and not worry about adds at all. Just snare them from afar and run them back to your camp. They will however argo you if you get too close.

Gattwin Greyleaf
07-01-2001, 01:12 AM
I decided to do a full list of spots that are nice and quiet and fast places to powerlevel. This is using the assumption you are a 50+ druid and are powerleveling a melee type character. (All but INT casters will work up to about 35 using thorns and buffs and hit point gear. After that it gets a lot tougher for Shamans/Druids. Clerics can use atone after 34). Warriors and Monks are the easiest to powerlevel.

1-5: Any newbie area will do.
6-10: Bandits in WK or NK
10-16: Unrest yard trash.
16-25: Permafrost (all the mobs around the alchy room)
25-30: SolA (I suggest outside Foreman Room and then moving to Bartender at around 28)
31-46: Mines of Nurga (see above post)
46-50: City of Mist, SolB bats, the Hole ent, possibly Kedge Keep.

07-18-2001, 11:49 AM
Shameless bump ;)

Keldomahge Sayvray
30 Druid
Tribunal Server

07-20-2001, 03:19 AM
I used the following technique in Oasis last week:

The hi level druid snares a DW croc and brings it to the enchanter who is sitting and medding, Druid roots DOTS and nukes carefully so that just a sliver of red remains on the mob....then the enchanter mind wipes and kills the mob off...and gets massive amounts of exp.

I can usually have the next mob in position and ready to go by the time the first one dies.

Try it ... you will like it !!!

Drule a druid of the 53rd season
Sacsac a warrior crawling thru his 36th season

07-25-2001, 01:34 AM
I just pl'ed a Chanter from lvl 1 to 50 half way to 51 ;)
the later levels of my pling I duoed with a rouge but I got 50 and a half in 2 and a half day played ;)

1 - 10 Field of Bone alot of undead's ;)
10 - 20 Kurn's Tower undead heaven
20 - 32 Unrest another undead heaven
33 - 42 Kaesora library area (chanter a must here because of them cleric mobs)
43 - 51 CoM Stables first then move inner

Venuz Sundancer

That Kia Girl
07-26-2001, 10:27 AM
CoM is wonderful! Just pl'ed my warrior 47 at entrance, now half of that is green so i'll have to venture a little further in.. i saw some people in a courtyard type area to the right after passing through the gate, so perhaps i will try there. Have yet to find the goo's, i'm sure those would be fun too.

Updated: level 51 now.. I got her two levels in about 5 hours in the hole yesterday. Great exp doing the 6 at the entrance, how can you beat a 20% exp bonus? I also tried SolB, but its very overcamped on my server.. even at 8am on a weekday... then again, mostly everything is these days.

08-08-2001, 08:37 AM
Where in Kedge would you recommend for 46 to 50?

Thanks in advance )

08-10-2001, 04:06 AM
muchous bumpous

Madu Azureskye
08-13-2001, 10:09 PM
Well , just wanted to add my info that no one has posted.

Been powering a Cleric in Najena. Went there for the first around level 12 I think and currently have the little healer up to level 23 in the Bone Cracker room. The break can be REAL interesting but once it is broken you can constant single pull from the ogre guard/captains area until ait is about time for the room to spawn (which is also constant action if you have the room broken right).

Najena is normally empty on my server , in the areas described.

Druid is level 47 and I think it will be easier to pl the cleric once the druid gets Natureskin.


08-20-2001, 06:06 PM
48-52 Front 6 at The Hole

How do you single pull these?

Does the druid pull?

That Kia Girl
08-23-2001, 06:05 AM
Yes, i used my druid to pull, even though they are still blue to her at 53, she could pull a single. just stood nice and far back and snared one, then pulled it back to edge of ramp near water until it was cleared. The one time i used the warrior to pull was the very last two of the six, the ones on the side of the tunnel. She has a nice range bow and 150 range arrows, and i just hit one with an arrow from as far back as i could, and got a single there, was easier than trying to pull with snare.

Still looking for an alternate place to the hole for my level 52 warrior. She's pretty set weapon and armor wise (pic is outdated), but velious mobs are for the most part just too tuff unslowed for her and I. Sol B is veeerrry camped on my server, been thinking i'll try the lower guk live side thing.

Any more ideas on level 52'ish pl'ing?

Galiana Elessedil
08-30-2001, 12:18 PM
One that you all have totally overlooked: Runnyeye. No one goes there and you get a dungeon bonus. Plus, if you get lucky you'll get a Blackened Alloy Medallion, which will fetch 600pp easy. The BA Armor isn't worth squat any more, but the BA blades aren't bad.

I took my warrior in there at 20 and came out at 30 a few days later. It was great.

Galiana Elessedil
08-31-2001, 10:39 AM
Someone suggested the yeti caves in DL for the mid-30s. Where are these caves?

Duggall Munnybaggs
10-23-2001, 03:29 AM
On a lark, I took my level 35 rogue to the Hole. And guess what? At 60, I of course have no problem single pulling the 6 entry mobs. With RotG + PotG + Fungi + Legacy of Thorn, and Fixation of Ro thrown on the mudblobs, the little backstabber can take out those baddies (one at a time, of course) with only 2 NTs thrown in. Flew through 35. Boring as hell, but amazing exp.

Eidolon Umbra
10-23-2001, 08:14 AM
SolA rocks for Plving from 14+ till xp slows dawn good xp and cash for person being pled. althought i dont have much info about it. but it is a great place for pling. and it is rarely ever crowded (on povar there are like 4-5 people in zone Peek hrs) (Solb 13+ depending of if naggy up) but once they get in there 40's i would recommend solb bats and bug's awesome xp..

12-29-2001, 05:47 PM

Here's my suggestions:
1-4 or 5: Newbie area
5 - 10: Steamfont, around mino caves and gears
10 - 16: Unrest, yard trash/house
16-20: Swamp of No Hope, at the Froglok Ramp
20-25: Swamp of No Hope, undead ruins (loc -2500, 800)

I'll update more later.

01-10-2002, 05:47 AM
Has anyone tried Group PLing? Starting a theard for it. Please give your thoughts and ideas. ( 39.topic)

01-10-2002, 10:48 AM
The absolute best place I have found to pl well into the teens is Najena. Big exp modifier and the zone is almost always deserted. Not to mention it is right next to a port location.

Once najena starts to green out, move to sola then then mines of nurga.

01-10-2002, 02:29 PM
I went from 49 to 51 in one night, 2 days for 50 is not the unrealistic.

01-11-2002, 06:56 AM
Reviewing the above posts, ( 87.topic,) I have decided to try to Power-Level only in zones with an experience bonus. Here is my plan and the supporting posts from above that apply. Please let me know what you think.


Zones with experience bonus info in (

Befallen lvl 7-25 13% bonus
Kerra Isle lvl 15-35 20% bonus
Najena lvl 12-30 13% bonus
Permafrost lvl 15-60 13% bonus
Runnyeye lvl 11-30 20% bonus
SplitPaw lvl 26+ 13% bonus
Sol A lvl 20-40 13% bonus
The Hole lvl 40-60 25% bonus


The Power-Level plan:

Befallen 6-14
6-14: Befallen
~Sllack Blader

Kerra Isle 10-13
I took a lvl 10 Druid friend over to Kerra Isle...and he cleaned up on exp. I dmg. shielded him, healed and snared and harmonized the mobs for him. It worked great!! Got him 3 lvls in about a day and 1/2. The best part is...NO ONE ELSE WAS IN THE ZONE.!!! Hardly anyone EVER goes to that zone. Errr but this was before they upped the mob lvls in Kerra, but I'm sure it will still work great.
~ Shadeaux NightRaven

Najena 12-15
Well , just wanted to add my info that no one has posted. Been powering a Cleric in Najena. Went there for the first around level 12 I think and currently have the little healer up to level 23 in the Bone Cracker room. The break can be REAL interesting but once it is broken you can constant single pull from the ogre guard/captains area until ait is about time for the room to spawn (which is also constant action if you have the room broken right). Najena is normally empty on my server, in the areas described.
~ Madu Azureskye

The absolute best place I have found to pl well into the teens is Najena. Big exp modifier and the zone is almost always deserted. Not to mention it is right next to a port location. Once najena starts to green out, move to sola then mines of nurga.
~ andryth

Permafrost 15-20
15-20 Gobbies in Permafrost (average 5 levels in 3 hours AND camp for a mammoth cloak or something)
~ Fantome Thunderstrike

Great, ungodly exp can be found in the back corridors of Permafrost. Go to the Archeologistís area, pull in ice goblins from the surrounding spawns. A pair of 12ths were making 2 blue bubbles a kill off them. Snare pull, let the goblin beat itself to death (grasping root it when it runs so it turns to smack and die). Just be sure to kill the casters yourself, they take far more mana than its worth. Fortunately the ice goblins are the more common spawn. And you can get a pack or mask off the arch, no one hunts there except for the named.
~ Blackwulf

Runnyeye 20-30
One that you all have totally overlooked: Runnyeye. No one goes there and you get a dungeon bonus. Plus, if you get lucky you'll get a Blackened Alloy Medallion, which will fetch 600pp easy. The BA Armor isn't worth squat any more, but the BA blades aren't bad. I took my warrior in there at 20 and came out at 30 a few days later. It was great.
~ Galiana Elessedil

Split Paw 35-40
lvl 35-40 * Infected Paw dungeon. Group with them and kill everything. You get no exp, they get hella exp. This will only work if you are lvl 50 or so. Any higher and they don't get exp.
~ Glacius Mercykiller

You can PL alot faster at the zone to paw. Go in and get the mob in run mode, make sure it is ensnared and then zone leaving your apprentice in there to beat on it. When you come back in if the mob isn't dead, damage shield your buddy and then root the mob with the level 5 root spell. The mob will do itself in and your buddy will see some damn nice experience. Just make sure your friend has the HP's to handle the beatings while you cast heal. As soon as you will zone your friend will take at least one hit. There's also the chance of a reposte.
~ Gaennen Fizzlewhiff

Sol A 33-59
When powering a melee, 33-59 should all be done in sol b. Unless people have their entire guilds camping all of sol b waiting on ragefire, there are plenty of bats, beetles, and ldcs to keep you busy.
At 33, the best spot I found was pulling kobolds to pool room. Little competition up there and tons of spawns. Kobolds will take you all the way to 47 or 48, but start to green out at 46.
Can start off at 45 or so in sol a bat (bat 4), starting on bats and the occasional beetle. By this time, the melee should be pulling as his hp and ac will be far ahead of yours, not to mention the pain hell have taunting it off of you(and wasted heals, regrowth, buffs on yourself). Will want to avoid ldcs until 53 or 54 really, unless you have a fungi or epic(rogue/monk).
At 52 and 53 you can start pulling ldcs, but will want to get drones and winged on them to lower their hp a bit.
At 56, beetles and bats really start to green out and youíll want ldcs only. This would be a good time to move to elbow so you donít have to bother with the green stuff.
At 58, you can solo pull imps and guardians that should be fairly easy by then. Can do ldcs all the way to 60, as 1/2 are blue and even the greens give exp at 59.
Rogue in my guild went from 29 to 59 in under 18 days played using exactly these steps and a naked level 51 druid. The warrior Iíve been working on is currently at 57 with just over 10 days /played. Best exp in the game youll see right here.
~ Mbkcd

Hole 48-52
48-52 Front 6 at The Hole. How do you single pull these? Does the druid pull?
Yes, i used my druid to pull, even though they are still blue to her at 53, she could pull a single. just stood nice and far back and snared one, then pulled it back to edge of ramp near water until it was cleared. The one time i used the warrior to pull was the very last two of the six, the ones on the side of the tunnel. She has a nice range bow and 150 range arrows, and i just hit one with an arrow from as far back as i could, and got a single there, was easier than trying to pull with snare.
Still looking for an alternate place to the hole for my level 52 warrior. She's pretty set weapon and armor wise (pic is outdated), but velious mobs are for the most part just too tuff unslowed for her and I. Sol B is veeerrry camped on my server, been thinking Iíll try the lower guk live side thing.
~ That Kia Girl

General notes:

1) Group and autofollow. Disband but don't break autofollow. Switch view and let them drag you. Wolfform/SoW, Skin, Cholo, DS. Mem a lower heal just in case as well as an evac if away from the zone line. Then just snare and tremor (PB-AOE). The one being PLed (or runner in a group with everyone else autofollowing) runs and gets as many adds as possible that are yellow. They beat each one for a bit and then the next one while the mobs kill themselves on the DS. When all are under half damage they call TREMOR, I PB-AOE and kill everything and they get all the exps. Rinse and Repeat with mana breaks as needed.

2) As levels get higher, I start sitting while they gather and bring back to me. Thus I med to offset the higher mana costs (ensnare, better heal, earthquake, etc).

3) When I call a mana break they mem a spell and chain cast for skill. Plus they are whacking and working offense and defense skills the whole time. Quick and easy whether tank, rouge, or caster - just means more healing in later levels or slower pulls.

