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10-24-2002, 07:00 AM
So where are they? I keep hearing about people soloing in the Plane of Disease but I'll be damned if I see how. I pulled a mob there last night and about 20 seconds later got an add out of nowhere(there was nothing around for miles, I checked). Then as I pulled the first mob away from the add I got another add and was promptly killed. I was along the zone wall when this happened. I don't know if it's that new aggro BS or what but how are can you solo here with those kinds of mysterious adds?

10-24-2002, 07:36 AM
I duoed with my boyfriend (60 shaman) in PoD last night. I was able to charm the diseased rats that wander along the beach not far from the zone in with CoK. They make really nice pets. I would think its possible to solo with them charm kiting. Mostly we played it safe along the beach area and got singles with the occasional add. Stuff all rooted and snared pretty easily. The main problem was trains of people who pulled like 20 flies and then headed for the zone.

All in all it was quite fun, but I had a bad night. First I accidentally dinged 61 by mistaking the amount of exp I was putting into AA. Then I rooted myself and died (whew lost 61! ). Then later, I snared myself and died. I haven't done those things in quite a few levels and twice in the same evening!! Sad, embarassing really.

Anyhow, rats wander up that beach area eery few minutes (kinda slow), and the lower level tsesian flies seem to be easy to pull single.

10-28-2002, 08:55 AM
Why were you happy to lose 61?

Lyliani Spiritwind
04-29-2003, 12:46 AM
2 places i like to solo are POD and PON.

POD you can charm kite rats. most of the diseased rats are of level for you to charm with COK. I like to snare and glamour of tunare them first before i charm them. here what i do

glamour of tunare
have pet guard a bit away from where you will be sitting.
Go out and find something to kill
bring it back for pet to kill, dot the mob, root the mob

rooting the mob is important. If your charm breaks, you can now recharm your pet without worrying having 2 mobs on you, and since your pet is snared, you can run a safe distance away before recharming.

when the mob gets down to about 1 bubble, break mez (hide or cast invis). Since one mob has already been rooted, root your previously charmed one, and dot that one as well and watch them rot to death. I break charm like that instead of having pet kill it so i can get full exp from 2 mobs at once.

Rinse and repeat. i make about 1 tick per kill in 59 this way in POD ( and everyone tells me 59 is hell! its not so bad! )

you can do the same in PON with Ravens. it is much easier in POD though. less trains. :)

i usually charm a rat and pull tse tse flies or goos, or other rats. stay away from those malarian things, they dispell, summon, and casts nasty dots.

If you are of level to DC, id say DC a rat and bring it to RCY, or LCY, and have a ball :) might be a lil tough though :)

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04-29-2003, 04:50 AM
Flies in PoD summon, if the charm of your rat breaks when you are fightning a fly, you can get summoned and be in a trouble.

There are enough rats in PoD to charm one of them, kill a couple more with this charmed pet, break charm, kill the ex-pet and repeat the proccess without spending mana (you can regen the spent mana while pet kills)

The same can be done in PoN, ravens are very good pets and can kill spiders/treants easilly. The problem with ravens is that they are not too much ravens and some of them are not charmable with CoK, in addition PoN in usually more crowded than PoD.

One good spot is the ravenous nightstalkers camp, it's a camp with 10 mobs that can be single pulled with the help of Harmony of Nature, just pull and charm one, kill another with this one, break charm and kill your dying ex-pet, repeat till you have to log out :) . Main problen with this camp is that is taken all the time :(

The use of DC doesn't worth, too few DC-charmable mobs on PoD/PoN, and they are too los lvl compared with the rest of the mobs, you'll waste your mana trying to heal a DCharmed pet if you try to use him to kill a non-DCharmable mob.


04-29-2003, 05:21 AM
Flies in PoD do NOT summon. Only the lvl 59 and lvl 60 malarians summon, which are easily avoidable. Do some reading in the archive section of this board for more info on charm soloing in PoD.

check this post for example: ( )