Coming back

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Coming back

Post by Iscira »

Hello everyone,

I am coming back to EQ after a long break.I stopped right after the Drakkin race expansion.

Am not sure wich server to go on.I am euro, but always played on US servers.My account is new so I am starting from scratch.Considdering the Firiona Vie server

Of course I want to play a druid again.. I had one at level 25 back then and loved playing her

I just thought I'd say hi, as I am sure I will have questions for fellow druids

On that note:

Does race matter?
Where do I put my starting points again? Wisdom?

I loved doing the low level quests and never been bothered about being Ubar.Is this still doable.. to level on questing?

What servers would you recomend.. for a bit of old school stuff?

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Re: Coming back

Post by Yrys »

Welcome back!

My EQ knowledge is pretty rusty, not having played in several years either, but I'll give your questions a stab.

Race: Probably won't matter a lot in the long run, so pick the one with the racial perks you like. Allakhazam has a race comparison, though it has an inaccuracy: wood elves don't get sneak.

Starting stats: Also probably won't matter a lot in the long run. Last I remember, the stats to go for were some mix of wisdom and stamina.

Quest leveling: EQ leveling is mostly about grinding, not questing. You may be able to get some experience from quests, but the majority will come from killing mobs.

Old school servers: There are two progression servers right now; Fippy Darkpaw and Vulak'Aerr. Looks like Fippy is on Velious right now, and Vulak is still on Kunark. If you have a Mac with OS X before Lion, you could also try EQMac and the Al'Kabor server; EQMac is set around PoP and not likely to get any later expansions any time soon.

Hopefully that helps some.
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