Level 90 Exp Spot

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Level 90 Exp Spot

Post by Daldaen » Thu Oct 28, 2010 2:21 pm

Zone: Al'Kabor's Nightmare (Requires Tier 1-2 missions completed as it is a Tier 3 zone)

This exp location involves reverse charm kiting of the animals and insects that inhabit the first island. There are roughly 40~ spawns of:

Animals (susceptible to Glamour of Tunare)
'a black bear'
'a black wolf'
'a giant rat'
'a giant snake'

'a klaknak beetle'
'a klaknak guard'
'a giant wasp'

These are your exp targets. ALL are level 88 (max level for our charm), do not summon and are snareable, making them ideal for this sort of exping.

The buffs you will want before hand:

Any useful clickies (mana pool/regen/AC/HP)
Mask of the Arboreal
Bonebriar Skin
Timbercore Skin
Perfected Levitate
Spirit of Eagle

--Suggested additions--

Preincarnation/Second Life

The Spellset I use for this:

Winter's Pyre
Winter's Flare
Adrenaline Blast
Remote Sunflare
Wildfire Aura
Survival of the Propitious
Beast's Beguiling
Savage Spirit
Vinelash Cascade

The AAs that I commonly will use for this:
Communion of the Cheetah
Entrap 3 (Others use this more often than I do, to each their own)
Egress 2

Suggested AAs:
Basically all damage related (Fury of Magic, Destructive Fury, Quick Damage, Twincast... etc.)
Basically all root AAs
Mastery of Nature 3
(naturally more mana regen, heal, activatable AAs will all help but this is the bare minimum)

Okay, now that has been said as for the strategy:

You will want to begin by casting Communion of the Cheetah on yourself so you can outrun the animals/insects. I begin personally by tagging a single animal with Storm Strike, casting Innate Camo then running that mob through a series of other animal (between 5-10, 7 is a solid number to aim for). I will then do a few manaveurs to make sure the animals are relatively compact in their ball chacing me, outrun them a bit and start casting Vinelash cascading, turning my character around as I cast so that when it is done casting I'm facing the mobs and root them all in place.

Pick a mob to charm with Beast's Beguiling, there is no specific mob you want to target before the others. All the animals have roughly the same stats and will die/dps at the same rate. Have your charmed pet attack one mob in the pack, after 1 round, the rest of the mobs will assist and attack your pet. Wait about 4~ rounds or enough to drop the pet to 20-25% health then invis. With 7 mobs all attacking your pet every round your pet loses about 20% health. So if you wait for the pet to dip below 20% it will die and you will gain no exp. The invising before the pet dies but after it has sustained maximum damage is really something that comes with experience. The more you practice with it, the more often you will be able to time your charm break/invis so that your pet is <5% health.

Every time you break charm, revinelash the pack of animals, cycle targets (making a convenient hotkey for cycle through NPCs is extremely nice for this), and charm a new pet and sic it on the rest. Repeat this until all mobs in your pack are below 10%. If you still have a mob of 30% in your pack it is usually worth it to charm it let it attack and get hit by the rest of the mobs just once and breaking the charm. IF you are letting your charmed pet kill off mobs that are low that is FINE, you will get just as much exp as you would if you had root rotted the mob. Letting your pet do that is good, but you dont want to allow yourself to get into a situation where you have a pet at 100% and 1 mob left at 5%, then it just becomes a hassle. It is more beneficial to have 5 mobs left are 5% where you can just nuke them all down and grab a new set of mobs.

You will want to repeat this as long as you are grinding exp.

Things you want to watch out for:

Halflings, Bixies, and Goblins. These 3 models will assist any train of animals you have and they DO summon. So if they are rooted in your pack of mobs and your charmed pet happens to select them to attack (the charmed pet will cycle through your pack depending on various different things, it wont sic on just 1 mob you tell it to), and drops the halfling/bixie/goblin below 97%, you will get summoned into the pack when charm breaks or your pet dies which usually will lead to your death. You have two options when you aggro one of these:

A. You can cast Vinelash on the pack, cast Entrap on the Halfling/Bixie/Goblin, then cast Wall of Wind. This will GFlux and push back all the other mobs in the pack other than the halfling. If you go this route I suggest you drop Savage Spirit for Spore Spiral and keep rooting the unwanted mob (the push from spore spiral goes in the direction you are facing when the spell is finished casting, use that to push it away from the animals further). This can become quite tedious and it may just be more beneficial to do option B
B. Entrap the mob that got in your way and drag it off to a location out where it won't bother you then Egress. Or you can simply Egress off the bat and plan around its placement next time.

