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09-01-2004, 01:33 PM
Tigole was kind enough to show everyone what the dev team is doing.

What's the WoW Dev team up to these days? Well, besides not sleeping, here's a small sampling of the many things we're working on:

--Winterspring (53-60 exterior zone)
--Eastern Plaguelands (53-60 exterior zone)
--Western Plaguelands (50-58 exterior zone)
--Blackrock Spire (55+ elite dungeon)
--Stratholme (55+ dungeon)
--Scholomance - School of Necromancy (55+ instance)
--Thousand Needles revamp
--Ashenvale revamp
--Desolace revamp
--Stonetalon Peak revamp
--More talents (classes to be announced!)
--Tradeskills to 60 and tradeskill quests
--Class polish, balance and addition of new spells/abilities
--PvP reward system
--PvP Battlegrounds
--Tons of new art: icons, monsters, armor, weapons
--More world maps and city maps
--New micro-dungeons (to replace old, duplicate ones) - the new Raven Hill crypts are awesome
--Raid groups (drag and drop group management - raid leaders rejoice, woot~)
--Raid instancing
--AI Polish and Features
--Animation Polish
--Bug fixes and Balance -- ONGOING

Please note, not all of these things will definitely make the next patch. For example, I can promise you that Blackrock Spire will be in but if Stratholme is not *ready enough* we'll hold it until the patch after next.

This is just to give you an idea of a small fraction of our current workload here at Blizzard =)

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