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12-09-2004, 08:56 AM
i'm a lvl11 Druid recently started. i've been always linked with melee classes so i'm a bit lost now:( what i would like to see answered is:

1- I understand that self casting is a good way to keep your skills up to your lvl so what list of spells cover all skills (abjur, evoc, etc etc) without needing to attack? (let's say I have a spare hour inside PoK to cast everything in myself...)

2- What are good items to buy at specially to quest? i can quest with lvl35War if I can't do it with lvl11Druid. is there a middle lvl armor quest for Druid like there is for monks inside the crypt of dranik or the blackened alloy armor?

3- Where should I lvl and in from what lvl can I start soloing Hill Giants for the pp?

thks in advance for every piece of knowledge you can share with me:)

12-09-2004, 11:20 AM
for conjuration - summon food or drink cost like 10 mana and
for divination - camo or see invisi for 15 or 25 mana
for abjuration - skin like wood for 10 mana
for evocation flame lick for 10
( learn to love Flame lick .. it's our best aggro kiting spell )

2. there are mid level quest but probably not worth the effort, when you can buy nice stuff in bazaar for cheap. and if you had a higher level bud or two, i'd even try to make a run for elysian armor in UP.

3. hill giants for pp? HA.. haven't been there in a longggggggggg time, but was usually perma camped or always hgih levels there raping and pillaging. no room for xpers there, just plat farmers.

at 11.. hmm was that karana's? orc hwy in oasis,
where are the hot zones? get 10 more levels and maybe sk and splitpaw before they revamp it.

12-09-2004, 12:46 PM
Gear -- Hang out in Umbral (if you can get there) til people rot some Elysian. Will last ya to the late 60s

XP -- South lake of PC to 18, bandits til 24, than HHK and OT to 35, than DL to 45 (kei), than quad kite spirocs to 52.

Hill giants -- Meh no point, your a druid go to JPF. The willowisps in JP are in the mid 30's and drop a greater lightstone and 4ish pp and some vendor loot everytime. Can also kill Griffawns and at later levels griffons and anacondas for the meat, which sells very nicely. Also hit forage cause plant shoots go for a lot. I leveled solo til lvl 56 in jagged pine (after spirocs turned LB) on my main personaly.

Edit -- Most of the time hills giants are heavily camped, and jagged pine isn't, so thats a big reason why JP > HG's, but the main reason is the fact you get good xp doing it. Depending on the baking market on your server you could make HUGE plat off of meats, personaly i made 30,000pp off of just what i got soloing from 52 to 56. Would take weeks to get that from HG's.

12-09-2004, 05:31 PM
Far as gear goes, Elysian might not be too good quite yet. With a recommended level, you'd barely notice the stats on it. Look for some cheap but good lowbie armor. I think I wore netted Kelp early on, or Othimer fur. Heck, do your newbie armor quests. they're always good for a new player, and through hunting for the pieces you'll learn a litle more about how druids work.

Jaggedpine is a great place too for making some money while you experience later on. If not for the meats, for the piles and piles of animal skins / fur you can get.

If you're only level 11, for experience, why not go with the classic camp Crushbone off of Kelethin / Greater Faydark? Great experience there. Get in a throne room group and you can easily hang around until level 16 or 17. After that, well, there is Estate of Unrest or you can head straight to the lowbie EXP farming zone of the game ~ Paldual Caverns ~. I got on a PL rush one day and got my cleric from level 5 to 26 in perhaps 5 hours, maybe 6. That was with powerleveling, though, but it showes you can exp there for a long time :P

12-10-2004, 01:21 AM
Far as gear goes, Elysian might not be too good quite yet. With a recommended level, you'd barely notice the stats on it. Look for some cheap but good lowbie armor. I think I wore netted Kelp early on, or Othimer fur.
Heh, I think this guy is new to EQ. The cheapest I've seen Othmir gear for is 75pp. It sounds like pennies to us, but i remember even being int he 40's saving up for weeks just to spend 400pp on Acrylia studded sleeves -- so a full suit of armor @ 75pp a slot wont be too realistic. Eylsian will set him for awhile,... when i was in upper 40's i binded there and waited for the slots i needed to rot etc. Binding there will of course require you be lvl 19 so you can por tout for CR's etc.

What server do you play on Tor?

12-10-2004, 06:49 AM
like any newbie, in "Morden Rasp" (i've been playing for only 2 months if we don't count the free account).

i've detected one problem so far in your replies (my fault). everyone's recommending Paludal Caves but i must warn you i don't have expansion packs yet so I won't be able to go there:|. with my Warrior (lvl35) if i recall, i hanged out in "The overthere" from 20-26.

nontheless, don't worry about recommending items cause i have a friend (the one who had the brilliant idea of bringing EQ to my life) and he has packs (in other words, Bazaar:P).

I now have another doubt. this is not completely related with my Druid but here it goes. Let's say i buy a haste item (for my waist) that has 21% haste. and let's say i dual wield swords with 25 and 21 delay. will I take 21% of the delay in both weapons when fighting? (what would give me delay 22,2 and 18,7) if yes, what would be some well known haste items?

12-10-2004, 09:47 AM
i guess that haste question is for your warrior since druids don't dual weild :P
and you're better off askign that haste question in steelwarrior boards.