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Returning players, go to guild lobby for free buff-ups

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:05 am
by Mallorn
I recently returned and finally strolled into the guild lobby. This is a zone where buff's never wear off, their timer's are frozen, and people on Tunare (and I suspect everywhere else) congregate to pick up free Mass Group Buff's.

After about an hour on a Friday night (people preparing for raids? Groups? Just willing to help out?) my hitpoints went from 9K to around 22K, me and my merc had a 250+ DS that lasts about an hour, my mana was regening at 200+ a tic in combat, it was nuts. At lvl 71 I regularly hunt in pofire for AA's, and with lessons on I can get 10-14 AA's, with lessons I squeezed out 18 without trying too hard with the buffs.

Bottom line, if you have a few minutes or hours go drop yourself in the guild lobby and leave your char on. Merc prices might be high but if you use one it is helpful to leave them on for the bonuses as well. Recall though that you have a limited number of buff spots; now is a good time to right-click buffs you want to block so they don't take up slots.

Does anyone know if you block a buff, will it permanently block it on your merc? If not it would be great to drop all melee buffs to make some room.