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07-03-2002, 08:54 PM
Hello Folks -

We are in the process of revamping the way that your ol' Druids Grove forum looks in order to make it look a little more like the Druids Grove website (

Before we just dump the whole thing in your laps, we want to get a little feedback first. So, we present this poll for your entertainment (Sobe told me I had to do it).

Feel free to log on to the board and make a few test posts - there's already a forum set up for you to try out: Testing Forum Free for All.
Try to ignore the banner ads :(

Just a quick FAQ:
Will the Druids Grove be moving to the new URL?
No, the Druids Grove will not be moving at all. The test board was simply set up so we could make changes without you guys seeing the 1001 horrid color combinations we cycled through. Once we get a consensus about what needs to be changed, what's liked, what's "ok," the changes will be made on the Druid's Grove "live" forum.

What if we like the grove just the way it is?
There's an option to vote for that! However, we'd like you to consider at least a few of the changes presented. Change is good! ;)

What if I what I like/dislike is specific and can't be addressed by the answers supplied in the poll?
We have a topic ( opic) for that set up in the General forum. Feel free to post any constructive criticism there!

What if my question wasn't answered by your lame FAQ?
Post in the same thread! ( opic) I'm sure I'll read it at some point!

Enough chatter – here’s the LINK (