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09-24-2002, 04:56 PM
I have read every post I could find about hunting the Disturbed Elysians and find myself feeling a little inadequate to do this. I am a 54 Druid affiliated with a very casual guild whose idea of a raid consist of maybe going to CoM or the Hole (once at each). We really never go far due to lack of higher levels in the guild. We have maybe 8 or 9 50+ players with one 60 SK. I am ok with this but find myself yearning for better equipment.

I currently have a wisdom of 214 and also have ES Vambraces for the mana free DoT. I have seen alot of equipment that the Druids on this board have and I know I will never attain those items until our guild gets bigger or we form some alliances. I feel the best armor I will be able to get for a long long while is the Elysian.

I have seen a post on The Nameless server that I play on regarding selling the looting rights for this armor. Just to get the Tunic and Leggings would cost me 7k, which would pretty much wipe out my bank. I would prefer to get the armor the old fashioned way, hunt for it myself.

This morning I decided to try and get to UP and scout around some. Once I found my way to the ME zone from DSP, I soon rediscovered what got me hooked on EQ again. As I looked out of the tunnel out across ME, I hit track and saw nothing but red, yellow, white and the occasional blue con. My heart started beating faster as I made the decision to go for it. I invised up with Improved Superior Cameo and bolted out of the tunnel straight across the zone and a little to the right as fast as my furry little feet would go. I was conning everything I saw to hoping to get the Indifferent message knowing that at anytime some big bad mob could have me for a snack. I have never had such an adrenaline rush from playing a game before. It was amazing!! I was completely hooked on EQ again.

I reached what I thought was the tunnel to UP and saw alot of robed mobs wandering around and one on each side of the tunnel and a 4 armed mob standing in front of it. I conned everything and to my dismay one of the mobs standing on the side of the tunnel could see through invis. I was standing there thinking if this isn't the tunnel to UP and I aggro the mob I would be a dead druid and possibly be in for a tough corpse run. I also knew I just couldn't stand where I was thinking about it because at any moment one of the many wanderers going by me might see through invis. I decided to run into the tunnel on the side away from the mob that could see me and as I thought would happen it still aggroed me. Well needless to say I just kept running keeping my fingers crossed that this was the zone. Whew, what a genuine relief it was when I started zoning.

I zoned in and then saw some people with the lfg tag on and a group fighting in the big area right before going out into the zone. This brings me to my first question. I asked a 59 Shammy where it would be safe to bind and he told me the ME side of the zoneline so I zoned back in. Once there I decided to ask a 60 Druid where she thought it was safe to bind and she said on the UP side of the zone. After getting aggro from the robed mob I decided to go with the Druids advice and bound myself on the UP side right at the zoneline against the wall. Is that really a safe place to bind?

I then refreshed SoE and all my buffs then invised again and ventured into the zone. I took an immediate right out of the tunnel and went up as high on the wall as I could. I soon passed some type of structure that I assumed was VT and kept going way up high on this wall. I really couldn't see much below me so I brought up track and saw lots of stuff that would make a snack out of me but I also saw alot of blue conning Elysians. I slowly inched my way down until I could make out a tree that stood in a depression of some sort. The tree also had what looked liked a wooden platform around it that was in badly need of repair. I saw many things wandering there and did not go any closer. I could see Elysians wandering around there but I also saw a Fallen Soldier and a Shak Dathor(sp) and not knowing what could see through invis I stayed up high.

Where is this safe valley that I can pull to? Did I not go far enough? What should I avoid and what can see through invis besides the Elysians? Is my level too low to do the blue cons as I know Luclin mobs are underconned?

I am really excited at the idea of hunting these things and want to be as informed as I can. All help will be greatly appreciated.

Bolodo Bunderfoot
54 wandering Druid
The Nameless

Blackin DeMaster
09-25-2002, 02:57 AM
SoE and Camo up and head on out the tunnel in UP and head right. It'll be a good little run, but nothing should see invis.

