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06-13-2003, 01:08 AM
Would Having a type of rune spell help any?? I was thinking about new spells would be cool and I came up with a new type spell kinda like rune. Lets call it a Rune over Time. A regenerating rune spell.... Maybe somone has thought of it already. You cast the Rune spell lasts maybe and hour or so can have a group version also. You cast it and the Rune spell Regenerates itself say at the speed of Regen/chloroplast/regrowth/and replinishment, being the different lvs of this spell. Lets say you cast it and it puts a buff icon up on the character of course, and it begins generating itself up lets say to a max of 200 for first one 400/800/1200 in order of power. This would help with needing spot heals and what not.

How does it work? When the rune shield is cast on someone is starts to generate up starting from 0 to its max depending on the what lv the spell you cast. When a person gets hit the points it generated up are used up you start taking damage. While its in effect the tank is somewhat migitating damage by 17 hp a tick, I know it doesn't sound like allot maybe they can make it more potent.

This spell would cut down on the supply for healing of group members. Damage dealers for their reposite damage or puller with pulling damage by time its time to pull again should have generated up a few points depending on powerful the spell you have on you. You stack the 1200 version of this rune regen spell and replinishment would be a sweet effect combining a 17 hp a tick regen with 17 a tick regen rune shield would end up pretty nice spell for a lv 65 to have I would think. I dunno if this will actually gives you guys what you need but its a spell that I thought would be cool. Tell me what you guys think.

Sorry for the garble my writing skills are not the best.

Murdoc Tangleweed 60 Ranger of Tunare (

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06-13-2003, 05:10 AM
Neat idea, but that would be stackable with other buffs, and we know how they don't like druid buffs stacking. Plus, they'd need to upgrade other class buffs to keep them in line, I'd think.