View Full Forums : In game Chat Channel gets an upgrade

Sobe Silvertree
11-07-2004, 04:25 PM
As most of you know..


= The Druids Grove Chat Channel in Game or through EQIM.

Many have requested that we have some way or form to temp ban or perma ban people. SoE hasn't come up with a change yet so we had to improvise.

Currently only Arvine and myself can ban or temp ban.

For those that will test it - well heh.. this feature is in several other channels that you may visit and you may call your home.. it will ban you there also.

This is now in place. -

There are some features we will be puting in place like the ability to link items directly to you in tell and some other features we will play with as people become a bit more comfortable with the new features.

For those that are concerned about this feature being abused. Just remember we use the same rules as The Druids Grove Boards as we do for the channel and if you have any problems just email me or Arvine..

Thank you!