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Glowing Othni armor, lvl 71+, no faction needed!

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 8:36 am
by Mallorn
While there are several equipment drops that use alternate currencies, glowing othni armor is a quest item this is tradable that can be turned in for No Drop Restless hide armor, which has great stats and focus effects for the level. The turn-in is easy in PoK. The trick with this set of armor is the price, on Tunare in Fall 2012 all non-tunic pieces sell for 12-15K, and the tunic sells for over 20K. For the maximum amount of armor, eight pieces, you will probably be dropping over 100K. However, some of the focus effects are outstanding (for the level) and last until lvl 85 if I am not mistaken.

Glowing Reis is the successor to this, with a minimum lvl requirement of 85 (if memory serves). It surprisingly isn't much more expensive on Tunare at the moment, although I haven't seen as many pieces for sale.

UPDATE: At lvl 77 I am still using glowing othni armor, and will probably consider replacing it around lvl 80, either when the focus effects start to weaken or something better is available.

Glowing Reis at lvl 85 seems to not be off the table, but it might not be the best gear either. The pieces in the bazaar on Tunare seem to be overpriced remnants for when they were dropping.