Level 95 Exp Spot

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Level 95 Exp Spot

Post by Daldaen » Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:55 pm

Zone: Beasts Domain

This exp will involve reverse charming mobs. Charm one, sic it on a pack of several more, innate camo to break it when its low on health. Rinse/Repeat

The mob you will be killing exclusively is:

'a primeval crocodile'

They are always level 93, animals, do not summon, suspetible to charm + root + glamour. They are also, as far as I know, always STATIC. Meaning they don't roam around. They inhabit the area enclosed by the red box in the below picture:


The buffs you will want beforehand:

Any useful clickies (mana pool/regen/AC/HP)
Mask of the Thicket Dweller
Spineburr Skin
Stonebark Skin
Perfected Levitate
Spirit of Eagle

The Spellset I use for this:

Harvesting Inferno (82)
Heliacal Flare (91)
Lunar Chill (92)
Crashing Hail (91)
Frostcloak Aura (93) / Wildblaze Aura (92)
Twincast (85)
Remote Sunburst (93)
Invigoration (95)
Survival of the Prosperous (93)
Beast's Behest (91)
Glamour of Tunare (53)
Vinelash Cascade (72)

The AAs that I commonly will use for this:
Spirit of the Black Wolf
Group Spirit of the Black Wolf
Communion of the Cheetah
Entrap 3 (Others use this more often than I do, to each their own)

Suggested AAs:
Basically all damage related (Fury of Magic, Destructive Fury, Quick Damage, Twincast... etc.)
Basically all root AAs
Mastery of Nature 3
(naturally more mana regen, heal, activatable AAs will all help but this is the bare minimum)

The Strategy:

You will want to begin by casting Communion of the Cheetah on yourself so you can outrun the crocodiles. I begin personally by tagging a single animal with Glamour of Tunare, casting Innate Camo then running that mob through a series of other animal (between 5-10, 7 is a solid number to aim for). I will then do a few manaveurs to make sure the animals are relatively compact in their ball chacing me, outrun them a bit and start casting Vinelash cascading, turning my character around as I cast so that when it is done casting I'm facing the mobs and root them all in place.

Charm the mob that you tagged with Glamour of Tunare with Beast's Behest. Have your charmed pet attack one mob in the pack, after 1 round, the rest of the mobs will assist and attack your pet. Wait about 3-4~ rounds or enough to drop the pet to 20-25% health then invis. With 6-9 mobs all attacking your pet every round your pet loses about 15-25% health. So if you wait for the pet to dip below 20% it will die and you will gain no exp. The invising before the pet dies but after it has sustained maximum damage is really something that comes with experience. The more you practice with it, the more often you will be able to time your charm break/invis so that your pet is <5% health.

Every time you break charm, revinelash the pack of animals, cycle targets (making a convenient hotkey for cycle through NPCs is extremely nice for this), and charm a new pet and sic it on the rest. Repeat this until all mobs in your pack are below 10%. If you still have a mob of 30% in your pack it is usually worth it to charm it let it attack and get hit by the rest of the mobs just once and breaking the charm. IF you are letting your charmed pet kill off mobs that are low that is FINE, you will get just as much exp as you would if you had root rotted the mob. Letting your pet do that is good, but you dont want to allow yourself to get into a situation where you have a pet at 100% and 1 mob left at 5%, then it just becomes a hassle. It is more beneficial to have 5 mobs left are 5% where you can just nuke them all down and grab a new set of mobs. Use Heliacal Flare, Lunar Chill, and Crashing Hail to quickly kill the 6-9 mobs that are low on health quickly. When you have cycled charm through every mob, and gotten all crocodiles below 20% HP, use twincast then the aformentioned 3 nukes. Use Harvesting Inferno on any mobs at 0-1% to try to proc the extra buff (OPTIONAL to use this nuke, can use Summers or Winter nukes instead). Use Remote Sunburst to finish off a single mob and heal yourself. If you have just one mob running, snare it and use Crashing Hail as it will do 3 waves to a stationary (running) mob... so it is versatile in that respect, being used versus any number of mobs.


I do 4 pulls. I start with 6 Red, then do 6 Orange (I pull them out of the lake to the West where the river meets the lake and kill them there), then do 9 Blue (this one you need to invis and break your pet after 2-3 rounds as 8 mobs hitting on your pet kills it FAST) and I finish up with 4 Green. After that I usually invis, and camp out near the 6 Red starting point to preserve lessons (I usually clear all of those mobs in around 15-20min and have to wait a few for repops to start happening so I camp out).

You will want to repeat this as long as you are grinding exp.

Things to watch out for:

'an okiina vinetrasher'
'a naeya scavenger'

Both of the above don't summon and are snareable, so they are easy to manage. But scavengers see through invis which is annoying, and they are somewhat dispersed through the kiting area. I'd suggest scoping the place out to see where they are located. There are a few between the blue pull and the green pull (in that land mass between the 2 river branches) and a few between the red pull and the orange pull (in that land mass between the eastern river and the lake).

If you get one or two aggroed, I suggest just entrapping them and vinelashing them while you finish off your crocodiles. Then run to the opposite end of the camp while they are rooted and they should break aggro (or fade once we get it!). They honestly aren't worth your time to kill.

Drops of note:

Essence of Alaris (basically all tradeskilled items... including Tonics, and Cultural)
Al-Metes (Used for good foods)
Alaris Gemstone (Used for jewelcrafting)

As well as two quest drops. Carcasses for Beasts for the Stew (this one gives us our teleport spells to Beasts Domain) and Obsidian for One to Lead Them

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Re: Level 95 Exp Spot

Post by xaga » Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:14 am

I love your guides first and fore most.

But secondly. would it be better to Stick with alkabors till 95 or is BD doable at level 93.. Also, would you happen to know the area that they brought back for quint kiting?

Thank you

Xaga Of Saryrn
93rd druid of Saryrn

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