"Republicans" on Social Security

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"Republicans" on Social Security

Post by Tudamorf » Tue Mar 29, 2011 2:04 pm

http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.c ... .DTL&tsp=1
Santorum blames abortion for Social Security woes

In his latest trip to New Hampshire, Republican Rick Santorum says the Social Security system would be in much better shape if there were fewer abortions.

The former Pennsylvania senator and potential presidential candidate was asked about Social Security during an interview on WESZ-AM radio in Laconia on Tuesday morning.

He says the system has design flaws, but the reason it is in big trouble is that there aren't enough workers to support retirees. He blamed that on what he called the nation's abortion culture. He says that culture, coupled with policies that do not support families, deny America what it needs _ more people.

Santorum has been a frequent visitor to New Hampshire, which holds the earliest presidential primary.
You might have to read the bolded section twice to convince yourself that he actually said that.

Of course in the usual "Republican" hypocritical fashion, he strongly opposes immigration, even though it's immigration that's propping up the American birth rate and providing that work force for the future, not "real" good white Christian racially European Americans.

And this guy is considering running for President too.

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Re: "Republicans" on Social Security

Post by AbyssalMage » Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:06 pm

The fact that he said, "Social Security would be much better...", coming from a Republican, is priceless. I'm surprised they didn't demonize him on the spot for saying that Social Security can work with out privatizing it. But again, this is priceless speach.

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Re: "Republicans" on Social Security

Post by Fyyr » Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:25 pm

"These children are simply denied care because they don't have long life expectancies; they're not seen as useful economic units," he said. "In one respect, I feel like I have to go out and fight for people, for children like Bella, and for the dignity of human life irrespective of their economically productive ability. I think Bella's had a great impact on many, many people."

Santorum does not value quality of life.
If you were an omnipotent being, and put the "soul" of a person into the brain of a chimpanzee or dog, one would have to consider you to be a cruel evil malevolent being. I don't really have to deal with high functioning Trisomy or Down's patients. The ones that I encounter are extremely limited in their cognitive abilities, wherein a dog or mouse has higher mental faculties.

There is no dignity in living a live with the brain functioning of a chicken or other animal.

While their omnipotent being must definitely be evil in this regard. Do we as human beings have to emulate that evilness and cruelty?

Of course this is rational, and religious folks are irrational by definition.

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