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Shawl Quest(s)

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:09 pm
by Mallorn
I've seen posts here and elsewhere highly praising the shawl quest reward, a shoulder item that has an effect where it gives back mana (some of the time?) when casting spells. I have read a lot of praise, but I have also read you have to have tradeskills to get it.

My approximate summary is this: The quest-line started with the coldain prayer shawl, and either that is upgraded or another line of similar quests involve the underfoot prayer shawl. In 2010 the shawl was highly praised, though I don't see much discussion about it any more. It is very likely you have to max all tradeskills to get it, which alone may take hundreds of thousands of plat and god knows how much time and research into how to get the skills up.

Is this item still worth the effort, compared to high level drops in 2012? Has it been upgraded with each expansion, and is even better in 2012? Anyone lurking here have it (I'm thinking of you Daldaen) or planning on/currently working on it?

When I have time I'll probably research the item and the process and try to share what I find. Please add your thoughts as well.

Re: Shawl Quest(s)

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:46 am
by Mallorn
Well, in my preliminary search it looks like there were eight coldain prayer shawl's, and then they made a prayer shawl 2.0 which went to at least eight upgrades. The prayer shawl 2.0 #8 has wicked stats like I mentioned above, something like 80% of time when casting (a high level spell?) it returns a chunk of mana, I think it was somewhere in the high 200's in mana total.

As for the quests, each version of the shawl and particularly the higher level ones take a ton of work. This quest line puts the epics to shame in my preliminary glance, and it does look like you need to max all of the trade skills in the process. If anyone knows whether or not you can "skip" forward that would be helpful, say doing something to get the shawl 2.0 #5. Otherwise, this is going to fall into a category of "if you have hundreds of hours of free game play where there is nothing else for you to do, try this!" It seems to me that it is only something that players that have been playing consistently for many years (recently) could grab.

If anyone knows of a way to "Skip" forward in the quests please post! The item looks amazing otherwise.

Re: Shawl Quest(s)

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:59 pm
by Mallorn
I finally had a chunk of time to further investigate the "elusive shawl quest." The best I can tell you can NOT fast-forward ahead at any point, so you have to do all of the original shawl quests and the susequent 2.0 quests. I found reference to someone boxing three characters, all high levels, apparently accomplishing much of the last quest (2.0 #8) on their own. So, perhaps when one is 85+ it might be an option to do the bulk of it on your own time.

I hate to leave this investigation here, but I am lvl 71 and it is going to be a long time until such an item, with such a time commitment, will be relevant. If anyone has this, or is working on getting it, I would love to hear about it. Any references I find to doing the shawl quest seem to be from 2010 or prior; perhaps everyone who was going to get one did it. Well, there are some youngin's that are itching to hear your stories, so do tell. :)

Re: Shawl Quest(s)

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:01 pm
by Yrys
I did the shawl quests back somewhere in the 2002-2003 time frame. Wish I could offer more information on them, but it's been so long that it's very hazy. I remember it being mostly soloable with lots of tradeskill grinding, except for the 8th quest. Though, my guild was doing lots of raiding and such in Velious at the time, so I could have picked up some of the parts while we were there anyway.

Re: Shawl Quest(s)

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 11:34 am
by Mallorn
eqtraders has lots of good links.

For coldain 1.0 #1-#8, ... 0060000000

For coldain/underfoot 2.0 #1-#8: ... 0070000000

The (underfoot) shawl 2.0 quests require the coldain 1.0 #8 prayer shawl, and the #1-#8 steps each require different tradeskills at 300 skill. The #8 shawl requires a high end mob drop.

Note that is an awesome source for information on leveling tradeskills up. Cristalla posted a nice 2012 current list to master all of the tradeskills: ... kill-Guide. It would be worth reading if nothing else to get an idea for what tradeskill loot items are of use, and worth selling, at the bazaar.

Re: Shawl Quest(s)

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:40 pm
by Mallorn
I think I am partially insane to consider this item, but for some reason I have thought of keeping it on the back burner. For a short-term goal I am wanting to get all 7 skills to 50 and to get the trophies for each. So far it seems to take a couple of hours of my time to get to level 50, usually a couple of hours to get the trophy, and usually you can get to ~150+ skill with another couple of hours of work.

