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My AA purchase order

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:58 am
by Mallorn
I put a lot of thought and effort into AA research, and I have tried to keep a copy of my AA purchases in order by level. I mostly molo. This is not the right way for everyone to purchase AA's, but it is the way I did it and so far it is working out. Feel free to ask questions, and I'll try to update over time.

For some AA's I left myself notes, first value in parentheses is level requirement, followed by AA cost, followed by description of what the AA does. Check for full details.

At lvl 65 I purchased:
Mnemonic retention (9th spell slot)
Entrap rank 1 (AA snare)
Spell casting mastery rank 1
Spell casting mastery rank 2

AT lvl 68 (AA while exp is fast and easy in Steppes)
Exodus (fast casting group evac)
Spirit of the Wood rank 1 (61, 4) (30 sec, hp/tick, DS and AC group buff)
Innate camouflage (59, 5)
Healing adept rank 1 (55, 2)
Healing adept rank 2 (55, 4)
Spell casting mastery rank 3
Critical affliction rank 1-3
Spell casting reinforcement rank 1 (55, 2) (buff time extension)
Spell casting reinforcement rank 2 (55, 4)
Planar Power rank 1
Spell casting fury rank 1
Healing adept rank 3 (55, 6)
Spell casting mastery rank 4

Level 71 (plan on raising any AA's I want while they are easy in pofire):
Spell casting reinforcement rank 3 (55, 6)
Spell casting reinforcement rank 4 (59, 8)
Healing adept rank 4-7
Spell casting fury rank 2,3
Healing gift rank 1
Planar Power rank 2-5 (first five to lvl 65, 2 per)
Spirit of the Wood rank 2-6
Convergence of the Spirits rank 1 (70, 3) (short-term heal, hp/tick, DS and AC buff)

Fury of Magic rank 1-7
Convergence of the Spirits rank 2-4
Enhanced Root (59, 5)
Viscid Roots (63, 5) (additional decreased chance of root breaking on DD)
Radiant Cure rank 1 (61, 2)
Healing gift rank 2-7 (doesn't work on CH, oh well, very nice with regular heal)
Nature's guardian rank 1-3
Mastery of Nature (70, 6) (charm breaks less often)
Mystical Attuning rank 1&2 (increase past 18 active buffs, one per rank)
Destructive Fury rank 1&2
=Total so far ~340

Destructive Fury to rank 4 (higher damage for DD crits)
Shared camouflage (70, 10)
Call of the Wild (70, 9) (summon player to corpse without rez)
Spell casting subtlety rank 1-3 (deaggro 20%)
Planar Power to rank 11
Natural durability rank 1-3( 10% increase in base hp+sta effects)
Natural durability rank 4

Natural durability rank 5&6
Innate enlightenment rank 1-5 (raises wis cap by 10)( , 3)
Secondary recall (use stone of marking for second bind location)
Critical Affliction rank 6
Innate run speed 1-3 (cheap run speed backup)
Advanced tracking rank 1-5 (65, 4 for each rank)
Combat Stability rank 1-14 (good time to raise defense and dodge before combat agility)
=Total ~600AA’s

Re: My AA purchase order

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 9:26 am
by Mallorn
Well, early on I was anal and keeping track of what I wanted to purchase and in what order. About the time the above list was completed I put much less forethought into it. and don't have a structured list I can easily copy and paste. Below is a rough summary of what I have done since.

Added Combat Agility to rank 10+
Added Eyes Wide open rank 3 to have 8 extended targets
kept up to level with planar power, spirit of wood, convergence of the spirits, healing gift, nature's guardian
Mass Group Buff

At lvl 75 I paused to get caught up on new AA's. The biggest improvements were the black and white wolf forms for me so far, though the 10th spell slot is nice as well. I believe I am around 825 AA's and will probably level up at around 850 or so.

To Do:
-I have not yet added Secondary Forte for alteration but I plan to do that when I have the time. My first specialization was evocation.
-Healing Adept and Healing Gift are the best healing AA's, but abundant healing looks like it might be a little helpful for me. I often fight with a merc and often do not spam heals, so hopefully the added healing tick would not be overridden and help mitigate some incoming damage in a fight. As time goes on I will likely add this in when I have the AA's to spend and want to boost my healing power.
-I have been on a bit of a tradeskills kick, so I might grab a few ranks of salvage when I have the spare AA's. Will plan on getting new tanaan mastery to raise skills as well, and likely all tradeskill AA's over time as I'm planning to go all 300's.
-Be mindful of spent AA's. Up to 2500 AA's you get a huge 1000% exp bonus, but dwindles to nothing after 4000. So, in the long run, I am trying not to "waste" AA's. I have no basis for this statement, but I would roughly like to use my first 2500 AA's getting all of my basic AA's up to around lvl 90. After that AA's exp boost will slow but with the higher experience I hope that will compensate moving forward.

Re: My AA purchase order

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 10:03 am
by tatankawd
There's no "wasting", the AA XP boost is linear. At 0 AA, you get a 1000% bonus, and at 4000 AA (and above) you get 0% bonus.

So at 800 AA, you're getting roughly an 800% bonus.


Re: My AA purchase order

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:03 pm
by Mallorn
Quick update, I personally got to 850 at lvl 75, had about 1000 at lvl 80, and will probably hang out there for 1400+. Everything I read points to how much harder mobs get in the later content, so places like infected paw or pofire are rare gems for grabbing all of the AA's one can stand.

Re: My AA purchase order

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 3:03 pm
by tatankawd
I hit 86 a year and a half ago with 773 AAs. I just started leveling to 87 a few days ago, with ~2100 AAs, so I finally got caught up with all the AAs that are really useful. That's really my benchmark now, not how easy it is to get more AA's at my current level, but are there any AA's to get that will help me level faster or survive better.

Having said that, I don't solo/molo any more, so I can't offer good advice on whether to stay and milk AA's or level faster. My opinion, after years of playing a druid, is that we don't solo or molo well, at all, except in certain spots where we can really do well (talking casuals here, raiders obviously have better gear, etc). I got so sick of having to stick in the same few spots to make fast XP, and then hardly being able to solo any content that could gain me other benefits (quests/progression/named for gear/just do an area I hadn't been to before), that I decided I had to either box or change my main. I've really been enjoying boxing, and now go wherever I want, so no more milking a level, I just level when I feel like it.

One further note: At higher levels (HoT/VOA/RoF), the stuff I read indicates that the quests/missions that are offered really do give much better XP, and many are soloable, so there's not necessarily a reason to stay lower level for too long. Also, killing a level 95 mob will give a lot more XP than a level 78 mob, so it will give more of an AA than the lower mob. You'll be killing slower, but getting more benefit from it.

Finally, what's worth getting at your current level varies on your play style as well. Since I'm boxing, all XP mobs die in less than 30 seconds, so I haven't put anything into DoT AA's in a VERY long time. The DoTs just aren't worth casting. If I was still soloing a lot, I would definitely keep up with the DoT AAs, along with CA/CS (which I only have at level 3 right now).