You'll come across a stone staircase surrounded by golem-type critters on the right against the wall. Just past this, you'll find the valey.

The valley makes a "Kink" and veres off to the left ever so slightly. My personal favorite spot is BEFORE that "kink" due to some wanderers that get pretty close on the other end of the other side.

Now.... looking into this valley you just entered, hit TRACK and you should show quite a few Ely's on track directly to your left. Climb up over the hill and look down and there will be a couple of old, run-down structures, with basically only the flooring and some roofing braces left.

On the first flooring, closest to the zone, there are 5 Elysians that are all curled up on the floor and a pain in the butt to target. Watch for roamers.

If you can watch for roamers and get close enough to start harmonying, then it becomes a simple task of single pulling. Just harmony all but one, and grab one to pull back to your valley. I like to open up with Ensnare.

Once back in your valley, turn back around and begin...

Sit and med...
Refresh DOT
Refresh DOT
Maybe Blast another time or two

You get the idea..

Good luck in your search for some really nice, yet fairly easily obtainable armor. Very doable at level 54. I did it at 51. :)

09-25-2002, 11:10 AM
My suggestion with the DOT stacking would be to go there and group up with some other druids. Learn the ropes, and learn what is safe and what isn't before you try to go after these guys solo.

Random drops between all those that need.

Just remember that you'll be killing them A LOT faster with multiple druids, so when you do try them solo, it will take a lot longer and unless you have good mana regen a lot more mana.

It's a shame you're an assling, because Tunare followers get a really nice right-click root item that saves me the mana of having to re-root them, as root can sometimes be hard to stick on them.

Umbral Planes can become very nasty very fast. Keep gate/egress loaded at all times.

Watch out for the corrupted elysian. He casts level 57 druid spells (including root) and summons. Hits like a truck, and it took me 7 tries to get him solo, and that was after a lot of reading up on the subject and getting the best hitpoint buffs in the game before going.

09-26-2002, 03:21 AM
I was 53 when I started and now hove a full set Harmony works great, Bound in zone had to gate a few times on bad pulls. took time but you can get a full set also, Plus I hgave a ton of stuff away. Snare, Root, DOT & repeat until dead.
20k hit points so takes awhile. but have KEI and ES vambraces and time and you will have a full set.
54 Druid

09-26-2002, 07:57 AM
At 52, I'm a bit to low to solo them. But I have a Tunare Necklace, ES Vambs and some free time.

So, I went over to the SE corner (at the PINK tree), and asked any soloing higher level druid I saw if they minded me stacking dots on their pulls, none minded at all. After HELPING (as in not standing there at zone in shout /OOC PLEASE GIVE ME FREE STUFF!") them for a while, they started sending me tells on any drops they got that they already had.

I now have, boots, gaunts, arms, legs and TUNIC that would have rotted or went up to OOC. They got a 2nd person who could root and dot on their pulls that made for more pulls. Plus I was healing and regening folks. I worked my butt off, got no exp for a few hours, but I made them happy, they made me happy.

On guy even got trained with an add, I got trained also, but I Egressed, sent the guy I saw who got trained a tell, and ran back to help his OOM self finish up.

I would not recommend doing this much lower, as you'll have too many resists to be of help. But at 52, almost every Drifting Death/Drones of Doom landed.

09-26-2002, 12:12 PM
It's easy enough to do - I am 52 and have a full set. I probably killed over 100 elysians and maybe 5 or 6 of them were not solo. It just takes a lot of time. Best thing to do is bind right up on the wall above the valley where you fight them. Have Egress loaded up for emergencies - this will put you back at the zone entrance - you need to be aware if there are groups fighting mobs there, but you should be ok because any mob there will most likely be more pissed at the group than you. You can gate back to nexus for supplies and C3, then gate right back to your hunting spot.