So far I have two trophies, two skills around 190 and at least one other skill at 50. I will probably only work on this when I have time to play but not up for fighting or grinding, which is pretty limited. I will try to update this posting once in a while as I very slowly progress.

Re: Shawl Quest(s)

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:04 am
by tatankawd
Yeah, that guide on EQTraders is invaluable. I've started working on tradeskills, after a VERY long hiatus (got them all to ~200 when the first shawl quest went active, back around 2002). I'm also considering pursuing the 2nd shawl, but UF is not soloable, so I'll need a plan for the drops there.

I'm now at 300/300/299/295/270/262/251, with two maxed out trophies. If you have any questions, let me know.

Also, what server are you on? I play on Tunare.


PS - for 1st shawl, I can confirm there's no raiding needed. Drops were all easy, and the last step I did with two guidies helping, back when we were max level 60 at the time. Could most likely do it molo (solo with a merc) now.

Re: Shawl Quest(s)

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:03 am
by Mallorn
So, I started this in ernest this weekend when I had a few hours to kill. To put this in context, I am level 77 with over 900 AA's, so killing is never the issue, just finding the drops.

The first two quest items, frost giant toes and kromriff heads were relatively easy. Ring to Great Divide, hit the giant fort and roamers and it was easy enough. Got a lot of weapons, which I thought I would need for ore later on but in fact you find tons of ore later on hunting in velkator's labyrinth. I did have the frost giant beard drop and sold it as loot, didn't realize I would need it later. I am too lazy to gather a list of all the drops you need to collect but look ahead! Did my turn-ins and got my second shawl and the coin used to start the third quest.

Here I broke from how it might normally work. I have more time to work on my tradeskills coming up in RL, so I went and collected all of the meats in the eastern wastes. With tracking, camo in between, I might have spent an hour in here, maybe less. I focused on griffons since I needed eggs the most and grabbed the others (bunnies, etc.) when I saw them. Note again, I believe you need an ulthork tusk later on and I may have left one during this hunt, so pay attention to what you need later!

For fourth you need some ore and silks, but for fifth you need a ton of crystalline thread (sp?). So, I went straight for the no drop crystalline threads. All of the previous silks and ore dropped well above what I need. Luckily when the thread drops (1 in 5 kills?) it starts to go up in multiples up to 3 or 4. Is it based on how many I have on me? I spent about 45 minutes, half screwing around in velkator's labyrinth while hunting these and got close to 50. I ended up blowing 30 minutes exploring while trying to find Lord Doljin... Finally found him, secret wall, fall down "toilet" shaped room, he is back behind the kobolds. When you see shades you are getting warm. He drops a rare sword that vendor's for 5K...that didn't drop for me. He probably has 30-40K hitpoints, kind of sad when mopping up old raid bosses. Will probably try to hit him a couple of times while working on silks.

I have only researched up to shawl 1.0 #7 but they seem trivial, only real investment is time to research the drops, finding those mobs, and then the errand running of the quests.

UPDATE 2/4/13: Velkator's labyrinth is a destination for silks, threads and some ore drops. You need 75 No Drop threads, but luckily when they do drop it seems they are in multiples up to 4. Overall I think I spent under 2 hours to get all of the threads, and have tons more ore and silks than I'll need. This was playing very casually, trying to hit old raid bosses in the zone when I saw them. I whacked doljin another two times, once dropping the efreeti ice staff. Hit velkator once, no spells landed on him so my merc (J1 tank) had to take him all the way down but wasn't difficult with all the GL buffs up. Velketor dropped quite a few spells and some other tradable goodies, so I might hit him again just for the fun of it if I ever have the time.

Re: Shawl Quest(s)

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:21 pm
by Mallorn
Here is copy paste of a great write-up of the coldain shawl steps, taken from the archives:


Up to the 7th step of the Coldain Shawl quest I would recommend approximately the following skill trade levels:

Tailoring 162 (Skill check for the 6th shawl is about 190 and the skill check for 7th is about 162.)
Pottery 175
Baking 135
Brewing 180
Fletching 190
Jewel Craft 180
Smithing 25

Part 1
Burlap Coldain Prayer Shawl

Find Loremaster Borannin and give him 4 Frost Giant Toes, he will give you the Burlap Coldain Prayer Shawl and adjusted faction.
· Loremaster Borannin located on right side of platform in the Temple of Brell (area 21-EqAtlas) in Thurgadin.
· Frost Giant Toes are not stackable, Wt 2.0 and drop off random giants in Velious.

