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Plane of Storms, level 63+

Posted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 12:15 am
by Bluebird
From an old druid board.

If you have access to Command of Tunare head to the forest side on PoS..set up behind the giant fort along the wall.Find yourself a Typhoon Lorok, snare , debuff its MR, and pet it. These triple for 636 and dot! you get 2 percent of regular exp per kill and 8 percent ( 2 blues ) in aa.I have yet to find a spot in the game like this one. A little bit about the frogs...Typhoon loroks are tanks (triple for 636 kick and bash)the Hurricane Loroks are rogues ( double for 500's and backstab in the 300+ range) for soloing i recomend the Typhoon's, have had better luck keeping one charmed.I hope this helps you all some =) oh..and dont forget to haste it =P

CoT in Pos, follow the post above for getting a lorok pet...Haste it.....Storm Gruzeoks, or whatever there names are, are druids dotn summon dont enrage, beleagered ents druids dont summon dont enrage, take your froggie and kill all the other froggies you can find,...everyone will hate you for it, but it is the best exp you can find, i perfer to aggro kite the frogs as they are mean as hell, park your pet and GoT your target about 10times, and toss your epic on him, then sic your pet, dead frog, your pet still 100%, then you move to trees, since they are static, you know where to check for em, they drop items that range between 50p-100pp and tradeskill items....then you get the bears, they drop 20pp-70pp and some not to shabby boots out for adds on bears and trees as everything will assist....DONT mess with Wandering bears...some of them flurry and they will eat your froggie. Forlon ents, Wandering bears, and snakes summon and will eat you quick....if you dont have exodus i dont recommend playing with the trees and bears unless you have reliable rezer

Re: Plane of Storms, level 63+

Posted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 12:19 am
by Bluebird
Yesterday I was playing my level 61 Druid, Twyzztid (Erollisi Marr). Anyways, I am POV/POS flagged. I happened to stumble across the best place EVER for soloing. If you are POS flagged head to the forest area of Plane of Storms. Once you are there, hug the right wall outside the tunnel (not very long though) you'll run into a fort (stay away from it, its the giant fortand that means death!). Around that area, youwill see typhoon and hurricane loroks (big frogs). These things are really easy to solo once you have them snared. Be VERY VERY careful of giants and other frogs, because if you get adds of either you're in trouble. These are the only two types ofmobs you need to worry about in this area.

How to kill:
Step 1. Snare Frog.
Step 2. Pull back to tunnel area
Step 3. Root Frog
Step 4. Stack dots Winged Death, Drones of Doom, Epic (if possible), debuff fire and stick on Breath of Ro (under 62).
Step 5. Lather, rinse, repeat.

These things are quite easy and they have less HP than elysians. They do, however, proc a nasty dot (Froaking Breath I think) on top of doubling for 400-650. If you are good root dotter, you should be fine here. They give anywhere from 2-6% exp in regular exp bar and 9-16% exp in AA Bar per kill at level 61. I kid you not. Go try it

-Baroness Twyzztid Nature
Level 61 Druidess of Erollisi Marr

EDIT: PS, Don't worry about getting adds of ents and bears. They won't bother you unless you pull them. Nothing adds when you pull the frogs other than other frogs and giants (only if you are in the giants aggro range). Keep gate up just in case though, running to the zone if you are in trouble would be a bad thing. Also keep up your poison cure andkeep yourself resist poison'd. I recommend having at least a KEI, if possible a Tranquility or VOQ.

Re: Plane of Storms, level 63+

Posted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:07 am
by Bluebird
From Taylori on an old druid board, if frogs get stuck in the giant fort:

Use that spell wayyy in the back of your spell book called *Sense Animals* Get as close to the fort as you can and hit it, it may take a few shots to tag a frog, but you can usually get it after a few tries. Most likely you will get 2 frogs and sometimes even a giant, so evac and come back. Giants will be back in fort, frogs remain outside! They don't spawn IN the fort BTW...The just wander in and get stuck.