Princess Klaknak and Queen Klaknak are two nameds that can spawn from almost any Klaknak guard/beetle spawn. They both summon, but are solo/moloable for a highly skilled/geared/AAed druid. I've yet to solo the Queen but have gotten Princess x2 solo, duoed both of them and about 6 other nameds in Al'Kabor with a fellow druid guildmate.

The animals/insects have a few drops of note:

Every trash in the expansion, these included, has a low %age chance to drop spell fragments 86-90. I've personally gotten 1 88 and 1 87 from the exp camp (plus about 10ish 89-90s from Princess/Queen duos).
Every trash in the zone can drop a zonewide random visible leather slot item. I've seen about 5 or so bracers, 2 gloves and 1 pair of pants they have about 1200HP/Mana and T3 equivalent focus.
The black bears/wolves can drop Fantastic Animal pelts, used in new cultural armor + new 14 slot bags. Also Fantastic Marrow for cultural armor.

So the moral of that is, clean up your corpses you may find something useful :).


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Re: Level 90 Exp Spot

Post by Oakenn Tigerspirit » Sat Oct 30, 2010 5:49 pm

might have mentioned it but worth keeping in mind..

These things are fast without cheetah or eagles on they are hard to get any good distance from them unless u run quite a long time

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Re: Level 90 Exp Spot

Post by Aridhol » Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:29 pm

The yards at the front of the House of Thule zone also work well for this. There are two camps with snakes and rot dogs, east and west, and a task to kill four of each given right at the zone.

I usually don't go as crazy as Daldaen is going above, but I usually pull two or three mobs onto my pet at any given time and break charm with the pet at less than 5%. I then use my next pet to kill off the 5% mob. If I get too many mobs where the pet can't last long enough to do the 5% damage, I'll kite the rest around until I am back down to three mobs.

If only one camp is open, I'll usually end up clearing it and have to wait about five minutes for respawns. If both camps are open (only happened once for me so far) I can kill continuously. A lesson burn at this camp, with both open, brought in 29aa or so. With only the one camp, I have been pulling in 20-23.

Just food for thought. I love that HoT has good spots for swarm kiting again.

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Re: Level 90 Exp Spot

Post by Geaddas » Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:11 pm

Are there any swarm kiting locations between Lopping planes (gators/worgs) and House of Thule?

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Re: Level 90 Exp Spot

Post by Daldaen » Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:54 am

Geaddas wrote:Are there any swarm kiting locations between Lopping planes (gators/worgs) and House of Thule?
Nope. Basically, level 76-85 You can and should do at Loping Planes (Gators, Worgs blow... gators ftw).

Level 85-86 you can do there also, once you hit 86 Do Tier1/2 Progression in HoT, get Al'Kabor flagged and do 86-90 there. Getting AAs as you go of course.

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Re: Level 90 Exp Spot

Post by Oakenn Tigerspirit » Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:39 am

Dald... can u survival charmed pets? Haven't tried but randomly thought about soloing named in Al'kabor and realized I never tried survival healing pet.

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Re: Level 90 Exp Spot

Post by Daldaen » Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:32 am

Oakenn Tigerspirit wrote:Dald... can u survival charmed pets? Haven't tried but randomly thought about soloing named in Al'kabor and realized I never tried survival healing pet.
No, we don't have the AA to make group buffs/effects hit our pet. If you want to solo Named mobs in Al'Kabor I suggest doing the following.

Debuff pet with Glamour of Tunare (don't use immune pets for killing nameds, the Rat right next to Halfling on wall is a good choice)
Buff up with Reptile, Mammoth's Force, Savage Spirit.

Tag namer with Blessing of Ro, sic pet
Cast Bracing Breath -> Argent Frost -> Skin like Leaves

Run back, charm pet.
Cast Aura (I use Frostfell personally)
Tag namer again with whatever you like, Entrap is an easy one.
Lead off with Sunrise Blessing (targetting your pet to cast of course)
Remote Sunflare
Heal Pet with Adrenaline Blast + Rejuvilation if needed, if not hit mob with another nuke then heal pet with Rejuvilation.

Keep that chain of events going, recasting Remote Sunflare every 24 seconds, Sunrise every 12, try to use your Twinheals on Adrenaline Blast and Rejuvilation, if needed use it on Benevida... don't sit there waiting for 1 or the other to refresh, that is pointless. Hit the namer with Winter's Pyre/Summer's Prominence inbetween Twinheals, healing without it is pretty futile since pet AC is fucking awful

Drop Convergence of Spirits/Spirit of the Bear on pet if extremely close (I suggest keeping this for yourself, you may be able to Protection of the Direwood + Twincast and nuke him out after a pet death)

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