- Burlap Coldain Prayer Shawl: Magic Item, LORE, NO DROP. Slot: Shoulders, AC +1 Wis +1 Int +1 SvCold +1 Wt 1.0

· Faction: + Coldain, + DainFrstreaverIV, - Kromzek, - Kromrif
· Small amount of experience

Part 2
Cloth Coldain Prayer Shawl

Find Loremaster Borannin and say to him “what task?”, he will give you a 10-slot container called Perservationist’s Box (be sure to have an empty inventory slot). Place 10 Kromrif heads in the container and click on the combine button to make a box of Preserved Kromrif Heads (NO RENT). Give the box of heads and your Burlap Coldain Prayer Shawl to Borannin, he will give you the Cloth Coldain Prayer Shawl and adjusted faction.

· Recommend gathering the Frost Giant Heads before asking for the container. You can store them in the bank or in weight
reducing packs.
· Warning: Once the heads are combined in the Perservationist’s Box, the result is NO RENT. Be ready to turn the result and
the Burlap Shawl from Quest 1.
· Loremaster Borannin located on right side of platform in the Temple of Brell (area 21-EqAtlas) in Thurgadin.
· Frost Giant Heads are not stackable, Wt 1.0 and drop off random giants in Velious.
· Preservationist’s Box: 10-Slot, LORE, NO DROP, Wt 10.0

- Cloth Coldain Prayer Shawl: Magic Item, LORE, NO DROP. Slot: Shoulders, AC +2 Wis +2 Int +2 SvCold +2 Wt 2.0

· Faction: + Coldain, + DainFrstreaverIV, - Kromzek, - Kromrif
· Small amount of experience

Part 3
Woven Coldain Prayer Shawl

Find Loremaster Borannin and say to him “what chore?” He will give you a Seal (NO DROP). Give the Seal to Mordin Frostcleaver and he will give you “Leif’s Napkin” (NO DROP) and a lot of instructions. Perkins Doughbeard is the baking vendor in Thurgadin.

Step 1 Tundrabear Sandwich
Give Guard Leif a Tundrabear Sandwich and the Leif’s Napkin, he will return a Used Napkin (NO DROP). Give the Used Napkin to Mordin, he will give you “Trita’s Napkin” (NO DROP).

Step 2 Snow Bunny Stew
Give Trita Coldheart a Snow Bunny Stew and Trita’s Napkin, she will return a Dirty Pot (NO DROP). Give the Dirty Pot to Mordin, he will give you “Brita’s Napkin” (NO DROP).

Step 3 Ulthork Meat Pie
Give Lorekeeper Brita an Ulthork Meat Pie and Brita’s Napkin, she will return a Dirty Pie Tin (NO DROP). Give the Dirty Pie Tin to Mordin, he will give you Thoridain’s Napkin (NO DROP).

Step 4 Snow Griffin Soufflé
Give Grand Historian Thoridain the Snow Griffin Soufflé and Thoridain’s Napkin, he will return a Seal of Thoridain.

Step 5 Collect the Woven Coldain Prayer Shawl
Give the Seal of Thoridain AND the Cloth Shawl to Loremaster Borannin (not Mordin), he will give you both the Woven Coldain Prayer Shawl AND the Seal of Thoridain and adjusted faction.

· Recommend the Trade Skills Baking – 135, Pottery – 128, and Smithing – 21. You cannot have someone else
make the meals for you, they are NO DROP.
· The Ulthork Meat and ALL of the meals are edible, be sure to place them below your own food in your packs.

