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Kodachi Darkbane
09-11-2003, 11:43 PM
I was really frustrated and confused by the new objects in the LDoN on my frist few adventures. It seemed no matter what we did the damn things blew up and nearly killed us ;P. So i did a little research and I thought id share the info with you.

There are 3 types of chests/boxes in the dungons:

1) Mechanical - these are boxes/chests that can be sensed by bards/rogues, disarmed using the bard/rogue disarm traps skills, and picked using the bard/rogue pick lock skill.

2) Magical - These are boxes/chests that can be sensedl/disarmed/and unlocked using the Wuggan's spell set used by Necros Mages and Enchanters. Also by the Xalirilan's spell set which can be used by Wizards.

3) Cursed - These are boxes/chests that can be sensed/disarmed/and unlocked using the Reebo's line of spells useable by Necros Mages Druids and Shamen. As well as the Iony's line of spells useable by Clerics.

So how do you know what kinda box you have got?

Here is a rundown of what you should do when you encounter a box:

The bard/rogue if you have one should Sense Traps. If the message says something like "You cannot tell if the -object- is trapped" then its either a Magical or Cursed Box and the bard/rogue should now leave it alone :P. However if he/she gets a message "You cannot sense any traps" Keep trying to sense traps until you get a "You are certain that an -object- is not trapped" Or "You sense that an -object- is trapped" If you get any of these messages the box is mechanical and should ONLY be touched by a bard/rogue.

The Cleric/Druid/Shaman/Mage/or Necro should use their Augury spell for sensing cursed traps. You target the object and try to cast your Augury spell. If you get a message "This only works on the cursed" then the box is not cursed and you can leave it alone. If you can cast the spell, find out if its trapped or not.

The Mage/Necro/Wizard/Enchanter if you have one should use their Augury spell to sense magical traps. I dont have this spell so not sure how the messages work but i assume its similar to the cursed one above. Again if you can cast the spell the box is magical and you should determine if the box is trapped or not before continuing.

Great now we know what kinda box it is, now what?

Mechanical - The bard/rogue should try to disarm the trap if the sensed one using their Disarm Traps button. If they sucessfully achieve this then they should try to pick the lock. This is tricky as we were used to picking locks using lockpicks. However this doesn't work in LDoN, you have to make a Pick Lock button similar to the Sense Traps button using the abilities menu. Have the object targeted and hit the Pick Lock button, pretty sure you still need picklocks in your inventory although they can be in a bag. If sucessful at doing this, approach the box and type /open with the box targeted. If you succeeded at everything else this should open the box, give you the "Your party gains experience" message and you can now loot the box like a corpse.

Cursed - If your Augury spell sensed a cursed trap, use your Remove cursed trap spell to remove it. This spell requires a scrying stone. These can be bought from the Magus in the wayfarer's camps. The Greater Scrying Stone is a little over 17 pp. If you sucessfully remove the trap, use your open cursed locks spell to unlock the chest. If you sucessfully unlock the chest you may approach it type /open with the chest targeted and then loot the chest like a corpse once open.

Magical - This is the same as cursed boxes except only int casters can open magical chests. Untrapping a magical chest also requires a scrying stone. Make sure you use /open to open the chest after detrapping and unlocking it with spells. Do not ever hit a chest as it can destroy whats inside.

Know you know how to open chests/boxes ect. Unfortunately there is a bug right now that may prevent some members of a group from opening a chest/box for some reason. It may give you the message "You cannot loot this corpse at this time". If this happens to you, try logging out and logging back in, this fixed the problem for me.

Good Luck and have fun in LDoN!

09-12-2003, 05:18 AM
<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Unfortunately there is a bug right now that may prevent some members of a group from opening a chest/box for some reason. It may give you the message "You cannot loot this corpse at this time". [/quote]

This isn't a bug. It happens if there are any live mobs in the vicinity of the chest. If you clear all the mobs then you will be able to loot the chest.

