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07-17-2006, 10:42 AM
By specific request, here is the Silithus walkthrough. I did not do all the formatting like I'd done the first go around.

The Silithid and their Qiraj masters stir in the ancient land of Silithus. And above them, C'Thun, an Old God, gathers his power. Lured by promises of power, the Twilight's Hammer Cult has arrived in Silithus, bent on freeing the Abyssal Council from their prisons and aiding their dark masters in destroying Azeroth. Only the Cenarion Circle and the mortal races stand against them.

A Brief Overview
Silithus got a major overhaul in patch 1.8. In particular was the addition of the Cenarion Circle and the Abyssal Quest series. This series pits players against Earth, Fire, Air, and Water elementals that are in service of the Abyssal Council (the Old Gods and their Elemental Lieutents). There are three "families" of elementals - Templars, Dukes, and Royals. Each requires different materials to summon and different levels of faction. Of course, as you climb the tree, the elementals become more and more powerful.

The Twilight Cultist Set
This set is composed of three pieces - the Twilight Cultist's Mantle, Robe, and Cowl. These three pieces lay the foundation to summon forth the elementals. Each piece is a random drop that can drop off any Twilight's Hammer member from any of their four encampments in Silithus. Once an entire set has been collected, a player can then summon an elemental assuming they have all necessary reagents by simply wearing the set. Summoning an elemental consumes and destroys the set, meaning that each set is only good for one summoning.

The Wind Stones
At the three main twilight encampments are Wind Stones. Each encampment has two Lesser Wind Stones, one Wind Stone, and one Greater Windstone. Templars are summoned from Lesser Wind Stones. Dukes are summoned from Wind Stones, and finally, the royals are summoned from Greater Wind Stones.

Elemental Templars are the first elements that players can summon. Starting at neutral, players will recieve a repeatable quest to gather Abyssal Crests, an item that has a 100% drop rate off of Templars. Templars are the easiest to summon. A player only needs a Twilight's Cultist Set to summon a Templar from a Lesser Wind Stone. These are the weakest Templars can be duoed, or even soloed by some classes. Templars also have a chance to drop a green Abyssal armor item. There are two main lines of Abyssal armor - a melee version and a caster version. The melee version offers +11 STA, +10 STR, +10 AGI usually. The casters have two variation, one that adds +11 STA, +10 INT, +12 Healing and Spell Damage and a second version that offers +10 INT, +4 mana/sec, and +24 Healing. There are cloth, leather, mail, and plate variations of each. The most frequently dropped pieces are for feet and hand equipment slots.

The next level are the Elemental Dukes. Dukes are a bit harder to summon. They require a full Twilight Cultist's Set and a Medallion of Station. To obtain a Medallion of Station, a player must first reach friendly with the Cenarion Circle. The player may then turn in 3 Abyssal Crests and a Large Brilliant Shard to create the Medallion of Station. The player must then have the Medallion equipped in addition to the set to summon the Duke from the Wind Stone. Dukes are far harder than their Templar cousins and require a group to take down, complete with a tank and a healer.

Each Duke has a unique skill or skills to it in addition to knock backs. The air version has an AE spell and a long duration dispelled stun (9 second stun I believe). The earth version has an area effect stun. The fire version has Blast wave. The water Duke has a slowing posion.

Dukes will always drop an Abyssal Signet, which are used in a repeatable quest. In addition to that, will often drop the aforemention green armor of the Templars and a piece of blue armor. While not the best armor in the game, the armor is very good and often easier to obtain than set items from places like Strat or Scholo.

Royals are the highest elementals in the Abyssal court summonable by players. These are raid level encounters, requiring 20+ individuals to partake in their downing. There are four versions as mentioned, each with their own abilities.

To summon a royal, a player must have access to a Ring of Lordship. Players can recieve this ring once they are Revered with the Cenarion Circle. To create a Ring of Lordship, a player must have three Abyssal Signets and a Large Brilliant Shard. Then, combined with a Twilight Cultist's Set and Medallion of Station, the player may summon the royal from a Greater Wind Stone. As plainly evident, this requires a huge investment of resources.

Royals will drop an Abyssal Scepter for a repeatable quest. In addition to dropping the aforementioned blue and green armor, they also have a chance to drop an epic item unique to each royal.

Air Royal -
Water Royal -
Earth Royal -
Fire Royal -

Notes on Summoning
The type of elemental summoned is random. However, there is a way to control which Templars will spawn based on a quest from Ortell.

Elemental Difficulty
The following is the usual accept relative difficult scale of the different elemental types.

Air > Water > Fire >= Earth.

Air is widely considered to be far more difficult than Water versions, which are harder than Fire and Earth elementals, which are considered the easiest.

A Note on Faction
The best methods to gain faction is to simply turn in Twilight Texts for 100 faction/turn in. A member of King's Honor, Verbalsabre, has done some testing and has found the best turn in is Twilight Texts and that in terms of effort, there is a diminishing faction return as you climb higher in the ranks. That is to say turning in 10 texts is better than turning in Abyssal Crests for faction, which are then better than turning in Abyssal Signets for faction. There is, however, a sole exception.

The first turn in of an Abyssal Crest and Abyssal Signet nets a 100 faction and 150 faction reward respectively. However, repeating the quests require 3 Crests and 3 Signets. 3 Crests yields 25 faction and 3 Signets yield 50 faction (A -25 Faction hit for turning in 3 Signets instead of 9 Crests, which is still 25 less than 10 texts). Abyssal Sceptors also probably follow this pattern.

In terms of sheer faction grinding, Twilight Texts are the quickest and most efficient way.