- Woven Coldain Prayer Shawl: Magic Item, LORE, NO DROP. Slot: Shoulders, AC +3 Wis +3 Int +3 SvCold +3
Wt 2.0 All/All

- Seal of Thoridain: Magic Item, LORE, NO DROP. Slot: Range, AC +3 Wis +3 Int +3 Mana +30 SvCold +3
SvMagic +3 Wt 1.0 All/All

· Faction: + Coldain, + DainFrstreaverIV, - Kromzek, - Kromrif
· Small amount of experience

· Loremaster Borannin located on right side of platform in the Temple of Brell (area 21-EqAtlas) in Thurgadin.
· Mordin Frost Cleaver located in Mordin’s Meats (AKA Butcher Shop) (area 10-EqAtlas) in Thurgadin (Oven
located in the shop).
· Perkin’s Doughbeard located in the Bank (area 17-EqAtlas) in Thurgadin. (Baking Vendor)
· Guard Leif located at the entrance of the Paladin Training Hall (area 23-EqAtlas) in Thurgadin.
· Trita Coldhear located in the back of a Coldain residence-across from Frostbeard’s Furs & Leathers (area 24-
EqAtlas) in Thurgadin.
· Lorekeeper Brita located in left rear of the Library in the Temple of Brell (area 21-EqAtlas) in Thurgadin.
· Grand Historian Thoridain located at the podium on the platform in the Temple of Brell (area 21-EqAtlas) in

· NEVER COMBINE A STACK OF ITEMS. Always place one item in each slot, for example 4 snow griffin eggs
should be placed in 4 oven slots. This is true for ALL ingredients and ALL containers.

· Tundrabear Sandwich: 1 Tundra Kodiak Meat and 1 Jug of Sauces combine in an Oven. Take result and 1 Loaf of
Bread and combine in a Mix Bowl. EDIBIL NO DROP
· Snow Bunny Stew: 2 Bunny Meat and 1 Jug of Sauces combine in a Mixing Bowl. Take result, 1 Spices, a Pot, and
2 Flasks of Water combine in an Oven. EDIBIL NO DROP
· Ulthork Meat Pie: 2 Ulthork Meat, 1 Vinegar, and 1 Spices combine in a Mixing Bowl. Take result, 1 Clump of
Dough, and 1 Pie Tin combine in an Oven. EDIBIL NO DROP
· Snow Griffin Soufflé: 4 Snow Griffin Eggs and 1 Spices combine in an Oven. EDIBIL NO DROP
· Clump of Dough: 1 Cup of Flour, 1 Snake Egg, and 1 Bottle of Milk combine in a Mixing Bowl. Trivial 21.
EDIBIL *You can make this with a snow griffin egg and it will make 6 Clump of Dough*

· Mixing Bowl: 2 Large Blocks of Clay, Large Bowl Sketch, and 1 Flask of Water combine on a Pottery Wheel.
Take result and 1 Normal Firing Sheet combine in a Kiln. Trivial 128.
· Pie Tin: 2 Blocks of Clay, 1 Pie Tin Sketch, and 1 Flask of Water combine on a Pottery Wheel. Take result and 1
High Quality Firing Sheet and combine in a Kiln. Trivial 115.
· Pot: 1 Large Block of Clay, 1 Pot Sketch, 1 Metal Bits, 1 Flask of Water combine on a Pottery Wheel. Take result
and 1 High Quality Firing Sheet combine in a Kiln. Trivial · Metal Bits: 2 Small Pieces of Ore, 1 Flask of Water
combine in a Forge. Trivial 21

1 Tundra Kodiak Meat (Non-Stackable) – Eastern Wastes
2 Snow Bunny Meat (Non-Stackable) – Eastern Wastes
2 Ulthork Meat (Stackable, Edible) – Eastern Wastes
4 Snow Griffin Egg (Stackable, NO DROP) – Eastern Wastes
1 Snake Egg (Stackable, Edible) – off of Snakes or Vendors but not found in Velious
1 Bottle of Milk (Stackable, Edible) – Vendor
2 Flask of Water (Stackable, Edible) – Vendor
1 Loaf of Bread (Stackable, Edible) – Vendor
1 Cup of Flour (Stackable) – Vendor
1 Vinegar (Stackable) – Vendor
2 Jug of Sauces (Stackable) – Vendor
3 Spices (Stackable) – Vendor
1 Mixing Bowl (Non-Stackable, CONTAINER) – Pottery
1 Pie Tin (Non-Stackable, Non-Container) – Pottery
1 Pot (Non-Stackable, Non-Container) – Pottery

Part 4
Fur Lined Coldain Prayer Shawl

Step 1 Collect Ingredients
Gather all the ingredients mention in the shopping list below.