4) Fixation of Ro. The limiting factor for me is healing, and short of having clarity there is not much I can do about it indoors, outdoors Form of the Howler helps. Fixation of Ro is a 44th level spell out of Velious, its an AC/ATK debuff. Works wonders for PLing, mobs that were tearing our friend up suddenly became manageable. ~ Blackwulf

01-15-2002, 11:10 AM
I have Powerleveld a few tanks so I do not know about poewrlevleing casters and would nto really want to try.

1-4 newbie yard
4-8 Orcs in South RO
8-16 Unrest yard/ghoul's
16-25 Mistmoore Pond
25-30 LOIO Sarnak Fortress
30-35 FM Giant fort
35-40 FM/DL zone line
40-50 DL/Hole front 6

But seriously anything over lvl 40 your toon can group with you

01-15-2002, 01:42 PM
> Reviewing the above posts, I have decided to try to Power-Level only in zones with an experience bonus

> Zones with experience bonus info in

> Befallen lvl 7-25 13% bonus
> Kerra Isle lvl 15-35 20% bonus
> Najena lvl 12-30 13% bonus
> Permafrost lvl 15-60 13% bonus
> Runnyeye lvl 11-30 20% bonus
> SplitPaw lvl 26+ 13% bonus
> Sol A lvl 20-40 13% bonus
> The Hole lvl 40-60 25% bonus

OK, but here's my question. The bonus applies to the base ZEM (zone XP modifier), which I have read in the past is 75 for outdoor zones, 80 for dungeons, and > 100 for newbie zones <. Now we have all heard (or experienced for ourselves) the awesome XP available in LOIO, which is adjacent to Cabilis, and does have a newbie area in the far NE arm of the zone.

Now, assuming the zones you mentioned all had a base ZEM of 80, then only the Hole would have an adjusted ZEM of 100, the rest would all be less than that. So wouldn't it be better to do levels 1-6 in the relevant newbie area for the PLer (to get past the 30 minutes corpse poof limit) and then head to LOIO, or Warsliks, FoB, or SoNH? This gets you to level 30 easy, maybe higher if you then start in on the bloodgills.

So if the goal is strictly lots of levels quick, then I think this plan might be better. Assuming the ZEM stuff is correct, but I think it is, from my own experience.

The other bonus, if it's a druid doing the PLing, is that the PLer can be given share wolf form, increasing the ATK stat, but only works outdoors.

Once you get to the point where no newbie zones offer mobs of the appropriate level, then yes your plan is good, stick to zones with a bonus ZEM.

01-18-2002, 08:07 AM
"The absolute best place I have found to pl well into the teens is Najena. Big exp modifier and the zone is almost always deserted. Not to mention it is right next to a port location. "

Shhh.. now it will be crowded :P

greggo rumbletum
01-21-2002, 09:41 AM
I believe Field of Bone is one of the better locations, with Kurns Tower as the next step up. There are a number of mobs which will not run on low HP, there is a high spawn rate, and it is close to a TP point (EJ).

The combination of FoB and KT will get you to level 20 (time will depend on class, took me 6 hours to get a cleric to 20).

01-21-2002, 04:05 PM
Has anyone noticed a slow down in spawn rate for the goblins in Permafrost? I felt like I had a lot of down time the last time I PL'ed there.

Also, one person mention the Gorge earlier, but it was never mentioned again. I would like to second this as a great zone for 9 to ~15. Muddites do not run. If you are only PL'ing one person, and are willing to heal a bit, it is fantastic. Sit at the path leading to EK, just back from the intersection of all the incoming paths. Have your PLee fight at this intersection. Muddites will aggro them, but never run. Slap a root on Minotaurs, and watch the fur fly. I also recommend an MR buff to help reduce blindness. The only thing you have to watch for is the occassional Evil Eye, which you should be able to kill in one nuke, and you might even get a bracer out of it =)

02-05-2002, 05:17 PM

02-06-2002, 04:55 PM
Well, rolled up a new chanter, and started out in GFay and CB for levels 1-8. Then decided to head over to Field of Bone. This zone is a PL dream! If I had it to do over again, I would just take the new char there immediately at level 1. Just bind em in Kaesora, and start out in front of it. As you go up in levels, just keep working your way north inside the pit. I made 4 levels in 2.5 hours last night, and it was a blast! Now judging by some of the other posts, this may not be that big of a deal, but it seemed fast to me. Someone mentioned making 20 in 6 hours played. How the heck did you do that? That's amazing. I guess I need to refine my method a bit ).

Of course, I imagine a melee class would be much faster than a chanter, so that might be a big part of it.

Anyway, FoB has my vote as the best PL zone in the game for levels 1-(well, 12 so far, but probably 15 at least). It's got the newbie zone modifier, lots of mobs, not too crowded, many mobs don't run, and there is a nice progression of mob levels as you move north. It's near a TP (EJ), and has a bind spot in the zone. The only drawback is no bank or vendors anywhere nearby, unless you're PLing an Iksar.

greggo rumbletum
02-07-2002, 12:07 PM
Hehe Tatanka what you need a bank for - looting all those dedad mobs just slows you down :)

Move into Kurns tower from 12 up - you can get to 20 there without too much problem.

I also PLed a chanter in the Warrens - mostly because I wanted to improve faction at the same time - it was very interesting - the mindless chanter pet pulled some truly massive trains and although it was sucking half the exp it was a killing machine with regen, SLN and DS on.

02-23-2002, 05:36 AM

You did have some nice info. But 10-13 in a day and a half would not be power leveling. Did you perhaps mean an hour and a half? Which would be a lot close to the 20 minutes or less a level we would expect around then.

03-16-2002, 05:01 AM
First of all yard trash in Unrest is great.. but, I found an interesting spot for 15-40.

Even at level 15, use the entrance fish in Kedge Keep.

Pull the fish at zone. You have thorns on you. Work around the one impaler there and pull one of the several lancer swordfish, level 28 - 32, hp 1110 - 1190. It beats on you an the thorns do the work. It can't hit you too hard because of your level and AC. Have the person you are PLing hit the fish for at least 1 point then stop and just sit down. You want to keep aggro on you. The thorns kill, while the fish is hitting you.. and the person you are PLing gets all the exp.

This works well.. they are deep red to the PL'ee..

When they are in their Mid 20's have them do the fighting and you heal as normal. Mid 30's pull deeper in. If they are a tank let them pull later on.

If anything goes wrong.. just zone out.

greggo rumbletum
03-19-2002, 09:47 AM
Is a good point Vick...

It doesnt matter WHOSE DS takes the mob down - all the system does is look at who did damage. So if you pull with snare or dispell magic the mobs can beat themselves to death on you, provided your twink does at least 1 point of damage to each one before they die.

This is actually a great tip for PLing casters who cant really do the DS route at higher levels but have a good ability to deal damge - you need to be skilled at managing aggro but we have a number of non-damaging high aggro spells which can help here.

Not too sure about killing mobs WAY above the PLee's level tho - I would have thought red was red was red and so you are "wasting" exp by going a long way above his/her level - e.g. the exp group on a raid killing really high level mobs doesnt get huge exp when the mob dies.

03-26-2002, 09:40 PM
first post of me...well i am not a regular druid player but i have access to a lvl53 one ;)

i powerleveled my SK from time to time and fully powerleveled my Cleric to 19 in 6 hours.

i'll tell you my ideas and its fastest leveling i have ever seen.

Shadowknight: I only leveled from 25 to 32 but thats it so far:

25 to 30 or 31 Lake of ill Omen. You dont have to go far. Just keeo right after the zone. SOW, Chloroplast, Schield of Thorns, Skin like Nature, Strenght of Bear (I think).
Create group /follow, disband group, and run up the first tower, if no ones hunting there, you have 5 or 6 Sarnak recruits hitting your damage shield, by the time you (the SK) killed one 4 ohters are dead. After finishing of the last run to the next tower, recast damage shield kill 4 to 6 recruits. Jump down kill the spawn there. ...

It took me 5 hours from 25 to 32...:)

Cleric Powerlevel Guide

since Clerics are so bad in melee and you can only powerlevel in melee Undeads are best canon fodder, most don't run.

1-4 I did alone in Newbie area
5-14 in sro no one is there, leave the orc camps alone cause if you buff your cleric like the sk above you can pull the whole camp and won't get killed, but the whole camps starts running afert loosing half of their health i don't know why. the firts good kills are tarantulas, always more than one cause one flees. and scarabs, they don't run. after 2 or 3 lvls move to the waste, kill all sort of mummies, all sort of dune tarantullas and all ghouls thios for 2 hours and your 14. Its a bit tedious fron 12 to 14 I think you could move to unrest by the time but I didn't.
14 to 19 (3 hours yesterday ;))
buff, as above, but cast resist magic too. kill death beetles, tormented, jakos, everything in the yard. at 17 or 18 you can start to move in to the house.

Best let druid sit at the pool, run in house.
Theres a room right, 2 spawns, and 3 to the right 2 or 3 spawnies. all ghouls darkboned and mummies. you too can pull the center room, but beware that you don't get rooted. if that happens move your druid in an root all ghouls. the fight shouldn'tlast that long.

BTW, if you see the battle master run for the zone. he isnt worth the time.
Sure I could blast him with the druid, but She usually has no slots free for nukes ;)

hope this helps someone..sorry for my lack in english and the typos, but i am at work ;)


04-09-2002, 11:51 AM

04-11-2002, 10:03 AM
I would like to know some good quests to use to help level up a little faster, if someone doesn't mind emailing where they start at to me? I read Doccus' comment about one he used to get through 35, and I could use a couple of good quests like that myself.

Thanks in advance,


PS - bump

04-22-2002, 04:54 PM
for powerleveling non melee, it very important to have mobs that does not run if there are more than 2 mobs, and better if heal does not aggro druid.

castle mistmore sound good, but in practice, need too much micro management, snaring/rooting each mob is not efficient in dual boxing pling. infected paw is bad for same reason.

can someone make a list of location for people who is dual boxing and do not want micro management?

04-22-2002, 10:16 PM
i'm suprized no one has mentioned chardok or HS yet, (at least i don't think they have) the chardok pit and hs zone in are great places to PL, so is necro jail in seb for that matter.

that brings me to a question, what class combo do you think is the best for PL? ofcourse druid is the hands down powerlevel king, but what class assists the best?

i'm going to be trying out a enchanter / druid combo soon. or maybe even enchanter / cleric considering the powerleveled char will be a ranger... i'll let ya know how it goes.

04-23-2002, 11:19 AM
Two things, I wanted to point out you can now use the sticky to keep this up top.

Secondly, with the addition of Luclin there are MANY more options in the PLing arena, and it SEEMS to me ALL of Luclin has an exp mod to get us up there.

Here's my new preferred route for PLing melees:

1 - 13 : Warrens (snare is good)
14 - 22 : Mistmoore
23 - 27 : Paludal Caverns
27 - 35 : Dawnshroud peaks OR Meru Sanctus (sp?)
35 - 40 : Tenebrous Mountain (Grimling mines, plus you get tailoring supplies)
40 - 50 : Grimling Forrest (Still on grimlings)

Arsenick NOldLace
04-29-2002, 01:16 PM
1 - 5 Paineel newbie yard, fast respawn, small area

6-10 Warrens - easy train pulling

10 - 17 Unrest - just watch out for other PLing druids ;)

17-24 The bandit camps in Pal Caverns. There is one next to the Shadowhaven zone line. None of the bandits are casters or priests. You can pull 3-5 at a time. Just stand on the hill in the middle of the camp and pull away. Fast respawn. Amazing exp. I hadn't seen exp fly so fast PLing since Unrest yard trash.

24 - 30 Marus Seru. Easy to pull multiples.

30-35 I would recommend the Shroom house in Dawnshroud Peaks. Again, no caster mobs, quick respawns. Luclin super-sized exp.

35-44 Grimling caves in Tenebrous Mtns. Just watch out for Geomancers as they will nuke you into oblivion. Have your PLing druid take those down. Upside is you can sell acrylia ore they drop to tailors for 50p a piece.

44-50 City of Mist Entrance. Be careful of caster and priest mobs.

50+ is it really PLing after 50? :)

This is, of course, for PLing melee. Caster PLing is a little more difficult (read: healing intensive), but can be done.

I'm going to try PLing a wizard soon (point blank area effect damage spells should make this interesting), so I'll see if these spots work well.

04-30-2002, 01:52 PM
30-35 Feerrott. Newbie ZEM rocks.

05-06-2002, 01:03 AM
After using a lot of time this guide,
it's time to share my experiences :)

1-8 : Misty Thicket - hiting everything (execpt guards :p )

8-16/18 : Unrest - mainly trash. let the toons pulls 4-5 at a time, Druid in Wolf Form, and just throw a heal sometime.

