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10-13-2002, 08:23 PM
Ok.. So I was thinking.. Balance would be an impossible task for a druid. Why? because the more you give a druid, the more you take from other classes. The more you balance other priest classes, the more they become druids. We are the balance of every class.

Clerics for the longest time want better nukes, snare, invisability, and better dots. Mix that with there current line of magic.. and what do you have? One hell of a Druid if you ask me.

Shamans want snare, better nukes and better heal spells. Along with there already nice lines of buffs and dots.. it sounds more like a Druid with Slow and Haste doesnt it?

Now they will of course have there own lines of spells, but the fact remains the more balance preists get, the closer we become to one another.

The example I give now is. The latest cleric spell that gives anyone +10% spell haste. Where the hell did this come from? Right field if you ask me. I dont mind the spell, but it seems Varent has ran out of spells to give clerics and threw a curve ball into the mix. That sounds more like an enchanter spell to me.

Anyway, the more you look at it, the more you will see my point. The druid is the middle road of all classes, because we do it all. Dont you think true balance is a druid? The exact middle of the road class? So the more you give the druid, the more you take from another class.

10-13-2002, 09:27 PM
i disagree, same could be said trying to balance melee classes damage output and ability to tank. if a monk can tank well, and a warrior can do substancial damage, are they really any more similar before rather than just having more doors opened as a class. balance != middle of the road. as priest classes, we should all be focused on keeping people alive AND utility. we're gonna overlap a bit, just like melees overlap in ability to tank and deal damage. i think if verant were to define our NON healing abilities a little better, and by "our" i mean all priests, we'd still be able to share some things (heals, buffs, invis which clerics SHOULD have) while still keeping the corners sharp on the relative "triangle" of priest balance. infact right now they're getting pretty close. clerics need a way to contribute a little more dps and solo better, and druid "defining" abilities lack in their usefulness (fr/cr debuffs, inferior ds to mages, etc... not really anything that makes us stand out like slow/cann do for a shaman or superior buffs/heals/rez do for a cleric). i think clerics having a 10% haste buff is a great idea personally. gives them a way to add a little more dps to a group if no real haste class is present, without upping their desire on raids. it lets druids and clerics stack better in groups without raising the value of cleric/shaman combo. and its far from hurting a chanter's desirability. to conclude, in order to balance we ARE gonna have to overlap in some areas as priest brothers and sisters. but as long as we keep class defining traits, we'll never all be the same. we're in quite the same boat that tanks are in.

Tuved Stormrunner
10-14-2002, 07:50 AM
Who says we're not balanced? Druids are fine now.

Talyena Trueheart
10-14-2002, 07:59 AM
I can think of a lot of things I would like to see fixed with the class now, but nothing that would have a major effect on balance. I think we are in very good shape overall and just need some minor tweaks here and there.