Noble's Causeway, 65+

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Noble's Causeway, 65+

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From Kel on an old druid board:

Noble's Causeway:
1. Better regular xp. You can work on levels here. All mobs are DB yet to me at 70.
2. Popular place if you want to group.
3. You can still solo a number of camps. Murkies in the trenches are good spots. (no trains).
4. A number of the OOW quest armor pieces drop in the zone.
5. If you group, the named drop some pretty nice pieces of gear and runes.
6. Easy to get to. Simply run through a part of Dranik Scar.

1. Its pretty popular so if you want to solo, make sure you do a camp check.
2. The ferans and bazus don't seem to care that much for root. Have a clicky root ready.
3. Some mobs see invis.
4. Forget even trying the named unless you are Time+ geared with the AAs
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