18-30 : SolA - this place rock. it's usually empty, and you can have some nice loot. I used to fill the newbie bank for my guild. (platinum armband, foreman tunic, obsidian bead hoop, even one imp skin gloves)

31-36 : Crystal Cavern. Orcs don't hit that hard and you can single pull from the bottom of the pit. the bad side : I can't stand anymore both foreman orcs and herbalist - too many herbalist packs and foreman skullcap. lol

after that, i plan to pl my rogue (and may be my warrior)
36-40/45 : Mines of Nurga / Temple of Droga - even with my bad past experiences, I will go back down there. Bad SK Harmtouch.
45-52+ : The hole
after 52... I don't really know, since my druid is only 52 :)

both toons I pled this way are 37 in 36h (approx)

(become better at pling toons to lvl 37 : 150 - increasing)

05-14-2002, 07:18 PM
Lvl 58 druid here, recently PLed my pocket chanter to 35, and planning to PL further. Here is my method.

1-12 whereever you like
12-18 kurns tower, follow and DS / heal. Very fast.
19-30 kedge keep entrance, DS myself (38damage), chanter stabs for 1 damage. Boring and easy.
30-35 DL, group the chanter with one melee(monk is the best), find someone lvl 44 or above so the you can use all the druid's best buff. Everyone is happy.
35-39 planning to stay in DL, do the same grouping thing or use mem blurr.
39- grey or wherever that is good exp for the druid to quad, group with druid.

After lvl 19, the chanter is doing nothing most of the time, so she get to practive all casting skills. But the defensive and offensive are seriously lacking.

Gonna give my chanter the surname 'TheLeech'.

Gimli fan
05-17-2002, 09:22 AM
Pushing 18,000 views.

Makes you think we should start a:
Best twinking thread.

As stated recently the moon is a great PL location. It is likely the best spot with the exception of an abandon dungeon with an EXP bonus. I have noticed many a druid as I travel through the zones taking advantage of this fact. Mob density is the key.

05-17-2002, 11:41 AM
> Mob density is the key.

Yes, and also respawn time. Given sufficient density and respawn time, zone XP bonus becomes a bit moot.

So what PLing type dungeons have the fastest respawn timers?


05-28-2002, 07:47 PM
So far my fiancee (52 Druid) has PL'd my 24 bard from level 1 to 24 .. these are the places we've gone :
1 - 5 : EC or WC, Orc Camp
5 - 12 : WC, Derv Camp (or Nro Derv Camp)
12 - 14 : Lake Rathe, Gnoll/Undead Camp
14 - 24 : Paludal Caverns, Recondite Camps

On a side note : The Gnolls & Undead will take you a LOT further than 14 .. they were red when we left. However, the prospect of an insane amount of exp in Paludal Caverns was a chance we couldn't pass up. People aren't kidding when they say that place is INSANE xp .. When I started there, I was getting 1.5 to 2 blue PER kill .. now, at 24, most of them are light blue, but the dark blue ones STILL give 1 full blue of xp. They pop quickly, have low hp, and you go thru those things like water.
For awhile, when the Recondite camps were all "taken", we would go after the Patog Phlarg Fiends .. they don't run, have relatively low hp .. however, they cast a nasty disease spell, and the xp does NOT compare to the Recondites. Oh yea.. neither does the loot.. I've scored well over 200pp fighting there for those 10 levels (and by those 10 levels, I mean approximately 4 - 5 hours)

Oh yea, and /bump =)

We're thinking of trying out Echo Caverns next, see if the exp is comparable to Paludal. Any other suggestions?

Ok .. next place to go after Paludal, is the shrooms in the house in Dawnshroud (loc approx neg 1000, pos 900) .. Gotten to level 27 there so far, with lots of whites/yellows/reds left .. approx 1 blue per kill .. they don't hit too hard, don't cast at all, and have relatively low hp. great xp!

05-30-2002, 10:17 AM
I must admit, I've never given my secrets away, for fear that they will become over-camped on my server! However, I will be quitting EQ soon, due to RL obligations.

Here ya go, I hope it benefits you:

I have 2 computers/2 accounts and access to high level characters of nearly every class. Usually I use my 58 cleric and my 54 druid to PL someone else. This gives me an awesome amount of healing power, so this plan may not work well for everyone.

Suggested equipment: Smoldering Brand and 2 6ac/65hp rings. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to have "uber" equipment to PL up to level 20. Save your cash!!

1-7: The Warrens - Entrance and surrounding areas -- The key is to always keep multiple kobolds on the person being PL'd. The green cons will not aggro (unless you sit) you can use them to prevent the runners. If you get a runner, ignore it. He will come back with friends in a few minutes (ie, he will pull for you!).

8-13: The Warrens - Preferably King area, if it is camped, do the prince/cook side.

14-26: Paludal Caverns - If you are the only healer, start off with the fungoid and mutants, they don't hit as hard and they do not backstab. Move on to the Bandits around 18-19. If you have plenty of healing power, go directly to the bandits. As someone mentioned earlier, the mobs are in a very centralized location and are on a fast respawn. None of them are healers/casters, so the thorns do most of the work.

27-34 The Overthere or Mseru

Pull blues, kill them. Stick with the lower HP mobs like the berzerkers, thornys, etc.

35-50(51) Lake of Ill Omen (my preference)

Bloodgill Goblins Low HP's, usually uncamped, HIGH EXP BONUS! Make sure the puller is at least 10 levels above the highest goblin (for single pulls). Pull goblin with snare, use drones of doom from arms/bracer (added damage), and root it right next to the PLee. Roughly a blue per kill till the low forties, then a bit less per kill. There are 12 spawns on a 12-15 minute timer. This is perfect for PLing a melee. They don't do much damage to a tank (or a cleric). You have to move in a circle and work your way around the spawns, but it is simple after you've figured out the area.

Alternate 35-54 The Hole, entrance spawns. DO NOT pull the golem! Awesome experience here and the zone is often empty.

52-60 Fungus Grove (my preference)- Stick to the shrooms, they spend most of the fight casting Disease based spells which can be easily resisted if you have good DR gear. You need a level 60 to solo pull. Watch out for the AE groups, if they get wiped you will get trained.

52-59 Sol B (alternate strategy) Lava Duct crawlers. Be careful of the named spiders.

Good luck to all of you, may your adventures be blessed with fun and loot.

06-02-2002, 11:52 AM
I would also like some info reguarding quests. Particularly any where the items are no drop. I am a lvl 60 wiz with a lvl 18 DE cleric. If you want to be secretive, e-mail at

06-02-2002, 05:05 PM
> I would also like some info reguarding quests. Particularly any where the items are no drop. I am a lvl 60 wiz with a lvl 18 DE cleric. If you want to be secretive, e-mail at

Then you might want to post in the quest section. This thread has nothing to do with quests.


06-03-2002, 01:38 AM
I was referring to Doccus's post in this thread from a while ago concerning powerleveling via use of the usual DS way as well as quests:

When you make your arguments, please keep in mind that MANY quests out there (and no, I'm not going to list them so Verant can NERF them) result in close to a yellow bubble per pop. Some can be repeatedly given enough cash and/or quest items. Some even work in the 30s to 40s. It's not just the bone chip quest that can "zoooom" ya through the levels.

06-03-2002, 09:24 AM
Well, if we're talking about a high level (55+) druid doing the power-levelling, I'd be VERY surprised if there are any quests out there which can rival PLing, over a sustainable time.

Yes, there may be some that give good XP, but you just can't repeat them quickly enough, due to needed components, to compare with PLing.

I'm willing to be proven wrong, but I need to see the proof =)


Xavre Vicious
06-11-2002, 07:44 AM
You can PL any melee type in unrest from 1-30 in two days, in the Unrest zone. Not many things run, and there is a ton to pull. You can stay in Unrest til 40, but it gets pretty painful.

After level 30 I go to Sol A and PL til level 42 or so. Then its off to Nurga, which will take you to level 50. 50 to 54 or so can be done on the front 6 elementals in the Hole. From 54 on you might as well group.

06-26-2002, 07:32 AM
Befallen works nicely early on. My own new "pocket chanter" got to breeze in 3hours 2mins. Did 1-3 in Paineel (amazing noob zone for true noobs too), carted him striaght to WC and did top of befallen to 7. Dropped to first hallway till 11 then moved down to elf skelly area till 16. Was quick and painless.

Never thought of letting a mob die on my own DS before, will be doing that asap.

06-27-2002, 01:43 PM
Just a few notes, to "give something back", since I've used this thread for a few characters.

The spiders were gone from Nurga when I checked two nights ago (6/25/2002). They were replaced by goblins and the sleeping ogre has been moved slightly. Damn! That was my favorite spot from 30-40.

My current project is a pet cleric. The cleric is now level 30. He has evocation and alteration well above 100, not to mention alteration is speced to over 50 now. His offense and defense are right up there along with 1HB. He has all of his spells memmed. Even with the wasted time from memming all the spells and making sure alteration was speced, his /played was 16 hours before my wasted trip to Nurga. I don't think 30 levels in 16 hours is bad. :) Oh yeah, I also wasted a trip to CC with him (don't ask!) too.

I think with minimum spells memorized and less wasted travel time, I could have had him to 30 in around 12 hours. What was my path so far? Very simple:

1-6: Misty Thicket on the new aggresive rats and skellies to the left as you exit from Rivervale.

6-30: Unrest. Start in the yard pulling beetles. Migrate to the back room. Then upstairs and finally to the basement.

The PLing was done with a 60 druid full time and a 52 shaman along once in a while doing hastes and healing.

07-07-2002, 08:26 PM
One of my favorite topics - PLing. But I can't believe what some of you are putting out as good PLing locations/tactics. Here's my take:

PLing is getting xp as fast as possible. Levels at the expense of everything. Skills, spells, everything is secondary to xp while PLing. Those things can catch up when the PLer is not around.

I could take you to Field of Bone and get you from 1-12 in 2 hours if you followed my instructions correctly. After that it gets harder, but the technique is the important part. If you continue to use the technique I'm about to describe you can always find a location to use it.

The key to druid PLing is the damage shield. This is how the mobs die fast. The second key is of course keeping the lowbie alive to receive the xp for the mob. The third is making sure the lowbie is able to do at least 1 point of damage to the mob before it dies, while no one else does any.

Mobs in FOB that work for PLing: Skeletons, scorpions, scarabs.
Mobs in FoB that do NOT work for PLing: Spiders, burynai, outcast iksar.

Why? Because the skeletons, scorpions and scarabs will never run and will fight to the death. Thus they will impale themselves to death on your damage shield. All your lowbie needs to do is get one hit on them, then go pull another mob. Ignore the one you already hit, just let him kill himself on your damage shield while you concern yourself with finding the next victim.

Lowbie Buff lineup for PLing:
Skin like Nature (gives large HP buff to lowbies allowing them to survive many more hits)
Spirit of Wolf (lets them pull faster)
Chloroplast (regenerates HP, helps keep lowbie alive)
Shield of Thorns (damage shield)

Any other buffs are strictly optional. Unless they help you get xp faster, they're a waste of time.

I took a level 6 gnome warrior to Field of bone one night and got him level 10 in about 30 minutes. Seriously, you can get from 1 to 20 in FoB in about 2 hours if done correctly. Since you have a druid with you, you've got transport in and out, base (and bind) in the ruins of Kaesora (look out for the new Iksar NPC in there, he's KOS but far back and doesn't move). Once the stuff around Kaesora goes blue move to the east side of Kurn's Tower. Once you're done PLing make sure to buy all the skills you need from a trainer, then go out and actually learn how to use them before more PLing.

OT is good from 20-45ish or so for PLing, after 45 move to City of Mist until 52ish then stop PLing because any PLing past that is probably a bad idea.

07-08-2002, 03:53 AM
Someone said 40-51 in TD where TD would that be

Teare Runebreaker
07-08-2002, 08:02 PM
Any of you have tips for powerlvling a caster/ especially anouther druid and a wizzie. Two friends and myself would really like to know

greggo rumbletum
07-09-2002, 04:22 AM
Just do what Ajia said at least til the mid teens - very little difference between the classes at the low levels.

Bobbin Tenderfoot
07-09-2002, 07:09 AM
Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but you can powerlevel much faster versus undead than otherwise. Reason for this is because they dont run (so you dont need to bother with root).

07-09-2002, 04:53 PM
Or just pull more than one at a time, then they won't run until there's only one left.


Gimli fan
07-10-2002, 08:57 AM
Anyone have good tactics on Mem Blur power leveling (giving the enchanter the EXP)?
Such as zone and method? Melee / DS leveling seems to be fairly well covered.

I guess the best bet would be a melee and healer, when mob is snared and trying to run drop a blur and nuke, add a puller for more damage and quicker pulls.

Otherwise as a druid with one apprentice quad and blur if you liked to have a hectic PL, or rot and blur when DOT's wear off.

Grouping and quadding greens seems to send half of the EXP off to lala land without warning.

Anyone have good zones / tactics for doing this for PLing a chanter from lvl 39 - 43 or so? (Insert my reason here)

I know for example that the turtles in the TS can take a Winged Death, ES DOT, and a snare and be prime for a blur - nuke (sitting there waiting to die).
In SD many of them die to a single Winged Death, and in general is a bit more of an annoying zone.