It also eliminates any danger at the ME/UP tunnel - I had that 4 armed thing aggro on me once (normally it doesnt see invis) and it killed me in about 3 seconds right near where it stands. Was a bitch getting my body back.

Anyway, if you are patient, you can solo these at 52. It just takes a little bit of practice. Always be aware of when ensnare will drop - I nearly died a few times not keeping an eye on it. Fights will last anything from 10 mins to 1 hour if you are soloing. Every now and then you will get an Elysian that is very resistant, and have a bad run wasting a heap of mana. Just stay cool, keep it rooted (level 5 root) and slowly get your mana back. I wouldnt do it now without C3 though, takes too damn long.

09-27-2002, 10:44 AM
Great post. I felt the same way the first time I ran into UP too. But the basics have pretty much been posted here I guess. But for a recap.

1) Safe valley runs from the East side of VT entrance to SE corner up to where the Shak Dathor hang out. Look for the big tree that blocks your path if you are hugging the wall. Pull back to this area into the flat area. (I believe it's like N1700, N1600ish area.)

2) Always have Egress loaded.
2a) Always have KEI and use Form of the Howler for extra mana regen at 54.

3) Since you're not Tunare aligned you should be using your level 5 root.

4) Time your Ensnares so you know when it drops. Nothing worse than having the Elysian flying at you when it's enraged.

5) oh yeah, they will enrage at 10%. Make sure you're not anywhere near them when this happens. watch lag meter.

6) Find help if you can. even with 2 druids, the time to kill one Elysian is significantly lowered from about 15-20 mins to 5 mins.

7) DoT the piss out of them. Use RFS if you have it, it helps with BoR should you decide to use that occassionally.

8) Keep your eyes open for adds. use your wide angle views if sitting. Dark Assassins backstab for an insane amount on us poor druids.

9) Be nice and ooc or tell other druids when something drops that you already have.

09-29-2002, 07:31 AM
to get there just invis SoE/sow follow the zone wall right till u pass a temple with elemental looking things (VT zone) then youll come to a small canyon which is prety much safe area considering the only mobs that go in there are being pulled there,.. so its as safe as the folks around u..

all i ever do is epic , thrug bracer , root , snare and thats it... if the fight starts getting to long and i have enough mana ill throw WD in there.. but i dont bpother with KEI so i have to be up 1 to 2 bubs of mana over there life befor i do this.

09-29-2002, 03:53 PM
I was camping the Otters in CS when a druid (Parchu- hope I spelled it right) sent me tell saying he read my post. He then offered to show me the safe valley. I gated to the ME/UP zone and met druid there. I was then shown how to get to the safe valley and the druid even pulled 2 Elysians which I helped kill. I want to thank Parchu for going out of his way to show me the valley. He also left me with some words of wisdom "expect to die" which I then told him my dying skill is already

I then scouted around a little but left soon after druid did because no one else was there and I wanted to watch someone pull before attempting these on my own. I went back the next morning and saw a druid pulling Elysians. I asked if he was there for the armor and he said no. I then offered to help kill with my Dots and he could have the exp and loot except for armor drops. He said that was fair and accepted my offer. I watched him pull and then helped kill about 5 or 6 Elysians. The crown and a bracer dropped for me. I then fell asleep at the keyboard and woke up and camped (worked 14 hours the night before was tired but excited about hunting

I went back this morning and killed 6 more with one death. The death was due to bad first pull. I then settled in and pulled 6 more and killed them all with no armor drops. The hardest thing about hunting these things is the actual pull itself. I really had to be patient and pick my times to pull. I probably am being over cautious being only level 54 but I was able to pull and kill 5 yellow cons and 1 white con.

I loved it and will keep on going there to hunt for my full set of armor and I have the druids in my guild all excited about coming to UP to get their set of armor.

Thanks to everyone for the help and advice. This is one happy druid.

54 Wandering Druid

10-04-2002, 03:15 AM
As far as the binding issue is concerned I would play it safe and stay bound in the nexus as there is a very high tendency for trains on both sides of the zoneline.

