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02-02-2005, 01:31 PM
I currently have ornate boots for Mana Pres 4. I'm looking at upgrading a few items and get the level 5 focus effects. Still playing with magelo so no link available. Iif you could just list some items that a non elemental druid could obtain that has Mana Pres 5 or some of the other named Focus that effectively is Mana Pres 5 but goes by other names and has more than 10% that would be most appreciated. /run-on sentance off

Drid the druid.

02-02-2005, 01:39 PM
The new augs with OoW can make a nice aug with Mana Pres 5, you can add a number of different stats to it, for example I am in the process of making a Mana regen 3, Mana pres 5 aug (fits in head slot only due to mana regen3) but you can have a number of dif stats to upgrade w/ the mana pres 5.

Mine will cost me about 175k to make but you can get some made for about 75k as well (This is baz prices on Trib, cost for Discordant Scoraie + original Aug) I have friends who are doing the combines for free but it might cost you a little more to have someone you don't know make them.

I suggest you look that up if you can get a hold of the cash..or farm for a rare aug and discordant scoraie.