Step 2 Create Velium Vial
Velium Vial: 3 Crystalline Silk, 1 Small Brick of Velium, and 2 Glass Shard combine on a Pottery Wheel. Take
result and 1 High Quality Firing Sheet combine in a Kiln

Step 3 Create Vial of Velium Vapors
Find Frundle and ask her “what velium vapors?”, she will give you a 4 slot container called, Velium Purifier.
Vial of Velium Vapors: 1 Velium Vial and 2 Small Piece of Velium combine in the Velium Purifier.

Step 4 Find Tanik Greskil
Find Tanik Greskil in Eastern Wastes and give him the Vial of Velium Vapors, he will give you a Letter.

Step 5 Claim the Shawl
Find Loremaster Borannin and give him the Letter and your Woven Shawl, he will give you a Fur Lined Coldain Prayer Shawl.

· Recommend the Trade Skill Pottery – 128.

· Vial of Velium Vapors: Magic Item, LORE, NO DROP. Charges: 1, Effect: Thurgadin Gate, All/All
Note: Assuming that you are not KOS with the Coldains, the Vial could be used by the PC for a personal gate to
· Faction: + Coldain, + DainFrstreaverIV, - Kromzek, - Kromrif
· Small amount of experience


· Frundle located in a shop next to Garish’s Boots (area 19-EqAtlas) in Thurgadin.
· Loremaster Borannin located on right side of platform in the Temple of Brell (area 21-EqAtlas) in Thurgadin.
· Tanik Greskil located in Eastern Wastes. Tanik is a wandering NPC that is found around the ramp to Kael
Drakkal. When you find Tanik you will get the message, “over a pile of snow exposing a
Coldain!” He will be on his side a short distance away. I gave him the Vail of Velium and he disappeared, but I
had the Letter in my inventory.

*Take a piece of food or something from your inventory and use it to click around the area. If you click on the trap that releases the Death Squad it will say something like "You are too far away from You to trade". If you click on the Tanik trap that spawns him you will get a message that states "You are too far away from You to stumble". It is the fastest way to find them. Keep trying until you get Tanik.

I was able to trigger 3 Death Squads and 1 Tanik in less than 30 minutes using this method. The trap is random, not just on the ramp.*


3 Crystalline Silk (Stackable) – Drop off Crystalline Spiders in Velious (try Crystal Caverns) or maybe buy from
1 Small Brick of Velium (Non-Stackable) – Drop off Rygorr Miners in Crystal Caverns or maybe buy from Vendors
2 Glass Shard (Non-Stackable) – Vendor
2 Small Piece of Velium (Stackable) – Drop off Rygorr Miners in Crystal Caverns or maybe buy from Vendors
1 High Quality Firing Sheet (Non-Stackable) – Vendor

Net result of the quests:
· Fur Lined Coldain Prayer Shawl: Magic Item, LORE, NO DROP. Slot: Shoulders, AC +4 Wis +4 Int +4 SvCold
+4 Wt 2.0 All/All
· Seal of Thoridain: Magic Item, LORE, NO DROP. Slot: Range, AC +3 Wis +3 Int +3 Mana +30 SvCold +3
SvMagic +3 Wt 1.0 All/All

· Faction: + Coldain, + DainFrostreaverIV, - Kromzek, - Kromrif
· Small amount of experience

Part 5
Coldain Prayer Shawl

Step 1 Go to Rexx Frostweaver and say 'what prayer shawl?' he will hand you a Bile Extractor to assist you with this quest.

Step 2 Gather ingredients

Step 3 Combine 5 Silk Threads in a Coldain Tanners Kit to make 1 Crystalline Silk Fiber. You need 15 Crystalline Silk Fibers total.

Step 4 Combine 3 Crystalline Silk Fibers + 1 Shardwurm bile in the Bile Extractor (Given to you by Rexx Frostweaver)

Step 5 Combine 5 Glowing Crystalline Silks + 4th shawl to create the 5th Shawl. (If you fail, you will get back your 4th Shawl).

