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Sand Eroded Shell -Pet Haste clicky

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:52 am
by Mallorn
This is a brief, from memory account of my search for this item. Forgive minor errors, and post corrections if you know of them. It is one of the few clicky items that is not no-drop and has an effect that I will use for some time, so I wanted to try and grab it. I expect to charm a lot in the coming levels for exp, and how sweet would it be to get free haste without using up a spell slot? I have not seen it pop up in the bazaar on Tunare, and the drop is from a mob that is lvl 58 ( I am lvl 71) so I decided to give it a shot.

For reference, I used Lucy for information on the Mob's and on items that were dropping. I used EQ maps to find out where the heck I was trying to go, and would highly recommend it.

The zone is Crypt of Nadox. As for getting there, don't take the zone-in that looks like a lava pool, because it is, and is the zone-out if you fall in a lava moat within Crypt of Nadox. When swimming around in the lava, looking for a way up that didn't exist, I was wondering if the lvl 51 monk the zone was getting a chuckle out of the backstroking, lava-braving halfling, ha! With camo and my merc up it was easy enough to get to the spawn area, I think I only had to fight one or two grey mobs. It is indoors, so no mounts or outdoor spells, which was a painful reminder of lower levels long ago! The area with placeholders is a room on the far western side of the map that houses some undead trolls. The undead blacksmith is the mob we are looking for. I ended up clearing out all of the undead trolls in the main retangular room, and then the ones on the stairs leading to the south (on both sides).

A few things to note. Two augs dropped that were decent, the rarer one was a green gem with 10AC if I recall correctly. There are several other lore drops as well which I think will sell for some plat in the bazaar. For me, I cleared all of the trolls three times, then on the fourth wave had the undead weaponsmith(dropped the bow, good lore item that should sell okay at bazaar), on the fifth wave the undead was up again and dropped only the bow again. Meh. Each time the undead blacksmith spawned on one of the landings in the area with the stairs; first time to the left, second to the right. I'll try to give an update shortly as well, though I expect after a handful of wipes I may grow bored with this and go hunting elsewhere for a bit.

Re: Sand Eroded Shell -Pet Haste clicky

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:23 am
by Mallorn
I spent and extra night on this one, but the sand eroded shell eluded me. Again when I first showed up there were no undead blacksmiths, cleaned the place out (took me ~10 minutes, respawn around 20-25 minutes) and then had three more undead weaponsmiths. This time I had one on the left and one on the right side of the large retangular room that you first come to, another was again down on the stairs to the left. Two dropped the bow again and I forgot what the third item was.

Used secondary bind nearby and ported out, will try again sometime when I have time to kill...

Re: Sand Eroded Shell -Pet Haste clicky

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:44 am
by Mallorn
Update #2. The trend I keep seeing is when I arrive and there is no undead blacksmith he usually spawns after I have wiped the place. Last night someone else had wiped this whole section of the zone, and when I checked it this morning one was the undead weaponsmith.

I have killed the undead weaponsmith roughly 10 times and no shell. It honestly wasn't worth this much effort, so I will not be surprised if I change my secondary bind spot and let this go for now. Hopefully with offline traders more items will be available and I'll be lucky enough to find one for sale.

Re: Sand Eroded Shell -Pet Haste clicky

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:24 am
by Mallorn
Final update. I wiped the room a couple more times and had at least one more undead weaponsmith with no shell. Then, out of the blue, I saw the shell in the bazaar for 145p. Mission completed.

If you use charm with any regularity the item is rather nice, I love freeing up a spell slot.

Re: Sand Eroded Shell -Pet Haste clicky

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:34 pm
by tatankawd
I've had one for years, but never use it. If you swarm charm, your "pet" dies so quick anyway, it's not worth using the haste.

Now, if you're in a group, and trying to keep the pet for a while, then that's a different story, and this would be a nice item to have.