However most important at 38 they are blue, to optimize this method they should really be yellow/red and plentyful.

What are some good spots for some 41 - 45 level mobs that will turn into the snare when they are near death?

I can bring a level 44 tank from the group I will be joining to help cut them down.

I know, bad chanty - dont worry. Sorry I dont have more info on the other levels.

07-10-2002, 09:13 AM
Works best with a monk using FD, as there is no medding downtime.
Monk/Druid combo is even better; druid regrowths and thorns the monk and PLee, snares some mobs, etc. Monk beats them down one at a time and feigns. PLee tags the mobs after the monk FD's, and it dies on their thorns.

This way the PLee doesn't even have to be an enchanter :-)

07-10-2002, 04:38 PM
The problem with mem-blur PLing is that on mobs of level 35 and over, mem blur gets progressively less reliable. Sometimes you have to cast mem blur 3 and 4 tiems before it takes. It doesn't resist like other spells. No success or failure message..
There are two ways you can tell if it worked..
If the critter has an agro message, he will repeat it after a successful memblur. .
If they don't have an agro message, you can /assist the critter to see who is at the top of the agro list. .
1. Druid has done 5000 damage in dots and DD. Critter has 300 hit points left..
2. Enchanter mem-blurs and takes one melee swing at it to get on agro list. .
3. Now, target the critter and /assist..
4. If druid comes up on target, critter's hate list has not been wiped. Go to step 2..
5. If enchanter comes up on target in step 4, nuke dead with enchanter. .
The drawback of mem blur is it still takes mana from both PLer and PLee to kill. And more important, it takes time to mem blur. mem-blur has an ugly long recast time. By level 40, I submit you'd be better off finding a tank of similar level, DS him and PL tank and enchanter at the same time. It might even be faster to just join groups than doing the mem-blur shuffle..
That said, the key to DS PLing is mobs that don't run. And one of the best XP mod zones in the game is one in which no mobs run. Bring your EB item. :-).

07-11-2002, 07:06 AM
Another reason it works better with monks :-)

Gimli fan
07-11-2002, 11:57 AM
Good point, it is always best to ride a caster up
with the melee. PLing casters is a pain pretty quick.

You are right blur takes a while, really need steady yellow/red mobs that are pretty easy to take down.

Even with half the EXP steady y/r mobs are much easier with a buffed melee w/ DS and toss a heal every so often. Plus 2 birds w/ 1 stone.

Sounds like a monk has some mad skills in this category though.

07-14-2002, 01:10 PM
The problem with pleveling by letting things hit the druid instead of the tank is the lack of defense skill gains. Its best to let the tank get his defense up a few points with normal porcupine on tank type pleveling each level imo. You don't have to max defense every level, just keep it within 25% of max or so. Then when the tanks AC finally gets high enough he can take over full time tanking and the defense will go up to max in no time.

This is especially important for casters, its insanely hard to raise defense as a caster at high lvls. You want to raise it as much as posible at low lvls when you can still tank effectively with the druids buffs.

07-16-2002, 06:07 PM

Really should make this sticky - great post.

07-16-2002, 07:46 PM
I PLed my chanter with my druid. Just used the thorns/regen to level 39, really wasn't that bad. At 39, I just grouped them, and had the chanter keep clarity and insight up while druid quadded. I quadded the Tro Jegs in SD, and the chanter helped when the warders popped. Druid pulled and root/dotted, while chanter tashed, dotted, and mana seived, so no gating =). Also nuked with the druid at the end.

My personal opinion is that, since we have AA to pursue after 60 now, there's no reason to PL over level 40. Just group with the lower level, and everybody gets XP =)


07-29-2002, 07:14 AM
This is what works for me....

1 to 6: Misty Thicket
6 to 15: Lavastorm
15 to 22: Najena (Best spot is the room near the Guard Captain room with the darkbone skeleton and the 2 elementals. Pull the Ogre guards, guard officers, and the guard Captain. Loot is decent for that level: up to 2pp in coin, large bronze armor, bronze weapons, etc.)
22 to 30: Feerrott, Lizardman pyramids (Good loot--FS weapons, rare piece of Ravenscale, up to 4pp in coinage, also usually very quiet here)
22 to 30: Sol A (Good loot here as well, but a few people here can make it hard to get a lot of pulls in and so I prefer Feerrott)
30 to 35: Iceclad, Snow cougars, dervishes and wolves (Crap loot, but lots of monsters and usually little to no competition.)

Oh, and /bump ;)

08-02-2002, 11:07 PM
Just Pl'ed today a Troll Warrior/Rallos Zek in order to simplify the Coldain Military Wristguard Quest. had made 12 and 1/2 Fighting the Frogloks in Innothule and the orcs and then Dervs in SRO, (and yes, the AC jumped in front of us on our third trip through the dervs, Jboots anyone?)

Heres the skinny. Ran through Guk back to the Squire spawn, plenty of red/yellow/even frogloks and gators in this vicinty. Level 60 Shaman friend (who wants the wristguard and doesnt mind the time as such) Buffing and healing, and with his regen and my natural trollie regen, it was difficult for the mobs to bump my health bar downward unless i would get very overwhelmed. Stayed in Squire room until they started getting blue, 17 or so, and moved down the zone a bit. Just kept running through Guk looking for mobs that would con yellow or better. Finally at 20 decided to camp Ghoulbane. Perfect timing for that. Spawns here started red and yellow, and when I quit for the evening, they were about 65% blue with the rest being even or better. Ran the barracks full pop having just dinged 25, and finished killing all the spawns at exactly 4 yellow into 25, so that will give you a nice idea of how good this exp is. And believe me, its cake at this point in my life as a Troll Warrior.

Summary: started at 3:00 my time in the after noon at 12 and 12 blue, finished at 10:15pm my time at 25 and 20 blue. I went into Guk this afternoon too low for most people to consider me for a group on Orc Hiway, and left tonight saving people at the docks from trains :) . All in All, very exciting and truly what powerleveling is all about, and the great thing is all skills maxed because I did all the killing ( Shammy has no DS, so I had to work alot.) Think for just a moment how much easier and quicker this would have gone had a druid been handling me... with the damage shield time would have been cut by 1/3 at least.

Have always loved indoor zones, and today i remembered why. Just wish I could be moving on to Cazic now like the old days. I will either go back to Guk til the exp slows, or move on to Dalnir. Ill keep you posted on Trollie's progress realtime.

08-03-2002, 06:58 PM
Nicest thing about Cazic is that it is outdoor :-)

08-07-2002, 08:29 AM
best places that ive done are as followed
1-10 in EC while im buying equip n stuff
11-15 in oasis at the orc highway
16-35 in sol a, goblins till 27ish then the gnomes deeper
36-40 in City of Mist at the temple area
41-54 in sol b, doin the kobolds then the bats n stuff
55-60 bugs in sol b, akeva tunnels,fungus grove, whatevers good

just my side of this =P


Truebud AB
08-14-2002, 04:59 AM
unrest is good until 22 or so if you use wolfform and pull loads from the dungern

08-26-2002, 10:52 AM

greggo rumbletum
08-26-2002, 11:59 AM
I cant recall if anyone posted ToFS as a good intermediary zone for PLing - at least the first 3 floors.

Nice and quiet so you are not taking anything from other people; nothing runs on those floors; good cash loots; dont know if there is a ZEM but there probably is.

08-26-2002, 05:13 PM
Ghosts on 2nd floor and skellys (/boggle) on the 3rd floor run. But you're right, TOFS is great for PLing.

09-01-2002, 05:25 PM
what level is recommended for PLing in ToFS?

09-02-2002, 01:58 PM
I like Unrest through about 25. At 25th, my warrior can take the entire 2nd floor at a time, no problem. Have received huge trains from the top floor (werebats, hand, etc), and have handled them as well. Basement MOBs are nice, but the casters can really mess up your day ;)

My powerleveling scheme so far:

1) Buff person(s) you're powerleveling. I use POTG, Regrowth of the Grove, Legacy of Thorn, Circle of Seasons, group wolf (when in outdoor zones, SoW otherwise before entering), Girdle of Karana.

2) I then load Chloroblast (through 25th-30th level) or Nature's Touch, Succor (for escaping), my lowest level root (see below), ensnare, and Upheaval.

3) My 60th druid pulls with ensnare. Before the MOBs reach my druid, I root them with the 1st lvl root (doing 5 dmg or 10 dmg, I forget). I repeat for all targets, then sit and med. The folks you are powerleveling must do more damage than your roots do in order to get the XP.

4) The person(s) getting powerleveled start bashing MOBs, trying to hit them all for at least one point, and hopefully enough to grab aggro.

5) Druid heals as needed, roots MOBs that aggro, and remains sitting as much as possible.

6) When MOBs turn to run, druid re-roots. Yes, this causes the MOBs to resume attacking. They rapidly die from the thorns, the combat is shorter, and the powerleveled toons get that many more whacks in to increase their Defense skill. Alternately, if you're powerleveling a caster ... don't root and let the caster finish the MOBs with spells to increase their casting ability.

7) Once you get the hang of this, you will have practically no down-time. With just POTG and Mask of the Hunter (and a couple FT items), I never run out of mana unless something HIDEOUS happens (like someone drops a train on my powerleveling party). That's where Upheaval (for < 25th level critters) or Succor (if you're REALLY in a bind) matter a lot.

Important note: Do not forget to add the druid back into the powerleveling group before you do group buffs, or Succor. It's irritating (and can be deadly) to waste the time / mana of one of these casts.

The beauty of this is that you can powerlevel five characters just as easily as one character, for just slightly higher mana burn (i.e. healing multiple folks). I made about 7.5 levels in Unrest in a little over 2.5 hours the other day on my warrior, and have had "powerleveling parties" for up to four folks at once.


09-02-2002, 04:34 PM
Sorry, I can't remember exact levels.

Could probably start on first floor TOFS at level 25 or so. Then keep moving up as mobs blue out. 5th floor is slightly lower level than 4th floor.

greggo rumbletum
09-03-2002, 04:44 AM
4th floor is a pain - after the 3rd starts to green I would go somewhere else - it has been so long I cant recall but I think I went straight from 3rd to CoM.

CoM can take you to 60 if you have the patience for it

09-03-2002, 04:22 PM
Hmm.... I like the 4th floor. The mummies don't run. Mobs drop on average 5pp each, which adds up at powerlevel kill rate. And you get to pick up the occasional band-aid dagger which is not lore and can sell for a few hundred pp on your bazaar mule.

You just need to know where the traps are so you don't fall while pulling.

09-12-2002, 02:52 PM

Suggestions for lvl 35 Pally w/ 52 druid? Ideas are- DSP, and TOFS, anythin to add?

Morningmist Avalanche
09-18-2002, 12:21 PM
I've heard a great spot for PLing between 8-15 or so is sirens in OOT, supposedly they have very little hp, hit for hardly any and give great xp. Can't ask for much more than that.

greggo rumbletum
09-19-2002, 04:39 AM
8 - 15 is prob under an hour of PLing so I am not sure it would be worth the time to get out to OOT. I have seen a lot of people post that they like soloing there tho

Tilerin Tidestream
09-21-2002, 07:42 AM
this should have a sticky on it...

09-23-2002, 10:21 AM
I have recently been PLing a new monk on my 2nd PC, along with a friend's new necro (left EQ, now he's back with a fresh account). They are now 22 and 24, respectively. LOIO sarnak fort has been nice and quick so far, but we're reaching the end of that.

So where would be a good place to PL a mid 20's Monk/necro pair? Unfortunately, SoL is out, friend has it, but PC just doesn't behave in those zones. Every time I've ported us to Nexus, I've had to log into his account to move him off Luclin, his PC refuses to actually load the zone.

One thing I'm looking for is not just easier mobs or good zone XP modifiers, but also fast respawn times. Is there a web source which lists zone respawn times? The faster the respawn, the fewer spawn spots actually required for PLing (and less pulling time too =).


09-23-2002, 07:56 PM
I'm in the mists of PL'ing my Monk. Have 2pcs so he's got all 60 druid buffs. I have hot key'ed to target him and invite, I can rebuff and disband durring battle incase DS or Regrowth drop and he'll still get exp on kills.

I did most in Qhills/blackburrow till 6 or 7. Basicly any newbie zone is the same. Then went back to SoRo/Oasis. I took my druid there when I made him, as my first monk started in noro/oasis when the game came out. New monk is on new 2nd account.

