Dire Charm mobs

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Dire Charm mobs

Post by Bluebird » Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:41 am

Compiled from several old posts--I haven't tried these myself.

Planes of Power

Plane of Valor: For PoV the name is small tree frog. There are 3 static spawns that will be the 3 DC mobs: small tree frog, rusty suit of mail, undead squire. Locations are 1 near cave (OC), 1 near GY, 1 near river bank opposite OC cave side of zone. If small tree frog isnt up just kill the PHs until he pops.

Plane of Earth: young armadillo? a minature dustrunner
Plane of Nightmare: young bat
Plane of Tactics: young war boar
Halls of Honor: Young Wrulons
Plane of Justice: festering rat, pestilent rat
Plane of Storms: grezlan cub
Plane of Fire: young tree spider
Plane of Air: a phoenix scorchlet
Plane of Disease: most of the rats at the zone-in
Plane of Fire: young obsidian spider
Plane of Torment: young blood raven
Plane of Water: sea turtle youngling
Crypt of Decay: scroungeling rat

Dawnshroud Peaks:Rockhopper
The Grey: Xakra Shah
Twilight Sea: Twilight Sea Turtle

Turepta Cragwalker
Hynid fleshrippers

Kedge Keep:
Cauldron Hammerhead (37-46, 5.3k HP)
Ferocious Hammerhead (45-50, 6k HP)
Soothebrine Seahorse (42, 4.8k HP)
Spinereef Seahorse (39-45, 6.6K HP)
Squallsurge Seahorse (39-46, 6.5k HP)
Stilleto Fang Piranha (43-44, 5.8k HP)
Swirlspine Seahorse (39-51, 9.8k HP)
Impaler Swordfish (39-42, 3.2k HP)
Fierce Impaler (42, 4.2k HP)

Giant Dire Wolf (43-47, 6.8k HP)
Giant Polar Bear (43-47, 8k HP)
Injured Polar Bear (45)

Wakening Land:
Haze Panther (40-42) [Charmable]
Black Unicorn (45)
White Unicorn (40)
Rapticor (42)

Erud's Crossing:
Killer Shark (38-42, 3.2k HP)

Dawnshroud Peaks:
Rockhopper (36-44) [Charmable

Grimling Forest:
Sonic Warwolf (41-43)

Burning Woods:
Tatterback Gorilla (42-47, 5.8k HP) [Charmable] ?

Timourous Deep:
Vicious Raptor (44-48, 4.5k HP) [Charmable]

Eastern Wastes:
Elder Snow Griffin (42-45) [Charmable]
Ulthork Man-o-War (40-44, 4.3k HP) [Not Charmable]

Emerald Jungle:
Corrupted Gorilla (44-47) - Heh

Lesser Faydark:
Equestrielle (40, 3k HP)
Equestrielle the Corrupted (40)

Stonebrunt Mountains:
Giang Yin (44-46)
Old Ghostback (42-46, 4k HP)
Shadowback (40-44)

Western Wastes: Glacier Mastodon, Brontotherium
Dragon Necropolis: Amorphous masses
Eastern Wastes: Snow Griffin, Wooly Mammoth
Kael Drakkal:domesticated direwolf
Siren’s Grotto: Servant Walrus, Servant Sea Elephant

Chardok: Chokidai Sniffer, Chokidai Growler
Timorous Deep:Raptor, Vicious Raptor

Dranik's Scar - a greater noctulis bat
plaguescourge rats
darkscourge rats

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