View Full Forums : Time for decision making in the 'new' EverQuest?

11-21-2003, 12:06 PM
Seems to me that SOE is opening new doors with the proposed melee changes. It has me a little excited, as a caster, to see that the EverQuest 'status quo' changes every so often.

Will this be a new era of decision making for players in EverQuest?

Sometimes I look around and I see players of most classes as clones of each other, given they have the same spells and AA's. Although, yes, there are massive differences in skill behind the player. The two classes I can think of that have a 'branch' choice to make are Druids for Alt/Evoc, and Mages for Evoc/Conjure.

What kind of gameplay do you dream of, where you have to make real choices in combat? I mean something entirely new, that would add to the excitement.

I know some Druids would love to be able flip their spec at times, but I'm thinking beyond that.

I'm dreaming here...

Along the current 'mob opening' context, you could have two Wizard's crit a fire based spell within 2 seconds of each other, creating a 'Fire based opening' for 10 seconds. So, Wizards, Mages, Druids open up with Fire spells taking advantage, the bonus being an extra 50% chance to crit their own.

Or along different lines, having specialty trees within a class. Not permanent ones mind you, but something like 5 - 10 minute duration specialties, possibly (but not necessarily) draining some type of stat bar. Druids could go super Evoc or Alt (ie: more dmg or heal, or faster cast, or something), possibly at the direct expense of the opposite spec.

Anyway, I wouldn't expect to see anything in the caster camp before an expansion (if at all).

So my question again is, what would make EverQuest more exciting to play for you?


11-21-2003, 01:02 PM
Remember Star Trek: TNG's holodecks?