Anyways, things seemed kinna slow when things ran, so went to unrest. This place is unbeatable. stay there till 30 easily, 32 even. FUll buffs and just run around. Once you can handle 2 mobs in the basement, just keep the druid sitting in the ghost room and have the Twink (monk but assume any melee could handle it) pull at will. I would do all the basement and run out to the upper floors before repops in basement. I even did the ghost a few times. At this level, time per kill is most important, thus why undead rock. While i was there, another group began Pl'ing as i left and still hter when I returned from going out a bit. They had a high level (59-60) enchanter, cleric (w/ epic) and druid Pl'ing a 30 bard. they would AE everything. Basicly, stuns w/ bard AE doing more damage and getting the kills, finshing off on bard DS. 4 people seems like alot of work but every pull was everything in teh zone, from ghost to top floors, pulled everyting to the pit. Sounds like fun, but my monk had less played at higher level then the bard so who knows.

After I hit 30 i went searching again, Paw sucked. Too many casters and mobs running. Even w/ my very twinked equip (schw or cof if friend wasnt on, 12/23 h2h & sos) i had a hard time killing fast. from 30-33 i went alot of places, trying things suggested on this and other boards. I went to KK, great exp per kill but again kinna slow due to number of mobs, adn the 2nd floor was too difficult. I went to hole. I was able to kill all 6 before repops, but the next 2 were too tuff, and that still seemed slow. Tried solB, a little better due to number of mobs but I wasnt satisfied w/ the speed. Finnaly tried OverThere. Flyin again. Mobs have little hps', hit weak, but all run. And not jsut the last guy runs, depending on what you pull you can have all 3 running. New hot key, /assist twink, /cast snare. My monk's 37 and can solo (w/ full buffs) 3 blues w/o a heal. 1-2% per kill but fast kills. SolB was 2-3% in the early 30's but alot slower. Hole was 3-4% but only 6 mobs and didnt give time to figure out pulling the next 2.

I might try CoM tonight some, but if I get to many healers I'll go back to Over There or try Hole again.

1-7 newbie zone
8-30 unrest
30-37(probably higher but thats where im at now) Overthere

I figure once I can group and get him exp, I'll drag the monk to Maidens and start doing toilers again. I've PL'ed a friends rogue and that's faster then snare/fearing every RAptor in timdeep for him, and many other places. Once you can get exp together, quading is faster in the low-mid 50's then standard PL'ing.

09-24-2002, 10:08 AM
Hit 38 this morning w/ my monk. I was getting 1% per kill, about 1 in 6 I would get 2%, most mobs being blue. There are a few yellows and red still, but I don't waste time looking for them.

After I hit 38 I remembered I havent been to a trainer in a long time so ran to Freeport and trained riposte. Tried out CoM and wow. Every kill is 2% and mobs die almost as fast, closer pulls and no runners. Rare caster, but that is outweighed by the number of runners in OT. CoM looks like it will rock for me for a bit. I'm tempted to try Hole again, but will put that off a bit as I'm not confident in my pulling ability beyond the front 6, and at 33 my monk could do the front 6 before repops.

09-25-2002, 06:09 AM
Rhinos and Cats do not run in OT. My strategy has been to pull 3 Rhinos/Cats, hitting each once, then to get one runner, such as a chicken or cactus. Snare the runner, kill, and repeat, while the other 3 beat themselves to death.

09-25-2002, 09:42 AM
The trick to pling with a DS is that the toon has to cause some damage to the mob on their own, then they get full exp.

Decided to play a little game with a friend and took a bard to Unrest with one song (level 3 AE song), Full fine steel armor (easy to get, nice ac for cheap), and a rusty sword. Started at level one at roughly 7 PM CST.

Spells I had memmed were:

DS (highest i had at the time was shield of thorns)
Tremor (in case something went wrong)
Greater Healing
Scoraie (again just in case something went wrong)

Bard went out at level 1 and agroed a mob with the above buffs. Yard trash in Unrest does not run when low on health and would kill itself on the DS. Before level 3 he was able to damage a few of the mobs and after getting exp on I think 11 off them he dinged level 3. This took about half an hour, and then the fun began, he finally got his AE dot song to work and ran out in the yard, most mobs resisted the song a LOT, but almost everyone would eventually get hit by it occasionally and thus he was able to do damage on every mob before it killed itself on the DS.

I had to be heal happy as he would take a lot of damage during this and the cool part is only 4 mobs would be attacking him, although he ran around the whole yard and came back to stand in front of me. Thus agroing all the yard trash, as one mob died, another would remember it did not like him and come running in to suicide on the DS and AE dot.

He added a surname at 9:30 PM CST (level 3 to level 20 in 2 hours). Eventually he had to start running inside to get mobs, and some would run, but we let them run, eventually they would all be away from him regenning and coming back for one hit and running way, that was when his weapon skills were starting to finally be worthwhile and was able to kill them when they came back in.

By the time Midnight came around, he was level 27 and we quit for the night, we have not bothered to continue the pling of this guy as we have been too busy raiding lately. It was fun, and although I truly think the AE dot capability of the bard was key to our success (he did not have to worry about switching targets to damage any mob, and was able to damage 4 at a time on him). Unrest has always been my choice of pling from levels 1 to 20 on the yard trash.

09-26-2002, 03:44 AM
01-04 Newbie Zone (if they are good class, I usually port them to misty thicket so i can equip them and start fighting right away without porting somewhere else)

05-10 S Ro
10-15 Lavastorm
15-20 Najena
20-30 Sol A
30-50 Sol B

Alternate 30 - 50 Geonids (incredible money - friends usually let you keep the money for the powerleveling)

the 1-50 list I have is for ease. To me, porting somewhere and running 4 zones to p/l someone sucks. So, my main places are in a zone, or the dungeon is off a zone where you can port into. A big plus if you ask me.

Gattwin Greyleaf
09-26-2002, 07:15 AM
Paludal is a great alternative to unrest IMO. You can powerlevel here from level 10 up to 25. You start at the shadeweaver's thicket side and when things start to light blue, move in deeper. Continue until 25 when most of the higher level Phlarg's are becoming light blue (the ones closer to Hollowshade tend to stay dark blue til 25). The best part: the mobs don't run at low health! So, load up on that damage shield and don't worry about snaring.

SolA is great from 25-35 and perhaps even to 40 if you don't mind killing the clockworks. The mobs hit pretty weak and with the zem bonus here, the xp just racks up. This zone is hardly ever camped. Start outside the foreman room at 25. Once the young goblins start turning light blue, move in towards the goblin captain area (pull to the clockwork tunnel where the EXG wanders). Once those start to light blue, move to the bartender area. Then once those start turning light blue, you can kill the clockworks/miners. (warning: you will lose akanon and solsolek mining faction killing them, but it's a small hit per kill and you can fix it by killing kobolds in SolB and slaughtering minos in steamfont if need be.) You can kill these probably up until 40 if you want to. Be wary, the mages cast a nasty damage shield so you might have to dispel the mob first. There is also 2 vendors here. 1 goblin vendor (have to use sneak otherwise you can't sell to him) and the gnome vendor who sells the tink bags.

15 levels in 1 zone and you can even sell here. Lots of cash from all the fine steel and gem drops.

10-04-2002, 02:49 PM
Just came back to Vazaelle and remade my cleric. Lvl 51 druid friend to PL.

My question is; at 34 I should be able to group with him and get exp. If he hunts blues(con to him) will I get massive exp?(remember we are grouped). OR..Is it faster to just do the DS/regen/heal when needed route?

My power level path is below. If I remember correctly I had 1 day 22 hours played at lvl 30.

1 - 8 we did W. freeport newb area and giant beetles in

8 - 27 Paludal caverns. Lvl 8 - 17 there is a long corridor just past the Phlargs. Lots of mushrooms and bugs. No adds. Just start at one end, wait until first mob has 1/3 life left and move to next mob. When you are at the end of the corridor, run back to the start and everything will have respawned. Nothing runs and hardly anyone camps there. Took about 2 hrs for 8 - 17.

17 -27 go to B2 in paludal. Experience is crazy mad in Paludal. The bandits start turning lt blue with a few greens mixed at 25, but the amount of mobs, pop rate, exp rate makes up for it.

27 to 33 I've grouped. Have to stay sharp for healing.

Paludal is fantastic exp. and it's close to banks and the bazaar. Best PL zone in my opinion.


10-14-2002, 04:24 AM
Alternate 30 - 50 Geonids

what zone can geonids be found in?

10-14-2002, 10:40 AM
crystal caverns; the genoids in WL are a bit higher then 30-50 level :)

10-15-2002, 11:36 AM
Ah ok, thanks .. going to have to try them out =)

well .. I started a new PL alt .. Dark Elf Shadowknight .. with my 52 pocket-druid (aka .. RL fiancee hehe) .. we've gotten her from level 1 to level 22 with a played time of 13 hours ... she still has her newbie starting food!

1-6 : Orcs (EC or WC .. i prefer WC, more spawns)
6 - 11 : Dervs (WC or SRO)
11-14 : Patog Phlarg Fiends (Paludal)
14 - 19 : Recondites (Paludal) - we left these guys kinda early, because of the serious over-camping on Tunare
19 - 22 : Najena (We went in there, with plans of scoping it out to see what the xp is like .. well, we went on a mission to get all of the keys for the zone, and before I knew it, I was dinging like mad! Running around the zone, clearing out all the rooms while waiting for the key-droppers to spawn is a GREAT way to PL .. with a mission in mind, it made it much more enjoyable. On the plus side, Najena is SERIOUSLY under-camped .. and a nice xp mod)

10-16-2002, 02:22 PM
i just made a beastlord. PL from 1-9 (not pl'd just buffed, no DS, that way he would get basic skills up...) 9-10 i did in less than 5 minutes (seriously, and i am 1 blue from 11, in 5 minutes) I went into paludal and did a recondite camp. just watch out for aggro on you...=p

this is with a lvl 55 druid (me) doing the PL.
The mobs are red, and run, so a good method is using the level 5 i believe it is root. root it by the person that way they kill on the ds, and always make sure to hit the mob once.

This exp should be good til at least 18, and i know people that hunt them from 20-23 (non PL tho=)

/netura skyomen 55 preserver
/gaul 10 (currently) beastlord

10-22-2002, 08:58 PM
Yup...Paludal is prolly some of the best xp in the game..I went there w/ my monk at lvl 14 and got 6 levels in one day.I mean,its unbelievable!!Best xp I have ever seen at any level,and I have a 50 druid also.I took a guildie who started a warrior there and pwr lvled him.He was lvl 5 when we went and the next day I logged on and saw he was lvl 20.I then went and helped him get 25,but after lvl 26-27 its time to move on.If you are around lvl ,Id say 15-16 and have'd be nuts to go anywhere else.Force yourself into a group if you have to lol.

Pacc of Tholuxe
10-23-2002, 11:23 AM
I have enjoyed using this thread for a long long time.

I have PLed several characters to 50+

My setup is a bit extreme. I have 4 computers with a 60 Druid, 59 Cleric, and 56 Enchanter doing the powering.

Getting a melee to Level 50 is very doable in under 2 days played using my setup and these spots.

My last character I powered was a Warrior who dinged 50 four hours short of 2 days /played. I have the screenshot :)

The strategy is pretty simple Druid Buffs with the spells everyone has already mentioned. Enchanter provides C2 and Haste and the Cleric puts a Mark of Retribution (adds another 15 points to the DS) on each mob and also does some healing.

Until level 50 the goal should be to have 2-4 mobs beating on the powerlevelee at all times. Up until about 30 you should try and have 4 on you with more waiting to jump on when the mobs start to die.

Here are the best spots I have found. What we are looking for are high mob density and/or quick respawn times.

1-6 Misty Thicket (Gotta have the Druid for Plin might as well start at home)

6-15 Unrest (There is no substitute - set up on the back wall and pull the whole yard. You should have 4 mobs beatin on you at all times with the rest waiting in line for their turn to die.) Ave a level every 15 mins here tops.

15-22 Paludal Caverns (Camp with little humaniods just inside the Shadow Haven zone line. Low hps and fast respawn) Still can average a level every 15-20 mins here

23-27 Paw (Set up in the safe room and you should be able to pull everything including about 5-6 mobs past the first set of doors. Nice ZeM in here)

28-33 Great Divide (Set up inside the Tizmak caves. There is one nice spot right outside a large room inside the caves. Seven Tizzy spawns inside the large room plus a couple wanders that come by and another set of two and a single also very close by to pull. These guys respawn fast and this spot is never taken.)

34-40 Tower of Frozen Shadow Floor 5 (Doing the Golems and the Wedding Party here. The golems have a fair amount of hps but all those mobs in the wedding party drop like wet paper sacks. Very low hp mobs. Goal here is to do at least the whole wedding party and if you push yourself you can keep the whole floor clean.)

40-45 Tower of Frozen Shadow Floor 6 (Killin golems here. Ave amount of hps and quick respawn = you dont ever run out of mobs. Still can keep three of these at a time on your character.)

46-53 Tower of Frozen Shadow Floor 7 (Set up on top of the spiral stairs and pull to the top up there. It's a safe pull spot and nothing will aggro on you if you need to go afk. This is some very strong exp and has been kinda a fairly well keep secret. Even with an empty Velks and unlimited spiders to pull this place still beats it. Just an fyi casters can solo for strong regular exp here too)

54-58 Howling Stones (Gotta stick to the North Wing unless you bring along a Rogue. This place is nice tho. Low hp mobs and usually empty

59-60 No secrets here that I know of Seb, Chardok, FG, Velks. I am sure there are better spots but none that I have found yet.