1 Bile Extractor (Container, NO DROP) - Rexx Frostweaver in Thurgadin
75 Crystalline Silk Threads (Non-Stackable, Tradeable) - Velketor
5 Glowing Worm Bile (Non-Stackable, NO DROP) - Eastern Wastes

Rexx Frostweaver is a vendor located in the Thurgadin Exchange. (EQ Atlas 17)

I recommend u get the Bile before you get the Threads so as u collect the threads u can combine them. I averaged about 1 bile per 15-20 Shardwurms. With a 57 mage and 60 wizard I was able to pull non stop and get enough bile in 2 hours. *note: both Elder and Young Shardwurms drop bile*

The Crystalline Threads drop ONLY from Crystalline Spiders (Crystalline Devourer, Crystalline Watcher, etc.) in Velketor’s Lab. All spiders can be placeholders for the crystalline spiders so just keep everything clear. These spiders seem to drop quite a few quest gems so you can make some pp while you get the threads.

When you obtain the bile and are hunting in Velketor’s, it helps to have both the Bile Extractor and your Coldain Tanning Kit with you. Combine 5 spider threads in a Coldain Tanner’s Kit to make one Crystalline Silk Fiber. Once you have 3 of the fibers you can combine them with the bile in the Bile Extractor. This helps to save room because the bile and the fibers are all non-stackable.

Part 6
Embroidered Prayer Shawl

Step 1 First go to Betti Frostreaver and say, “What embroidered prayer shawl?”
She will hand you a pattern.

Step 2 Collect ingredients

Step 3 Combine 1 Woven Giants Beard + 2 Manticore Manes + 2 Drakkel Dire Wolf Whiskers + 2 Siren Hairs to make Thread.

Step 4 Combine Thread + Pattern (given to you by Betti Frostreaver) + 5th Shawl
*If you fail, you will be given the 5th shawl back*

1 Woven Giants Beard (LORE, Non-Stackable) - Great Divide
2 Siren Hairs (NO DROP) – Cobalt Scar
2 Manticore Manes (Non-Stackable) - Eastern Wastes
2 Drakkel Dire Wolf Whiskers (NO DROP) - Great Divide

There are 2 main areas I am aware of where Sirens spawn. Behind the Skyshrine ramp down at the waters edge you can see 3 from above and 2 in the water a little bit deeper. Near the Sirens Grotto Cave underwater there are 4 guarding the cave. *Warning: Sirens do charm so be careful with pets, tanks, etc. and have those stuns memmed*

As a suggestion I would recommend obtaining duplicate items for anything that is not lore just in case you do fail. It’s much easier to get extra components while your hunting for the items anyway as opposed to failing and have to go back and redo everything.

Part 7
Runed Prayer Shawl

Step 1 Obtain the items on the Shopping List.

Step 2 Show your 6th shawl to Betti Frostweaver in the Thurgadin Exchange. Yes, actually give her the shawl, she will give you the shawl back and the pattern for the 7th shawl.

Step 3 Head to Gilthan Brittlebade and give him your 6th shawl. He will give back your shawl and some additional instructions.

Step 4 Enchanted Velium Powder: Combine Runed Sea Shell + Small Brick of Velium in a Mortar and Pestle

Step 5 Unfired Rune: Combine the Enchanted Velium Powder + 1 Water Flask in a pottery wheel.

Step 6 Blank Rune (NO DROP): Combine the Unfired Rune + High Quality Firing Sheet + 1 Water Flask in a kiln.

Step 7 Take the Blank Rune and give it to Trademaster Kroven. He will give you the Blank Rune back and a prayer to recite in the chapel where Loremaster Borannin is located.

Step 8 Etched Rune Pattern (NO DROP): Go to the chapel and recite the prayer given to you by Trademaster Kroven over and over again. An Etched Rune Pattern will materialize on the floor.

Step 9 Burin (NO DROP): Combine the Swordfish Tooth + Molkor Hide + Ulthork Tusk in a fletching kit.

Step 10 Etched Rune (NO DROP): Combine Burin + Blank Rune + Etched Rune Pattern in a fletching kit

Step 11 Give your Etched Rune to Grimthor. He will give it back along with instructions.

Step 12 Say “what fish oil” to Grimthor. He will then give you a Fish Oil Extractor, which is a 4-slot container.

