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Post by Bluebird » Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:53 am

From Kel on an old druid board:

1. Good AAXP.
2. Almost always empty.
3. A good number of named spawn (but they all summon so bring a friend). You could 2 box with a ranger though and kill one.
4. A number of good spots there that you can work on your Loyalist faction without any issues.
5. You can port right into the zone.
6. Fairly low hp on mobs. Doesn't take that much to kill them.
7. Root sticks pretty well (dogs break it a few times though).
1. Poor regular xp. The mobs are mid to high 50s. At level 70 about half the mobs are light blue.
2. All named summon. The drops sell fairly well in the bazaar, and some nice augs drop.
3. Bring your own group if you don't want to solo.

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