Thats it hope you all enjoy :)


Eloina Pyromancer
10-29-2002, 01:19 PM
A friend asked me to post here after I powerleveled him from 35-50 in 11 hours. I'm not sure how this would make any difference to you all, but he seemed insistent. If I'm intruding, please forgive me.

Mages own for high level powerleveling. Not saying we're better than enchanters or druids, but we're pretty darned good.

My strategy is simple: beat the mob to an inch of its life and then reclaim my pet just before it dies. Let the person I'm powerleveling finish it off while I resummon a new pet and pull something else to it. Because the pet is reclaimed, the person who gets the killing blow gets all the xp.

From 35-45, I had my friend do Seafuries in OOT. Monster Summoning 2 pet just destroys these guys. Reclaiming him puts me back full on mana, I resummon and re-DS the pet and pull another. Once we get in a groove, I can time things so that I'm resummoning as he's finishing off #1, with #2 in a death crawl, and me targeting #3 just as soon as the pet gets here. I try to have at least one nearly dead seafury ready for him at all times.

From 45-54 or so, I do Katta guards. 57 earth pet, DS, same strategy.

After that, it's more worthwhile to group with them. I've been finding that duoing Dino in OOT is worthwhile xp once you can keep up with the spawn.

11-02-2002, 09:25 AM
Best place to PL
1. Unrest
2. Unrest
3. Unrest

Lvl 1-12ish. Yard trash. The obvious advantage here is NOTHING runs (except ghouls) so the DS does the work. Main objective should be to keep 3 mobs on PC that you are PLing consistantly. Make sure PC hits all mobs at least once otherwise they *poof* 1.5 hours from 1-12

Around lvl 12-14+, move up stairs inside house to second floor. (either on side underneath preast of najena spawn or adjecent side) Same objective, keep 3 mobs on PC at all times.

Mid 20's PL in basement. OT is an ok spot as well.

Post lvl 29+ im not sure, this is where unrest starts to lack.

In conclusion, i have yet to see any other PL spot that compares (in refference of lvl 1-20). There may be other zones, but any mobs that run when at low health is a half-assed place to PL since PL = DS !

11-03-2002, 04:48 PM
Azitar .. you ever tried PLing in Paludal? =)
you'd change your mind pretty quick =)

11-04-2002, 01:06 PM
I pl'ed my monk to 31 in less then 8 hours played, qhills, BB, and mostly Unrest.

If empty, I could kill everything in the house. From top to bottom. Everything.

11-22-2002, 06:58 AM
ok here is my 2 cents on this....

for Melee's anyways

1-8 MT(Take your time here this is where ya get the first 40 points in Defense)
8-12 SO RO
12-17 Unrest yard
17-22 Pal. Caverns
22-30 Nugra(Trust me insane xp)
30-42 Keasora
42-51 Jagged Pine Bandits

Just remember to make sure the Melee's Defense is going up.

12-04-2002, 07:17 PM
Any suggestions for spots in Kaesora? My SK is now level 30 .. checked out Kaesora, and that spider poison is nasty ..

Or, any suggestions for better spots? The Golras in TD were decent xp, just not enough of them .. (and what a pain to get to)

12-11-2002, 12:45 PM
lvl 51 druid helping a lvl 23 'chanter.

Currently doing paw. Tesh Mall were red at 22 and are still red. Getting about 1 blue per kill.

Con's .. They hit hard and they run. Any ideas on taking him to 45 or so. I need ideas for casters. It seems that I will be running out of them soon as mobs begin to hit harder and harder.

And to whoever it was that suggested Paludal caverns... THAT PLACE ROCKED.. I went from 17 - 22 in a very short time. at 22 I was getting to many light blues that were giving little exp.. I proll could have eeked out 23 there quicker than doing Gnolls.

Thanks in advance for any help.

12-11-2002, 03:28 PM
CT used to be nice for PL at that level. So maybe try the lizards outside of CT. With the newbie ZEM applied, they should be quite nice. They don't hit as hard as the John Tesch gnolls, so should extend the tankability of the enchanter up to level 30 or so.

As with all runners, when the first pull gets to 50%, snare another so it runs over and arrives before the first is down to run health. Keep going until you need a med break and root the last one with a low level root.

Here's an idea. Harmony a whole camp and fight at the spawn points. The proximity of the harmonized lizard next to him should keep him from fleeing at low health. I've not tried this, but should work in theory.

12-11-2002, 05:02 PM
Tried Leezards outside CT.. To many casters... Used all my mana on stuns to keep them from healing... Any other Ideas?


12-11-2002, 05:55 PM
<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>John Tesch gnolls[/quote]


For 28-40, Crystal Caverns is great. Mobs are spaced out enough in the upper tunnels that it's easy to get singles and there's decent midrange loot there (gems, cloak, belt, etc)

Spinnin of Brell
12-16-2002, 06:25 AM
One good spot for pling a chanter, or any caster really, from 22-29 is needite room in echo caverns. Thery're on a 20 minute timer, and maybe 8 needites in the room.
The great thing about them is they hit very fast, but not really hard. Buff and ds caster, and let them tank. Did each level in less than an hour per, and offense/defense will be maxed at every ding. After 29 xp slows, but can still use needites to up defense to about 30 or so.

Spinnin 54 Druid
Proud member of Benevolent Knights

12-16-2002, 09:20 AM
Thanks Spinnin...

12-16-2002, 03:35 PM
"Bringer of Death
Just usually to myself"

LOL, very funny =)


12-25-2002, 12:50 PM

12-30-2002, 10:07 AM
A lot of people mention Kaesora at 30. I took an ogre warrior down there at 30 and he promptly got his butt handed to him, even with high level druid buffs and healing (this was before the 58 heal spell). We couldn't get past the spiders to get down to the undead area.

What part of the zone is doable at 30?

12-30-2002, 08:40 PM
this is all great and good but anyone got any places for people that have beefy chars from what i have seen leeching exp by grouping with your high level main is better xp then pl...anyone got any ideas? 43+ of course

01-04-2003, 12:36 PM

01-10-2003, 08:23 PM
Well I just thought i'd post my 2 bits on pleveling... bottom line is paladual all the way from level 1 to 25.

Train your twink to 5 in whatever mele skill they will use for a weapon and then run them to paladual. Succor and set up shop there with your druid. Group with them and hit them with rog potg but do not ds them yet for the first few levels (note make sure to ungroup after the buffing). have them mele each bug until they hit once and then move on to the next untill they pull enough that the rog cannot keep up with the dps from the bugs they pulled. Run him back and ds him.

Damage shield will then kill the bugs and each time the ds hits his offence has a chance of going up. Repeat this untill their mele skills are sufficient to hit more often than 1 in 5 swings (usually around level 6... or 20 minutes in). After this DS your twink friend before he leaves the succor spot and repeat the method, going further in and starting to kill the bigger bugs and mushrooms too. After another level or so you can start running around the pool in a circle keeping 3-4 bugs on you at all times. Your defense and offense will be maxed easily, however you might want to port him somewhere to train his mele skills to help you with this.

once the small bugs start going light blue/green it's time to move in. if you take the tube to your right exiting the succor spot there is an open area with about 30 phatogs on a 5-10 minute spawn timer. Keep up with the ds and mele balancing regen with their damage output. You can even heal but unless you have enough aggro it will pull all of the creatures on your druid instead.

At this poing if you are using a wizzy or a caster with a low level ae.. buy their ae and train in evocation or whatever it is the spell is based on first and use your druid to pull with snare. Aggro 1/2 the cave and using your self ds and regular ds you do a lot of damage.. just have the twink ae the pack once or twice. Snare will keep them on you.

This area is good until about 18-19 when the fiends go light blue. you can get 19 in about 2-3 hours of grinding this way. From there move to a recondite camp till 25.. using the snare pull with the druid method for a pure caster or the ds and mele method for a tank (note i did this with a shammy and it worked fine.. then again It had a fungi for the extra regen).

after 25 move to echo caverns.. the hidden side (path to fg). that will take you to about 32 either fighting the zombies/named around roy or the needites who hit fast and do very little damage.

from 32 it slows a little for me. what i like to do is go to ds and quad zelniaks till they are so low life they turn to run. Since they are not social they single away from the pack and sit there... just use caution to not kill them again on a different pass. after you get several standing alone just pop into sseru and wipe aggro while the twink meles them the last 1 percent. Similar to the mages post and i think the mage might be more effective in this manner since they dont need to zone. This should get them to about 40 before exp starts to slow down. after that i get a little stuck until i can take them into pop.

Pop is a great great thing for pleveling. Once you can take them to pon use a raven to charm fight with them in your group. Exp will fly. This is the main reason I am still 62. Earning 1aa an hour and about 2-3kpp solo at the dog camp in pon is just too easy. I can even group a twink and still make an aa every 2 hours while i fly them thru the levels and aa.

With ft 2 + mc1 + potg + mos + Scm3 i dont even need kei to do dogs anymore. Once i get the camp i am usually there for several hours.

I know it's been rather long winded but enjoy my pleveling tactics (i can get to level 40 in about 1 day played using this method)

01-13-2003, 10:09 AM
Ok.... I made it to 35 so far.

From 36 up to say 50 what has been the experiences of late?

I have a caster so straight up tanking with DS is getting less and less worthy. My druid is still just 51 so I can now group and Quad kite and the chanter get exp. I was thinking about doing the dwarves in BB.. Are they still camped bigtime or what??

Anyway.. what are some suggestions for 36+ Ench with 51 druid doing the grunt work.


01-13-2003, 01:16 PM
Quad spirocs if it's open, or Hoppers in DSP. I would suggest leveling the druid to 53 or 54, getting your 52 charm and 53 glamour of tunare+ a level to help with resist checks and use charm fighting as a way to plevel. Me offers some good prospects with charmed wolves dual wielding and Savage spirit. A spectral wolf will eat a goranga gatherer so fast you will wonder what happened to it. Just make sure you give your pet 2 different weapon types Ie: 1hs/1hb. After you get some practice in this area progress to pon with ravens and stalkers. The exp will fly in for both of your characters.

01-13-2003, 03:02 PM
For an enchanter, yes, the quickest way to PL is to group and let the druid do the work. However, remember that the chanter will get only about 40% of the XP.

A possible alternative is to let the chanter charm solo, but with the druid close by to snare all the mobs and heal when necessary (DSes for the pet also). Overall XP will be less, but the chanter will be getting all of it.


01-16-2003, 06:42 AM
At what level will the person you are pleveling get exp with you when you are grouped?

I know it was level 40 when grouped with a level 60, but what is it for a 65? I would think it to be around 43, but I have not heard this for sure from someone who has done it.

01-16-2003, 09:12 AM
the formula is, highest level can't be more than 1.5 the lowest player's level.

40 * 1.5 = 60
41 * 1.5 = 61.5 (61)
42 * 1.5 = 63
43 * 1.5 = 64.5 (64)
44 * 1.5 = 66 (65)

So, the lowest level that can group with a 65 and get XP is level 44.


01-19-2003, 10:26 AM
I think it must be 2/3 of the higher level. My 43 toon that I am leveling is getting exp with my level 65.

2/3 of 65 is ~ 43.3, they must round down to 43.

01-21-2003, 03:31 AM
This is the formula

(Highest level / 3) * 2 = lowest level of PL'e (always round down)


if the PL'er is lvl 55 its :

(55 / 3) * 2 = 36.66666 (PL'e can be as low as lvl 36 and get exp when grouped)

Branch of Thunder
01-21-2003, 09:21 AM
Paludal is great from level 6 through 21-24. Work your way from Shar Vahl through the burrowers and into the fiend ponds. A nice damage shield on PL twink (or twink's pet) and that's all she wrote for the mob. 20+ levels in a day is no prob.

After that, maybe a level or two in Marus Seru and then DSP until level 50. The zelniaks are great xps and quite plentiful. You can probably convince one of the Tribal camping groups to let your twink in if they know it's being PL'd [btw, this can also be done in recondite camps in PC]. And after Tribals, hoppers.

01-30-2003, 01:09 PM
I finally got my RL friend to start everquest. I am level 24 but will probably hit 25 before we begin the PL'ing. I want to get her to a decent level, at least 18 or 20. Can I get her that high? I am thinking Misty Thicket to 5-7 or so, then Unrest yard trash until 13-15, then backside of Paludal Caverns until 18, then fiends in Paludal, where we could group and both get xp. Any suggestions are welcome.

02-02-2003, 01:09 PM
At level 24, you don't really have the necessary spells or mana to do significant PL'ing (imho) .. You could be there to help her through the first 5 to 10 levels or so. After that, without Greater Healing, you wouldn't really be all that much help. What I would recommend, is spend some time in Paludal yourself, get to 29 (or go to Unrest and get to 29 .. both are viable options), and then consider PLing your friend.