Step 13 Cutlassfish Oil: Combine the 3 Cutlass Fish in the Fish Oil Extractor. The Extractor will poof and you’ll have the Oil in hand.

Step 14 Liquid Velium: Combine Rubbing Alcohol + Small Piece of Velium in a brew barrel

Step 15 Sacred Velium Ink (NO DROP): Combine Liquid Velium + Fish Oil + Royal Kromrif Blood in a brew barrel.

Step 16 Velium Etched Rune (NO DROP): Combine Sacred Velium Ink + Etched Rune in a fletching kit.

Step 17 Give the Velium Etched Rune to Talem Tucter. Talem will give you the rune back and a Runed Casing Pattern

Step 18 Rune Casing (NO DROP): Combine 2 Platinum Bars + Small Piece of Velium + Rune Casing Pattern in a jewelry kit.

Step 19 Encased Velium Etched Rune (NO DROP): Combine Rune Casing + Velium Etched Rune

Step 20 Combine the Encased Velium Etched Rune + Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl Pattern (received at the beginning of the 7th step when first showing your shawl to Betti Frostreaver) + 6th shawl.

Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl: Magic Item, LORE, NO DROP. Slot: Shoulders, AC +7 Wis +7 Int +7 Cha +7 Sta +7 SvCold +7 SvFire +7 SvPoison +7 Effect: Flowing Thought I. Wt 2.0 All/All

Mortar and Pestle (Container) – Selective Rogue Vendors
1 Runed Sea Shell (the one with 1 charge of enduring breath) – Sirens Grotto
1 Swordfish Tooth (NO DROP) - Siren's Grotto
1 Molkor Hide – Sirens Grotto
1 Ulthork Tusk – Eastern Wastes
3 Cutlass Fish – Iceclad
1 Royal Kromrif Blood – Kael (IceShard Keep)
1 Small Brick of Velium – Crystal Caverns
2 Small Piece of Velium – Crystal Caverns and Velketor’s
3 water flask – Any food/water vendor
1 HQ Firing Sheet – Pottery Vendor
1 Rubbing Alcohol – Cabilis (Mortican)
2 platinum bars – Jewelry Vendor in Thurgadin

Betti Frostweaver – Vendor located in the Thurgadin Exchange (EQ Atlas 17)
Gilthan Brittlebade – Vendor located in the Thurgadin Exchange (EQ Atlas 17)
Trademaster Kroven – Vendor located in the Thurgadin Exchange. He is through the door above the pottery wheel. (EQ Atlas 17)
Loremaster Borannin – Located in the Chapel where the quest began. (EQ Atlas 21)
Grimthor – He is a bartender in the very back of the “Velium Keg.” (EQ Atlas 4)
Talem Tucter – Vendor in the Jewelry Store. (EQ Atlas 12)

- Recommended Tradeskills for the 7th Shawl
Pottery 175
Brewing 180
Fletching 190
Jewel Craft 180

You are going to need several different containers for this quest including but not limited to Jewelry Kit, Coldain Tanners Kit, Fletching Kit.

*WARNING* The Cutlass Fish are edible so if you’re going to keep them in your bags make certain they’re beneath your food.

There is a difference between a small piece of velium and a small block of velium. The pieces are stackable and can be obtained in 3 main locations that I am aware of, Skyshrine, Crystal Caverns, and Velketor’s.

Kael blood is dropped from Vorken and Klaggan Iceshard in Iceshard Keep. Heading from Eastern Wastes you pass over the first bridge and head to the area that has 3 directions. If you head straight you continue to go to WL, but you want to go left, past the ice pond where a “fisherman” is standing. Inside the building is both Vorken and Klaggan. These two mobs can be pulled solo but you will need to clear out the mobs on the way to keep from adds (if you are a wizard you can disintegrate 90% of the outside mobs). There is 1 wanderer and 7 others. Both Klaggan and Vorken hit hard, cast, heal, and GATE. They cannot be stunned so just burn toward the end. 3 – 4 people who are 55+ should be able to do this no problem. Also, the blood seems to be about a 1 in 4 drop.

One good thing about the burin is that you get it back after using it in the combinations. What this means is that regardless of how the quest turns out you will not have to obtain another Ulthork Tusk, Molkor Hide, or Swordfish Tooth.

