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Epic Quest

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 12:52 pm
by Mallorn
I was never high enough level to even consider it when it was the new thing, and as a returning player I am hesitant to put the time into it unless I can use it. The 1.0 effect wouldn't be helpful in the later game, though I believe the 2.0 has an effect to reduce the amount of hate you get (when casting heal spells?). I rarely group and don't have trouble with hate with my merc, so it doesn't seem relevant. I have seen a raid guild recruiting druids that lists 3KAA's, all healing AA's and having your 2.0 as a requirement.

I always make an effort to see if other druids use the epic and have only seen person with it equipped once, and it was on a character in their 50-60's, so I figured they might have gotten it a long time ago and were a returning player. No higher level characters have it equipped that I have seen.

Does anyone use it? Can you make a pitch for how and when it is useful? In a group/box setting is it worth it?

Re: Epic Quest

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:31 pm
by tatankawd
I have the 1.0, but got it when 60 was max level, so it was somewhat useful. Now it's strictly a museum piece. I've looked at the 2.0 stats and foci, and frankly, I'm surprised any guild makes it a requirement. I thought everyone considered it obsolete at current end-game levels (90+).

OK, looked it up. Staff of Everliving Brambles, clicky is Season's Fury. Lasts 30 seconds, recast delay is 3 minutes, increases damage by 50% on the target, so once debuffed, the target gets more damage from everyone. HOWEVER, it's capped at level 75 spells, with a 5%/level drop-off. So at level 95 and up, it does nothing.

For the focus (Serpent's Silence), it decreases hate by 6%, but with the same level 75/5% per level cap and drop-off.

And that's not even considering it's only 340 HP/Mana, so you're giving up about 1500-2000 HP/mana vs. current items.

Frankly, any current raiding guild that requires Druids to have their 2.0s is smoking something. That, or they really don't need any druids, and they're just using this as a hoop to make people jump through.

And having said all that, from what I've read, getting a 2.0 is not that hard for most classes. I think most of it can be soloed, and the last one or two steps can be done with a single group.


Re: Epic Quest

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2013 8:58 am
by Mallorn
You beat me to it; came to the same conclusion last night after doing some research. Guild post requesting druid to have 2.0 was smoking crack, or it was an old post (or old idea) when the level cap was lower.

Bit of a shame. I have read somewhere that developers are adamant about not updating the epic quests, so there isn't really any point in getting the 2.0 now in the hopes of an upgrade in the future.