All you need to do is get her to 16, to be able to group with her at your current level .. if she makes a character which is a nice complement to a druid (such as a Shadowknight), and twink her up real good, then you guys will be able to group up and enjoy the xp flooding in =)

02-10-2003, 06:20 AM
Your level 24 buffs should help out a little bit up until 15 or so, but after that it's going to be mostly back to "real work" to gain levels. But then again, I've had a lot more fun levelling my main "legit" than I've ever had plvling my alt.

<img src=""/>
Magelo Profile (

02-11-2003, 05:55 AM
I'm starting to pl a chanter now also, and while i'm doing the whole ds/buffs/heals thing atm along with a friend pl'ing a warrior, eventually i assumed assisting in charming would be the best idea. Above, people suggested keeping the druid nearby to snare, heal, and ds, but wouldn't it be useful if you can find a decent area with an animal to use glamour and savage spirit also, as they are superiour to the enchanter tash and haste for quite a while? Can you even cast buffs on someone else's pet? I had planned to goto pod and charm as soon as i got a chanter spell capable of charming a rat.

02-11-2003, 07:24 AM
It's been mentioned before in this thread, but I've recently helped plvl a Druid and Pally alt using the "Big Beefy Druid damages mobs to 10% then gates" method. It works very well for a DoT class especially, although melee with DS is fine too.

For review, bind your main close to your pull spot (outdoor quadding zones work best for me -- Dawnshroud, Icedlad, etc.). Round up 4 mobs. Use appropriate quad spell to nuke mobs to around 10-15% health. Port out. Alt applies DoTs to mobs. Gate main back to zone to help in case of adds, etc. If your plvling a melee, you could also root mobs and DS the Alt to make fights go faster.

This is a great method for bridging the gap between Paludal Porcupine and actually grouping with your alt and having them sponge off xp.

<img src=""/>
Magelo Profile (

02-12-2003, 08:22 AM
One of the best mobs for that kind of tactic is the poachers in jaggedpine, three fists will take them down to one or two percent, crits are your enemy here though. There is a large number of them and the respawn is fast so running out of mobs isnt really a problem.

Perfect spot for plvling chanters after they get gflux at 39 :)

02-17-2003, 06:41 AM
Quick breakdown again

Druid 52 / Chanter 42 2 boxing the both to get Chanter to lvl 55 asap.

Boy did I fall of the P'lvling Bandwagon.

I am looking for the perfect location. I have don't Giants in EW via Quad Kiting / Root Rotting even some charming thrown in hear and there. I have tried Poachers with quad and r/r I guess if I had to pick this would be the best so far. I have tried Raptors and It just seems to take sooo much mana to actually burn these down.

It seems that I get about 1% exp per mob killed in any one of those situations. I can kill Spectre in Oasis much easier and get about the same exp results it seems. Raptors don't drop crap I even did wyvrens they were just very popular.

I sometimes put my chanter on autofollow and just quad as normal I have run into a problem where I didn't get exp because of distance.

Anyway.. Still looking for the perfect answer I don't think I am ready for charming while 2 boxing I seemed to get screen disoriented.. If that is a real term.

All previous help has been great any addtional help is greatly appreciated. is my e-mail if you have anything you want to send me directly.


02-17-2003, 07:15 AM
Well, truthfully, your druid is rather low (52) for really effective PLing of a 42 chanter. Typical PLing (thorns/regen/etc) for a 42 chanter is hard enough, and you don't even have regrowth, the top DS, or chloroblast yet. And you're not high enough to really rip through stuff quadding yet (compared to a 60 druid with FT/AAs/etc).

I think with the two chars you have, the fastest way to PL the chanter will be to keep them ungrouped, and have the chanter charm solo. However, having the druid handy for snares, heals, DSs, etc, will make that chanter one heck of a charm "soloer" for his level =)

Doing this, you can have the chanter get all the XP, instead of a little less than half (when the two are grouped). And, face it, the only way for a solo chanter to get any kind of reasonable DPS is charming.

Using this strategy, you can get the chanter to 51 relatively quickly. Once the Druid and Chanter are 51+, you can then pair them up in XP bonus areas (i.e., mobs are 51+ and are within 5 levels of the PCs, XP bonus will be at least 100% =)

Ah, I just saw your note about not liking to charm while 2-boxing. I'm afraid there are no other good answers other than just grinding it out =(


02-17-2003, 10:02 AM
I've been trying to 2-box charm with druid/chanter also. While it sometimes works fantastically well (killing stuff 10 levels higher is at least festive if not legitimately productive) it seems like it will eventually be problematic. Atm, the chanter is 30ish and i'm pulling large zelniaks and wolves in dsp with the druid. I'm wondering if people who have done this before encountered the problem i foresee as a possibility. For now, as soon as charm breaks i stop the druid even midpull and switch to the chanter window (using eqw not 2 different computers). When its zelniaks and such, this isn't a problem as even 2 or 3 beating on the druid doesn't require attention. But how do people deal with this kind of thing at higher levels when you can't just ignore the puller getting hit? Do you need 2 computers so you can control both chars at once? Or do you just die frequently?

02-17-2003, 04:43 PM

Thanks your assistance has always been very helpful. Could you give me some examples of where you would choose to charm solo. I would like to give this another shot and work on it. With enough practice I can probably do it... Just more effort than quadding for sure.

Once again thanks for all your help so far.

02-17-2003, 09:01 PM
Well, unfortunately, I can only speak from second hand knowledge, since I was 58 when I started PLing my chanter, and was able to really rip through stuff quadding, once the chanter was high enough to group with =)

I guess another reason you might want to try working on the chanter charming is because you said you want to get both chars to 55, and the druid has 10 levels on the chanter right now. Keeping them ungrouped will let the chanter level much faster.

At level 42, the chanter's best charm spell is Glamour of Kintaz, with a level 45 level limit. So you want to find an area with a plentiful supply of mobs no higher than 45. You won't be limited to animals with the enchanter's charm spell, so your choices are fairly wide open.

I understand what you mean about it being hard to co-ordinate 2 PCs at the same time. The best advice I can offer you is to make useful hotkeys, combining commands where you can. Another useful tip, if you have the cash, is to get horses for both chars. Then you don't have to worry about having to sit for medding. Since you have a druid, you can buy the cheap horses, turn off new models, and use SoW for speed buffing.

A way to keep it easier might be to pull 2 mobs, ensnare them, and root them right next to each other. Then let the chanter tash/charm/etc, and then have the druid DS the pet (optional). Since you won't have any shortage of charmable mobs, kill the pet right after the other mob dies, then have the druid go get two more. Once you get good at it, you can have the druid help kill stuff, making sure not to KS the chanter. Also, make sure the chanter does some damage directly (level 4 nuke, whatever), so that the pet doesn't eat any of the XP.

As for good zones to choose right now, CS wyverns are all 38-42, but overcrowding and faction are issues there. The hole entrance mobs are all 38-45, and the ZEM for that zone is quite good, so that might be an option, although definitely a bit challenging =) Not sure what level the entrance mobs in Chardok are, that might be an interesting place to try. Some of the charm experts on an enchanter board could probably give you better suggestions.

Once the chanter hits 51, just group them, and get them to PoP, if possible, or at least someplace where you can get a steady diet of 51+ mobs, for the XP bonus (that is left as an exercise for the reader =).

Hope I've helped, and good luck!


02-17-2003, 11:36 PM
Tatanka that was a great push in the right direction.

I did some testing and what I ended up with is

Pet mob snared / charmed / buffed
Use druid to pull target snare / root / send in pet.

Heal as needed or just keep haste on while slowing target and add DS.

It only gets crazy when there are adds or if I let snare wear off of one of the targets or the pets.

I am working on hot keys to help, I already had many set up for ungrouuped assistance so I have littl headstart here.

I used a bloodthirsty wolve to kill the tribal gusy but I think I can move up to harder mobs for better exp.

I will keep you posted on my attempt at P'lvling!!


02-18-2003, 05:16 AM

Good work! I look forward to hearing more about your successes =)


02-18-2003, 06:46 AM
Ok Here is my second shot...

EW... Walrus area.

Druid(52) Snares a Ulthork Man'o'War (preferably white to the chanter)

Chanter Charms / Buffs puts on guard and moves away abit.

At this point I usually let him kill everything that I can see before I start pulling any mobs with my druid. I usually tash/slow and nuke(lvl 4 nuke) to get the most exp I can.

I also use the druid to pull and root. Usually pull with Flame lick and then root with 160 dmg root spell and then snare.

I got about 20% exp in about 1 hour give or take a few mins. I didn't have KEI and had to stop a couple of times due to mana outages. It seems that KEI on both toons will be needed for constant killing. I didn't even check the con on the walruses I know some were light blue but I killed them anyway. I am gonna stick here until I get the methods better honed down.

If anyone has any better ideas of zones or mobs speak up.

Spell list

Mez(lvl 4 for reapplying Charm)
Cajoling Whispers
Tepid Deeds
Buff / Swap(aug/clarity/runeIII/etc)

sy sylve
02-24-2003, 08:07 PM
I got a rogue up to 46 in a little over 2 days played time, and it could have been faster - I seriously believe the 2 days for 1-50 is possible. Getting to 35 is possible in under a day played, and even in mid 40's its possible to get a lvl in 2 hours or so.

My path:

1-8 Rivervale - yard trash
8-17 Unrest - yard trash
18-27 Marus Seru - go pull 10 things and with snare and let them beat themselves to death on druid while other char picks off. Paludal is also great xp here, but overcamped.
28-38 GD tizmaks/Dawnshroud stuff
39-46 Bloodgills/Kobolds in Sol B (I think kobolds are better)

That's a pretty easy route, and fairly easy to get all the camps without competition except Bloodgills and Paludal. Sometimes Sol B can have people in there, but not that busy anymore, really.

02-25-2003, 01:07 AM
At level 42, the chanter's best charm spell is Glamour of Kintaz, with a level 45 level limit. So you want to find an area with a plentiful supply of mobs no higher than 45. You won't be limited to animals with the enchanter's charm spell, so your choices are fairly wide open.

Lurker, rare poster, but had to correct this well-intentioned but way off the mark comment. =)

Actually, an enchanter doesn't get Glamour of Kintaz until level 54. It's a lower resist mez that affects mobs up to level 57.

At 42, the enchanter's highest mez is Entrance, which lasts for 72 seconds. This is their best mez until Dazzle, at 49. Both of these have a max mob lvl of 55.

At level 39, they get Cajoling Whispers as their charm spell. This affects mobs with a max lvl of 41. Their next charm is Allure, at 49, with a max mob lvl of 51.

Hope this helps.

02-25-2003, 07:51 AM
Yep, my mistake. I looked it up on CR, and for some reason, typed in the wrong spell.



02-26-2003, 09:46 AM
I forgive the mistake and used CW :)

Thanks again for all the good advice.

02-27-2003, 07:24 AM
"At level 39, they get Cajoling Whispers as their charm spell. This affects mobs with a max lvl of 41."

Another correction. Castersrealm lists the limit as 45. I cannot confirm this but the limit is at least 44 as i can charm red raptors with my lvl 41 chanter.

03-05-2003, 10:20 AM
>Best place to PL
>1. Unrest
>2. Unrest
>3. Unrest

I would rate Paludal Caverns above Unrest, for a few reasons:

1- extremely good experience through to level 24 or 25
2- no runners, except for bandits, mobs will die on the DS
3- mobs have low HP and do little damage
4- plenty of spots to camp and pull to safely
5- fast respawn times

I've PLed a few toons here with my lvl 40 druid. My best PL was 10 hours to get a cleric from 1-20. This included about 4 hours of actual fighting, the rest of the time was running around to buy his spells and practicing his skills to max them every 4 levels. The reason for this- you fizzle a lot less when you're only a few skill points down, so skill-ups overall come faster this way. I wasn't really in a race to get to 20 in XX hours, it just happened that I got 1-20 in one day. :)

Preparation: Give the toon two AC 6 HP 65 rings, and any other +HP gear that you want. The idea is to get them to 150-300 HP as a safe buffer. Regen and heals will take care of the rest, and there's no worry that a sudden 25 point smack will send skippy back to his bind point before you could react.

Put 3 or 4 training points into a weapon skill (1HB for the cleric). Just to make sure he can land that 1 point blow when needed.

The above points in detail:

1- You can actually start here at level THREE. Head to Shadeweaver's Thicket and zone into PC from there, and the mobs are around level 6 or 7. DS the cleric, have him nuke the mobs (muck diggers and stonegrabbers, crabs for short). Most of the time the nuke landed, otherwise he managed to do his 1 point of damage before the mob died. It took three kills to get to level 4. :) Work your way in, keep killing crabs and start killing shrooms.

