Crypt of Nadox

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Crypt of Nadox

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From Garouin on an old druid board:

You can also charm hunt in Nadox. There are pigs there that you can charm and almost nothing summons. In the room at 700, 400 Nadox are two pigs that both can be charmed with Call of Karana. The pathing there is kind of funky and they have to circle the room a bit to get to you so you have plenty of time to recharm if it breaks. Charm one, kill the other and then pull stuff into the room with you for you pet to kill.

Some notes about this camp:
1. The map is actually wrong in that area. That area is not wide open, its a seriese of tunnels that are very simple to learn. Just invis up and run around a bit and youll know them in about 2 minutes.
2. Only a couple of the pigs over in that area see invis so you can almost run around without worry.
3. Noting over on that side casts spells. Some might tear your pig up pretty good but you can kite a bit up and down the halls.
4. There are a ton of roamers. Keep looking in all directions to catch them.

If you dont like that side them just go get a pet and then kill your way out to the big room with the fire. Go directly across the fire room to the room at 250, -200 and kill that stuff. These mobs hit a good deal easier than the other tunnels and you will have to heal less. Also, this room drops one of the items needed for the Pureblood quest which EVERY druid should have!!!! Im not kidding, every druid needs pureblood!

The blood drops in that room, the blackened vial drops further south down that tunnel in that room but those are shamans and they slow your pet and gate. The other thing drops off the luggards in the Upper Luggards & Lower Luggards rooms listed on the map. These hit a ton harder and enrage so go their at your own risk. A tank, cleric and slower with your pet can absolutely tear through these.
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