-Blique (from EQ Traders)
08-06-2001, 07:31 AM
Tip for getting Siren Hair for Embroidered Prayer Shawl:

From page 69 of Secrets of the Ancient Druid Masters, now available in paperback:

Sirens in Cobalt Scar appear to be a tough catch at first impression, but are a pushover for a handsome druid with the right pickup lines. They drop hair for the Coldain Shawl quest (7th shawl) about 1 in 10 to 15 kills, and Excellent Scales for the Outcast Siren quest at about the same rate (perhaps a bit more often).

Start with the trio on the beach at the Point (west of the Wyvern Tower with the zone to Skyshrine). You can walk to the top of the steep slope on the north and view them from there (be sure not to knock any fellow peeping toms down the cliff, as this will tend to make the ladies quite irate). You should be able to target each of the three from up top.

Prepare yourself with magic resistance and a regeneration spell, in addition to your normal buffs.

Target the nearest lass, then back away from the edge due east towards the Tower until you are just out of rooting range. You can test this by trying to cast root (but canceling it before it goes off!) and moving back until you get the message that the target is out of range. Now move back slightly into range, cast root, followed immediately by ensnare. Now BACK UP a few steps!

While you are now out of rooting range, you can still cast your DoTs. Show the lass the depths of your affection through Winged Death and your quest bracer/ES vambraces DoD. Then sit and med, keeping the siren up as your target.

The trick here is that the sirens' casting range is equal to the druid casting range for root and snare, and thus a druid can cast DoTs while out of range of the siren's spells. In fact, even at root range you will avoid their most pernicious spells. Distance makes the heart grow fonder!

If you get the message that your root broke, immediately stand up, cast root, then back up out of root range again. You may take a hit or two from a siren spell, but they are easily rooted and you should be able to get out of range again without too much difficulty. This is why the use of Ensnare at the start is so important.

Occasionally you will get a message at the start that the root didn't take effect. If so, immediately re-root and back up quickly and proceed as above. If you were so fast that you started casting Ensnare before you found out that the root broke, go ahead and let the Ensnare finish, then re-root, back up, and proceed as above. The key here is to minimize the damage and maintain distance.

Each of the three can be handled in turn like this for druids of the appropriate level. Some will gate if you root them far from their spawn point, which gives even more incentive for dealing with them in place. If one does gate on you, however, you know where it is, and can DoT it from a distance by moving back to just within range.

After the trio, there is another siren above the water, often a higher level than the trio, on a lone rock on the south side of the Point. You cannot see her from the top of the cliffs, but you can levitate down while invisible (sirens don't see invisible), target her, then go back to the top and cast from there. Alternatively, you can head along the water's edge east from her to maximum distance, and root her from there. Be careful about straying out above the water to the south and southwest here, as there are several sirens under the water who will be more than happy to show you how affectionate they can be.

The sirens under the water around the Point can be handled by a variant of the above method. Go invis, swim up, target the lovely creature of your desires, then swim away to beyond root range and proceed from there. Swimming makes it a bit tougher to back away, but it can be done. You won't be able to see her, of course, and if she has any friends in the area, you will need to take care of them as well before inspecting the corpses.

There are four sirens under the water in front of cave leading to the zone to Siren's Grotto. These can be picked off one at a time using the above methods as well. I approach from the east, underwater, at the base of the cliff (in order to minimize the possibility of sharks and other fish joining in). Target the nearest lass, back off (which will be beyond the sharp bend in the cliff wall to the east), and root/dot as above. You will need to kill all 4 quickly, though, to prevent the first corpse or two from decaying prematurely.

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Re: Shawl Quest(s)

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:44 pm
by Iila
The #7 2.0 Shawl is the top end for the group shawls and is still a VERY good item for druids. The amount of mana it returns while healing for sustained amounts of time is simply amazing.

The 1.0 quest can be plowed over at your level, with a few annoying camps for rarer drops. Don't forget to pick up extra snow griffon eggs for the 2.0 while you're there for that portion of the 1.0 quest.

You will need to be higher level and get all your tradeskills to 300 for the 2.0. And the Underfoot progression to get in to some of zones will be a pain. But if you can manage all that, the item is something that is still in use today at the highest levels.