It's just not worth the risk to save yourself 5 minutes of travel time especially now that you can port to DSP.

greggo rumbletum
10-04-2002, 03:44 AM
I have been bound in the valley for quite a while (got tunic last night so will be changing that). Never had any problems. Actually helps people a lot because whenever I die (31 times this level and counting :)) I could always dump my mana on them before I got a rez.

10-05-2002, 12:08 AM
If you get a fallen soldier on you, egress immediately because he summons and hits hard. Also, if you lose an elysian, or even think you did, or if you see someone else have several on them and they gate, you egress or you will soon have a camp load of elysians on you.

Take another class with you, necro is an excellent choice and you both will get great exp. Let the necro loot everything but the Elysian so you both make out and the killing will go sooo much faster plus someone else there to help root.

12-16-2002, 11:03 AM
what level do you have to be to pull singles with no harmony? can you even?

12-16-2002, 04:58 PM
Sure, just pull the wanderers. I killed 150 or so without ever using harmony.


12-16-2002, 07:03 PM
The houses themselves aren't single pullable at 60 or 61 w/o harmony.

Gnarf Deathraiser
12-17-2002, 02:39 AM
I am a level 48 Druid and 45 Necro. I inherited the druid from a very good friend aftr he has some problems that made him have to quit EQ. When I got the druid, he was naked and had been for over 15 days, so I was "gifted" by a GM with the starter kit. I spent about 1500 on gear in the bazaar (es vams and gaunts for snare and DoT), and then headed my twosome over to UP. EVERYTHING was red, but I was still able to pull singles with the druid, and take them down. (yea for me exp and loot wize). I now have a bracer, legs and boots. Would love the Tunic as the Formans Tunic I have on looks like junk.

At 48 I have to be VERY careful when I pull, but it is doable. I often have the zone to myself, especially on off hours. The fight normally takes between 10 to 25 min (went OOM on that one and had to like it past the necro several times before his root would take.

At 48 I have only had ONE resist.....ever with the druid. The necro gets resisted about 40% of the time. Used the undead DoTs and the Vampiric Embrace with him. VE was almost never resisted. and the undead dots less than half were resisted.

When I pulled, I would invis up and head up the valley. NEVER go over the top. every time I have done that, I ended up evacing due to some adds. When I head out the end of the Valley and pull that way, I can pull easier. The pathing sucks, but you just have to accept that you WILL be hit once or twice to get him over to the elbow in the valley.

Hope some of this helps.

Gnarf / Duggon

Kuolon No Surname
12-17-2002, 04:33 PM
First off I'd like to say Grats to Alu on her epic. (I just couldn't resist spamming the fishing bait. I was jealous :( )

As for the Elysians, if you don't see any wanderers roaming around, DO NOT pull. You will die and you will have caused yourself alot more trouble than what was intended. Trust me, you can wait that extra 5 mins to let them respawn or whatever.

When rooting in the valley make sure you are very close to the corner. The Shak'Dor (sp?) will aggro you and summon you like no one's business. (a lil' trick on these is to not have Thorncoat up. They won't summon if you don't do damage to them) They will come over the crest of the hill and hang out there for a bit. They always seem to hide behind the trees where I can't see them.

Lastly, I really have to give it to you Gnarf for duoing these with a level 48 and 45. I would not think it would be possible. As far as levels go on this, I'd recommend level 51 at a minimum. That's when I'm started and I'm glad I waited the extra level. The resists on root reallly makes a difference. I'm currently level 51 and I've soloed these about 20% of the time there and I almost have a full set (magelo server is down, can't update the gaunts).

Hope this lil' bit of info helped so of you out.

01-03-2003, 10:23 AM
I find the resist rate on the level 5 root very high and the duration too short. I always go for the highest root.

