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Rest in Peace - Bristlebane

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Rest In Peace:
Server: Bristlebane
Schedule: Sun-Thurs 8-12 EST
Current Progression: HoT T3
Attendance Policy: We have no minimum attendance requirement. We do however, expect applicants to be on enough that we are able to evaluate them.
Loot System: Open Bidding - Points are awarded based on attendance and items are bought via public auction.
Application Requirements: Level 90, 1500 AA's min, Must own all expansions
Application Process: Applicant General Information
Forums: RiP Forums
Contact: or ;tell bristlebane.Brenye (recruiting officer), or one of our other officers: Nitzen, Palarran, Pladorium, Shrugx, Strahd or Xapp.

Rest in Peace is unique in our approach to membership and we believe it’s what has kept us strong throughout the years. We understand real life comes first, and we don’t penalize for it. We know sometimes RL gets busy – we have no minimum attendance requirement. Each member is important and contributes what they can. We understand sometimes you need to take time away from game – you’ll retain the points you’ve earned and be able to get back up to speed quickly when you return. We’re able to do this while remaining one of the top guilds on the server. We’re always looking for quality players to join our ranks, so if you’re interested, please contact our recruiting officer.

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