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Cobalt Scar wyverns, level 38-45 or so

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 1:56 am
by Bluebird
This is a pretty fun zone. I've killed wyverns here on many a toon. When you teleport into CS, invis up and run down the mesa towards the tower. Once you pass that big rock in front of the tower, there are no roamers, so you can med/camp/AFK there perfectly safely.

Wyverns are slow, but hit hard for their level. They are easily root/rotted. Around 44, you can quad-kite them. They are aggro and social. You can also kill the drakes, but stay out of proc range, as they have an AOE proc of 500 hitpoints.

Killing drakes and wyverns will not hurt your CoV faction, but killing Yvolcarn or Azureake will give you a minor faction hit, FYI. The 2 names will also add if they see you killing a drake or wyvern if your CoV faction is low, as I recall.