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Sobe Silvertree
07-23-2001, 09:06 AM
I like to hear from the community on the possibility of putting up our own

1. The Druid's Grove will be geared towards the community, not a spoiler site!

2. The site would allow easier access for new druids by using the link

3. A section for current news, important issues that concern the druid community, a place where you the community member can send in news - staff member approval and allowing our local news hounds full access.

4. Possible place to store character information. Example: <a href=>/who all Sobe</a>

5. This Forum base on EZboards will remain intact and will just be a front end.

6. I will be having some contest for the Theme of, keep them private and submit all themes to my email, these will be reviewed by the staff, and then Voted for by the community as a whole.

All Themes need to be submitted to me: <a>Sobe Silvertree</a>

Details on support will be posted soon, but I have 3 offers from various ISP owners that appreciate the druid community.

Your Opinion?