I love playing a druid in 2012, and here is why

EQ related discussion about Druid life in general.
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I love playing a druid in 2012, and here is why

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I returned to the game like so many others and picked up my main where I left off, a halfling druid that was lvl 52. I've read a lot of information on what is to come for druids, and have seen some questions I would like to address:

Q: Why would you want to play a druid?
You know, in 2000 when I started this character I loved to solo and I loved to be the jack-of-all-trades. It is still an awesome class to solo/molo, we have so many different strategies I often play one until I perfect it and get bored with it and switch gears (merc combo's, quadding, charming, reverse charming, root/rotting, etc.) This is great for the mid-game, which is where I have always been. When grouping, just be a group player and fill your roles and you do just fine.

Q: Why not play a _______class, they are better at __________.
You know, I have entertained the thought of switching and have a few alts but I always come back to the druid. My first char was a shaman (in 1999) and I ended up switching to a druid because they were doing all the priestly things I wanted (kiting, ports, good DD's, etc.). Melee classes end up boring me to tears since you are usually doing the same thing over and over. Casters I like, but I miss ports, heals, snare, tracking, etc. with my mage. I always loved enchanter's buffs, but I want to be able to solo and cause damage. I like the idea of a wizard, but just blasting may get as old as just swinging a sword, and repetitive. Most classes can travel fast via PoK, but not as fast as ports. Most can use SoW potions, but not for free on a whim. With a 90% rez, dying is more inconvenient than anything as a druid. Want a pet? Find a good zone with animals and give it 60% pet haste spell and buffs, crazy pet time! I love the versatility.

Q: Are druids viable at the end game/raiding?
On the Tunare server, on a semi-open raid group call After Hours, there are plenty of druids in the listings:
http://ah.eqish.com/EQDkp/listmembers.p ... a553c80c1d
There are plenty of thriving high-level players. Now, the general concept comes down to this; you are likely going to focus your roles in groups and in raids, and that is what you do when you go that route. Primarily healing and debuffing seem to be the fate of raiding high level druids.

Q; Where is the druid community?
In 2001 there were a ton of conversations about druid life on forums. Now it is mostly gone. With free-to-play I suspect there will be a bit of a resurgence. If you want a community, participate in one, start here by posting anything.
In short, the community has been scattered. Over time some places had some problems. I am posting here, there are lurkers here, and if 10 people posted as much as I do the community could spring back to life.
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