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Trade skills

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:18 pm
by Mallorn
I have been tinkering more and more with tradeskills, with the long term goal of doing the Shawl quests (in another post). However, instead of just yapping on about tradeskills under the shawl quest I thought it would be more appropriate to post here. Discussions I would like to spur on:

-useful tradeskill-produced items for druids
-quests involving tradeskills of interest to druids
-useful XP spots that drop tradeskill items, for either skill gains or for useful items
-tips on leveling skills, or druid hunting strategies to get maximum tradeskill drops

As of 2013 the ultimate tradeskill guide on eqtraders is the best, thorough description of each skill: ... kill-Guide

This second guide I use frequently for the trophy quests: ... v-Apr-2009

Eqtrader's search function is also great for looking for recipes that use an item you have picked up.

-The shawl quest, the mother of great items and the most grueling quest I have heard of to date, requires 300 in the seven main tradeskills, among other things. This has a thread already.
-There is a quest to get an additional mercenary slot that requires 300 in all seven tradeskills. That merc slot is only useful for that particular character.

Re: Trade skills

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:22 pm
by Mallorn
So, I have been wanting to get my seven trophies. So far I have brewing, baking, tailoring and smithing. I would like to add that most of them are tedious but managable with the exception of the tailoring one. You are required to make something that uses a raw-hide gorget, which is a drop that no one gets or sells these days. I ended up hunting orcs and assorted spawns west of the big lake in the north section of Ro (can't recall which specific Ro zone, but it is the one our ring port goes to). I was unlucky, has several of each of the other armor pieces, and it finally dropped. Thank goodness the combine worked or I might have been ready to break something.

Take home message: Tradeskills are a lesson in patience. When I'm not in the mood for such a lesson, DON'T WORK TRADESKILLS! :)

Re: Trade skills

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 6:47 pm
by tatankawd
I have also been working on my tradeskills, off and on, over the last few months. Have tailoring (271), smithing (265), and fletching (251) left. Those guides are invaluable, the ones at EQT. Though I have found, once you know what you need to get, the boards at Allakhazam's are very good for helping you actually find them :)

One addition to the main guide at EQT, I would make. For pottery, do the power sources. They are profitable, so it really doesn't matter how many you need to make, it generates plat while you're doing it!

Shoot me a tell if you have any questions, or when you're ready to start on the shawl. I'm holding off til my alts are also level 85, as I've heard that UF zones are pretty tough (and you can't even get the first quest til you've gotten to a later tier of UF).


Re: Trade skills

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:52 am
by Mallorn
So, the tradeskills I wanted trophies in (for shawl quest) are brewing, bakery, fletching, jewelcraft, pottery, smithing and tailoring. I finally got all seven trophies this weekend. Jewelcraft, pottery and fletching were the last three I got, all three used 100% of items you could vendor buy, so they weren't too bad.

The toughest trophy for me was the tailoring one, and the big fuss was getting the raw-hide gorget. Now I would like to get all seven to ~200 so I can finish the coldain prayer shawls...

As for druid relevant crafted items, the three on my radar are:
-cultural armor (though I don't know how good it really is comparably)
-power sources (again I have no clue if these are relevant today)
-tailored bags. Who the heck doesn't want more inventory or bank space. Many can be purchased in the bazaar, but perhaps they can be produced for less.

Re: Trade skills

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:36 am
by Mallorn
Well, my in-laws were visiting this week which meant I had a lot of down time for EQ, but couldn't dive into anything too involved. So, tradeskills it was, and with a vengeance. I spent a fair amout of time shopping the bazaar and have some nice stockpiles of supplies in excess of what I already have used. I managed to get blacksmithing, tailoring and baking up to the 200 range. I may wrap up some loose ends I have with those three skills and try to get the others to 200 in the near future.

So far I have had better luck finding ores than tailoring supplies so that felt like it leveled up faster for me. Baking shouldn't be that hard, according to other reviews, but the subcombines make it awfully tedious and my least favorite of the three for that reason. I can hardly stand to do sub-combines when I'm not building the actual skill; if I could find someone to supply sub-combines for a reasonable price I would pick them up.

Re: Trade skills

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:44 am
by Iila
Before this update, the 2.0 Shawl was one of the most important items a druid could get. With the Shadow of Fear update, it's can now become an aug, the mana regen also got nerfed to become a buff instead of a burst 300 mana return. Time will tell if that nerf stays, but the fact that the Shawl is one of the best augs/items a druid can get remains true.

If you can do the trade skill trophy quests at low skill, DO THEM. Or at least, go get the quest at the lowest skill you can (50-100) because the lower skill quests are MUCH easier than the higher skill quests. And the trophies will grow along with your skill as long as you have them equipped.

The EQtrader's guides in the forums plus some lookups on EQT, Magelo and Bazaar price checking should help you plot a skill up course that fits your time/plat/farming needs.

Since druids do not have any kind of burst mana regen, having a shawl is especially important for us to lower mana loss in conjunction with our Wolf Form AAs.