Vxed, 65+

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Vxed, 65+

Post by Bluebird » Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:10 am

From ThicketTundrabog on an old druid board:

Apprentice Udranda in Barindu.

Drop invisibility, target Udranda, say "Vxed", hit invisibility, go to Vxed/Tipt and zone in.

Vxed is a good solo spot for a level 65 druid. Since it's an instanced zone, you never have to worry about competition... Lol.

The zone-in has lots of room to root/rot. I've checked hynid, pooka, cragbeast, noc, stonemite and ukun. All are snareable/rootable. AVOID stonemite and ukun, because they SUMMON. *Coerced stoneworkers also summon.*

I get half a yellow AA per kill on average (i.e. ten kills per AA). Mobs are dark blue, even or yellow. You can harmony some mobs, but not always.

There is lots of room to root/rot at the zone-in.

There are two spawns at the first intersection. They can be pooka, hynid or stonemite.

Snare a mob, zone-out with unsnared mob chasing you. Zone back in. Snared mob will be waiting. Unsnared mob will return to spawn point.

Alternatively, try harmony on one mob and snare the other.

If snare is resisted, zone out, zone in and try again. Once you feel comfortable, you can try a second or even third snare before you have to zone. Don't double back on an unsnared mob... it's too risky.

Don't get hit. I have a 30% chance of dying if I get hit (stunned).

Shaman can solo the zone-in with only root and no snare. It's because they can slow, and are hardier than druids.

Once you've cleared the initial two mobs, you can pull from one of three paths. There are stationary and wandering mobs on these paths. The right path has a wandering cragbeast, the centre path a wandering pooka, and the left path a wandering ukun (avoid this summoning mob) or a noc. Stationary spawns on paths are hynid, pooks or stonemite.

I can kill six mobs on a full bar of mana, but this reduces to four on subsequent cycles because of medding.

If you get two summoning stonemites in the first two spawn points, reset the zone and start again.
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Re: Vxed, 65+

Post by Bluebird » Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:15 am

From the old druid board:

You don't require 3 people to start this zone, all you have to do is talk to the expedition npc and say Vxed. It's an outdoor zone.

Pooka's are monsters, but the Crags, Ukus, Stonemits, and Hynids are all animals...

Stay off the walls.... every time root broke and I was up the wall I instantly had alot of red going by on my window :) You can be a little up but do not climb high, it's tempting but won't work.

At level 66, the mobs you can harmony will be blue to you, the ones you can't will be even con.

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