The crabs and shrooms always /con indifferent, no worries about wandering aggro while sitting. Crabs are social, shrooms are not. No runners from these. Get to level 10 or so, then move in and find one of the fiend caves, there is one not far off with about 6 or 7 fiends. By the time you kill the last one, the first one should be respawning. This takes you to 16 or 17 (well, 22 or 23 if you want), then find out where the Shik'Nars are. They'll take you to 24.

Bandits tend to be heavily camped nowadays, but the spots I pointed out are usually left alone, and are great for PLing. Exp is ridiculously good, 3 to 5 percent exp per dark blue, more for even or better.

2- All of the mobs I mentioned will suicide on the DS, none will run. Bandits will, the last one anyway, but I stayed away from them because the overcamping and KSing makes those camps a waste of time.

3- Bandits do the most damage, especially if they get behind you. Fiends can be pretty tough, but not enough to get your toon in trouble once he is high enough to start tackling them. Only headache is the DoT they proc, but at 40 I had counteract poison, and regen negated the DoT's effect until I could cure them.

4- Since so many of the mobs do not aggro (Shik'Nar and Fiends are the exception) you can camp in a lot of spots, some of my pull spots were in between two or three shrooms. They aren't social, so you could attack them individually, then pull other mobs to their spot. Shik'Nar being social made it easy to pull two or three in order to kill faster.

5- Respawn timer on most mobs seems to be around 6 minutes or so. Usually when you camp a spot, by the time you kill the last mob in the area, the first one has respawned. The beauty of Paludal is not just the great exp modifier, it is that you can pull for hours without stopping at all.

From there, you can go to Echo Caverns, but the exp isn't quite the same. It is good, but respawn time on the needlites for example is around 15 minutes. Once you clear the room, you wait a good 10 minutes for it to reset. Bleh.

Netherbian Lair is not so good, mobs hit very hard and have lots of HP, so they're inefficient. Marus Seru is great exp but poor loot, unless you are a tailor. Hunt greyhoppers until you can't stand it, they drop hides at a good clip. You can get your tailoring to 95 or sell the hides in the bazaar for decent change. Stonegrabbers are also good exp but they have more HP and are a bit less efficient until you are 29 and the greyhoppers start to go light blue.

Tonus Windrider, 40 druid, Vazaelle Server

03-07-2003, 12:24 PM
With a lvl 63 "buddy" along, I simply start in Paludal and leave when I hit 24 a couple hours later ;)

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Magelo Profile (

03-08-2003, 01:46 PM
I always hated charming until I got Boltrans at 53, then of course CoD at 64 =D

Great info tho - making a necro twink, and working to PL him with a 65 Druid

65 Enchanter Morell Thule

03-10-2003, 09:40 PM
Well, PLed a Bard Recently, this is what i did:
1-10: cmon, this is easy stuff, you shouldnt have to PL them here....
11-15: Blackburrow, omg this was so easy for him, all he had to do was stand there....had to use the 10 dmg root spell tho...the 56 dmg one i have at 39 was too much lol...
16-22: Lake of Ill Omen, ever since Luclin Came out and all the greedy newbs discovered Paludal, no one is hardly ever here, i just had him pull like 5 mobs at a time, then i just rooted them as they came in, he just let them hit them once in a while, at 18 we moved to outside the Sarnak Fortress there... easy, i pulled just in case, very very easy exp...
23-27: Frontier Mountains, in front of the Giant Fort, Easy EXP, decent loot, Got "slow" after a while lol...
28-31: Overthere, easy stuff, but had to watch it a bit, he cant really tank as well as he used to...oh well, chloro helps out...
And thats as far as i have gone, after that, it gets kinda hard to PL him, gotta level a bit more....but oh well...

03-11-2003, 03:19 AM
At 31 go to the basement in Unrest. The mobs are all dark blue, but the xp is insane.
Go through the bookshelf, down the stairs, and down the tunnel, and have the person you're PLing wait JUST around the corner from the torture chamber area. you run in and grab a whole bunch of them, pull them back to him, and just have your bard start playing an AE DoT spell. This causes some serious aggro, and they fall like flies.
Mobs to be careful of :
Hags (those DD's are nasty)
Werebats (they like to keep attacking the druid .. bard will need to keep attacking any of these to maintain aggro)

I'm in the process of PLing my bard here (she's also currently level 31), and I've already PL'd my SK here, up to 37.

03-11-2003, 04:30 AM
I didn't read all the pages, but here is one method I have been using on my new Rogue (PLing with a 62 Druid). This has worked so far up to 29 and has allowed me to keep most of my Rogues skills close to maxed. Rogue pulls a MoB, Druid immediately snares it, drawing aggro. My rogue has a Macro that first turns off attack, then Evades, then Backstabs, then Pickpockets, then turns attack back on. You have to be close to the Druid for this to work. Rogue hits the macro, if he gets a successful Evade the Mob will turn on the Druid for just long enough to Backstab, then turn back on the Rogue. Using this method I have been able to keep Backstab, all Defensive, all Offensive and all 1H Weapon skills maxed out and level to 29 in about 20 hours of play time. Also, I used a 10/18 Dagger (can't remember the name), a Sarnak(?) Berserker Club (7/18 +STR/DEX Proc) and a Glowing Black Sword during the process to get my weapon skills up.

Biph Dawgy
03-11-2003, 06:20 AM
can anyone tell me if this will work, atm i have a 43 rog, pling it with a 65 druid, he is in OS, when he gets 46, can i park him in Planes of nightmare and charm kill, since they are light blue he should get most if not all xp right?....

03-11-2003, 09:35 AM
Biph, I hope someone with hard facts (back from the days that xp numbers were passed in packets) can answer your question for sure. In my experience though, your high level character will still take their normal share of xp and the 50% xp from the light blue penalty is just lost. If someone tells me differently though, I'll be very happy.

03-11-2003, 10:23 AM
Correct, the 50-75% XP penalty for light blue is lost. The lower level char doesn't get it.


03-13-2003, 05:11 AM
I found a spot to get any class from 10-19 or 20 in about 1 or 2 hours. Go to paladul caverns and cast lesser succor. It will take you to the hollowshade zone in. go the opposite way from that and keep running and when you hit a pond, go through it and keep going, there should be a pond with TONS of fungoids. Get the person your PLing to run and hit each mob and pull around 10 mobs. then just sit and let DS kill them. Or if you are PLing a class with a point blank AE, just pull around 10 or 20 with druid, then run to the spot and let person PB AE them and then train on the person and let DS kill them. i did 10-20 in 1 1/2 hours on my shammy.

Teres Shadowsbane
03-20-2003, 05:11 PM
Got my warrior to lvl 40 in close to 2 days played with me lvl 60 druid doing most of the PL. Heres some places i tried and liked.

1-10 field of bone newbie area close to book
10-15 fob pit area and kurns
15-20 paludial caverns
20-30 Unrest
30-33 Overthere (slow exp)
33-36 Nurga (very good if you are only ones in zone)
36-40 crystal caverns and city of mist

In cc the geos are nice exp with the very good loot and CoM was good exp but too many people in the zone make it suck. Now i got to find a good place to get war from 40-46. I plan on grouping him with my lvl 60 druid and husbands lvl 57 cleric/58 mage combo. But also need a nice duo spot for when my husband is at work lol.

03-24-2003, 10:43 AM
I wanted to thank everyone who posted their ideas on this thread, this was my main source of information for PL'ing my mage. I thought it was best if I threw in my 2 cents of what worked for me.

<strong>1-4 Shadeweaver's Thicket</strong>
Really, any newbie zone would do, this one is just closest to the next spot.
<strong>5-9 Paludual Carverns</strong>
There are grubbers along a path from Hollowshade to the rest of Paludual. Watching out for the glowing ones.
<strong>9-20 Paludual Caverns</strong>
At nine, I move to outcast shiknars. This keeps you near the hollowshade exit without having to run far to zone if need be. You are also close to the giant mushroom that drops some loot if you want to wack it.
<strong>20-29 High Keep</strong>
I killed guards for these levels. The guards get progressively tougher as you go up the floors. There are two dark elf casters here, but they loved my dark elf mage, so its all good.
<strong>29-34 Upper Guk</strong>
By this point, my spell skills were lacking so I choose a long spawn, the ancient crocodile. Between the fifteen minute spawns, I could spend a lot of time casting my lowest level spells. I got pants and arms while here too. I'd recommend hanging on to any extras you get, because then if someone starts to bug you for the camp because they want to camp the loot, you can just give them one and make their day.
<strong>34-44 Gunthak</strong>
The undead on the beach die pretty easily and they are never in short supply. My favorite part is that they don't run.
<strong>44-49 Emerald Jungle</strong>
I set up at the TT zone and pulled anything I could find. The erosoli(sp?) flower things were definately the hardest to kill and I avoided those as much as I could.
<strong>49-51 Jagged Pine</strong>
The level 49 earth pet had his way with the poachers in jagged pine and the experience just poured in, until they turned lblue.

04-04-2003, 08:15 PM
shameless bump! =)

Felen BB
04-10-2003, 07:18 AM
i'm a little confused by the answers to the pon question, would the 46 rogue get any exp, or even good exp in that situation in plane of nightmare?



04-10-2003, 08:14 AM
I dragged my chanter to pod and charmkilled with rats using my level 65 druid while the chanter idled off to the side. The targets were all lightblue with even a few greens, but the chanter seemed to get xp just fine. The xp penalty for killing lightblue/green was not applied before xp was distributed to the chanter. The xp wasn't super fast or anything but it got me through those levels at a resonable pace. I think i started this when the chanter was 47, but i wish i had started using the druid for the kills as soon as possible (43 or 44 i guess).

Trist McHairfoots
04-13-2003, 02:32 PM
yeah, the rogue would get good exp as I did this with my 55 rogue. I was using CoT to charm a bat then killing the gargoyles or any wanderers around the area, he generally got about 1/4 blue per kill and fast kills.

04-22-2003, 09:22 AM
OK DS changes suck. Now DS gives points towards exp, but almost NO agro (not sure if any is given, but heals pull mobs off twink).

So here is what I am doing. PL near zone in/egress point. SoA, SolB work great. Pull as many mobs as can be handled, porkypine them on yourself till they get low on health. Then Egress so they agro on twink. Have hp regen and DS buffs on twink - twink finishes them for exp.

Only slightly slower than before, and a bit more risky for the twink.

Also: Low levels are a bit easier now. Take your lvl 1 toon to Field of Bone, DS, HP and regen them. Put them AF on you, then disband group (they will still be AF on you). Now run all over, mobs will agro on the twink and die to DS. Much less effort for 2-boxers.

65th Storm Warden

04-23-2003, 03:27 AM
I have PLed a bunch of characters. Fastest was a Human Monk from level 1 to level 29 in 14 hours played time. All done in the same spots.
1.) Start in a newbie zone to level 3 or 4.
2.) Go to the Beholders Maze till about level 16.
3.) Next is the Diving Board in Lake Rathe till 24
4.) Zone into Rathe Mtns and pull skellies, then clopses, then giants till 40 or so, After that it get slower.
5.) Now on to DL at the FM zone. This is good to about level 50.
Have PLed Monks, Druids, Chanters, Wizzies, Warriors, Bards, Shaman, Beast Lords, Clerics, and even a Mage this way.

04-24-2003, 03:48 AM
I powerleveled so many chars...

1-3 newbie area
3-10 crushbone
10-18 solA
18-30 Paw
30-55 guk bottom dead side

that is all and guk own exp, after 55 head POJ and kill rats, they are easy and good exp till 59

else get a friend group and get flag to POV and head there to leech exp, in 4 or 5 hours of chinkilling u should ding 60

Spakko Tutto warrior 59
Baron Lawmaker Druid 61

The seventh hammer

04-25-2003, 11:33 AM
lvl 34 cleric in 16 hours played:

1 to 12ish: FoB pit, moving to Kurns tower court yard
12 to 14: Kurns tower (waste of time go to Unrest)
14 to 18: Unrest
18 to 29: Sol A - pull mass trains to zone, use DS.
29 to 34: Sol B - pull 3 kobolds at a time to zone area, DS/heal


05-09-2003, 12:53 PM

05-15-2003, 08:24 AM
disagree on last post about DS:

get druid 60 or more, DS him, regen, go solA at lvl 4, train like 10 mobs (at lvl4) with druid and let them arrive near death with DS, while they are dieing hit them for like 1 hp with your char suck mace or spell and u get kill.... oh those are mobs lvl 12-15 so .... think on exp, u can do lvl 25 fast as 2 hours

as soon as u do lvl 8 or 9 just pull more mobs and u are done

This works also in Paw with 3,4 mobs when u ding 24 u still get ubah exp there and chain pull... ding 30 then start doing exp in solB or guk... also because your skills will be 0


05-19-2003, 08:02 AM
Disagree with above post. Below level 10, you can hardly hit a mob 2-3 levels above you, not to mention 5-10 levels. When snared and near death, these mob will stay there for you to hit, but that's still a lot of hits you need to connect before killing one. I'd say stick to the newbie area below lvl 10.