01-03-2003, 12:11 PM
I stayed in UP for probably 2 weeks hunting. I got a full set of armor pretty quickly and then stayed a bit longer to help friends and pick up spells. Back then SoE was worth a decent amount of plat. I got the tunic on my 2nd kill in the zone :) /gu look what i just looted!

then I had about 3 other guild druids out there with me. Coming in from ME stay on the right wall untill you get to the southeast corner of the zone. With SoE you can run on top of the entrance to Vex Thal. I bound myself high up on the hill in the southeast corner. Completely safe unless you are there during a bad pull where everyone died. I never had a problem with it. Have egress up at all times. I then ran north along the east wall until I came out of the valley and just ran up to an elysian until it saw me. Ran back to the wall. If it was single it was fight time, and I would head south into the valley. If it was a bad pull I would run north along the wall avoiding all the other druids in the valley to the south. Put some distance between u and the mob and egress. Then gate back to your bind point at the southeast corner. I never in my time in UP pulled from the houses. Every person I saw go near those had 2 or 3 on him coming back. I always just walked up to a wandering elysian until it saw me.

once its in the valley snare, root (lvl 5 or lvl 56 if u have that), WD, ES Vambs/Epic if you have them. BoR towards the end if you have mana.

Branch of Thunder
01-21-2003, 09:29 AM
The ratio of armor drops had been 1 in 5 approximately, but it has seemed to have gotten worse. In any event, the elysians are still pretty good xps and you don't have to do very much in order to kill them [except expend time].

You can pull from the houses using harm.o.nat, but it can be quite dangerous. It's better heading north along the wall passed the end of the valley and passed the little hill just beyond the plain which goes to the huts. There seems to be a good number of elysians who spawn in this northern spot. Just keep any mob pulled up on the wall so as not to get Neth, DA, FS, corrupted adds.

Wrek Daywalker
01-22-2003, 05:18 AM
People actually charge for the loot rights to this? On Rodcet, if a piece is going to rot, it goes to whoever wants it that happens to be in the zone. I outfitted several druids in my tenure in UP. You know you can just make someone's day when you send em a tell that some legs or a tunic is rotting and they come loot it.

01-28-2003, 03:21 PM
Just a few points for aspiring Elysian hunters -

You cannot, CANNOT pass this up if you are a druid with non-planar quality gear, or the Velious quest set. I am a druid that has spent most of his time as an "alt" in major guilds, in smaller guilds of friends, or solo (over 50% of time solo). Prior to elysian hunting, I had old world equipment (I'm talking mammoth cloak, MRT, fruity boots). I was the veritable Old World Poster Child.

Anyhow, from my experience this camp is a gift to druids, for getting snuffed on armor over the last 4 years.. To have a camp that is soloable with such GOOD armor (compared to other attainable armor for the level, w/out Planes and those that don't have the guild for ToV drops) is just awesome.

As for the camp itself, it's cake to get to, and most of the time it's other druids waiting and killing for their own gear. On my server, everyone has been pleasant and helpful. With the new dot changes, having a full group of druids creates an excellent party hangout. It's relatively safe and I have NEVER pulled more than one elysian. Any druid that has spent any time pulling should have NO problem.

Soloing: You must be adamant with your buffs. SLN and regrowth are crucial if you're solo and pulling. Don't underestimate. If you get stunned, you could be looking at 3 rounds of double 199's before you can get out of range. I like SoE because of the terrain, but many prefer wolf form (level 54) for a small mana regen boost.

As for drops.. I still think arms and tunic are the rarest, but I did see 3 tunics drop within one hour! It's all the same as any other armor camp.. Totally random. However, I still hold true to my belief that higher mobs drop stuff more (the reds at 54 for instance).

A few quick notes: 21k+ HP, somewhat normal resists (can land BoR if you have the mana, lands 75% of the time), no summoning, and double hit for 199 or so. Snarable, rootable, slowable. No tanks.. not worth the effort.

Good luck!