Kodachi Darkbane
09-12-2003, 09:29 AM
That just doesn't seem right, because every time it has happened to us there haven't been any mobs anywhere nearby and half the group can loot the chest and the other half can't. It has to be a bug.


09-13-2003, 02:23 PM
Great information.

Question though: In your experience, is it possible for the "Augury" spell line to fail to detect a trap on a cursed object? That is, is it like Sense Traps in that there can be an outright failure to determine whether or not a box is trapped? If so, can anybody provide precise messaging (as has been provided for the Sense Traps skill check) and what each message means?

Also, if anybody knows, what is the difference between the higher and lower level spells in the same line? Do the lower level spells in the line only work in lower level dungeons, or is it that there IS a chance of failure, and the higher level spells afford a better chance of success?

Also, for ease of reference and those who are sticklers for detail I'll reference the names of the different spells you are apparently supposed to use for each different type of box and operation upon which you wish to perform:

"Augury" line -- Detecting cursed traps.
"Appraisal" line -- Detecting magical traps.
"Exorcism" line -- Disarming cursed traps.
"Discombobulation" line - Disarming magical traps.
"Cleansing" line -- Unlocking cursed objects.
"Extrication" line -- Unlocking magical objects.

<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>That just doesn't seem right, because every time it has happened to us there haven't been any mobs anywhere nearby and half the group can loot the chest and the other half can't. It has to be a bug.[/quote]

It is indeed a bug, one that occurred on the only box one of my LDoN groups has so far managed to open. I did a /petition inquiring about as to whether or not this was a bug or "working as intended", and I was told to /bug it.

09-13-2003, 03:40 PM
Yeah, that's a bug all right. Happened to us. Everything was killed, I couldn't loot it. Had to have someone else in the group do it.

But I finally opened my first object! It was fun. I liked the animation of the lid flipping off. :p

09-13-2003, 06:24 PM
Are Cursed objects like, fairly rare?

Out of 16 Adventures, 14 of which I had the Aurgy spell, I have never found one.

It says:

This spell only works on the cursed.


09-13-2003, 09:35 PM
It might depend on the theme. It seemed like there were a lot of cursed objects in mistmoore.

Kodachi Darkbane
09-13-2003, 10:10 PM
the intended distribution of chests according to a post by Absor on the Safehouse is 25% cursed, 25% magical and 50% mechanical. I don't really have enough experience to determine if this is accurate yet :) .

As far as can the sense traps spell fail? Yes they can. All the spells have a chance to set off traps on the chest or make the chest go boom and dissapear if they fail. As for messages, I don't really have enough experience yet to help you there. Ive only run into two chests that were cursed and here is how they went:

1st chest I hadn't bought the Augury spell yet, only had the disarm and unlock. So I tried the disarm cursed traps spell, the chest glowed and shook and I "think" it told me that I succeded in disarming a trap. I followed this up with an unlock cursed spell which made it shake and glow again, and it told me that i unlocked the chest. I /open the chest and got exp. lovely trinket for 10pp inside :) .

2nd cursed chest I cast augury on it. It gave me the message "A dark coffin is surrounded by a pale glow" or something like that. I was like, well thats not very informative. So I cast the Augury spell a couple more times and got the glow message again twice more. I decided that this "probably" meant that it wasn't trapped :) . I used the open cursed locks spells, suceeded and unlocked the chest. /open got exp and a nice +6 sta augmentation :) .

Not very informative yet, but hopefully others have got some more experience!


09-14-2003, 09:10 AM
How do you know if you have an object that might be opened? Only done a few adventures so far, but haven't seen any objects or been able to target em. Are they easily recognizable?


Kodachi Darkbane
09-14-2003, 11:42 AM
look around for barrels, chests, coffins, and crates. Try targeting them. They will have a hp bar ;) .

Additional info: got to play with a cursed chest today. I cast my Augury spell on it 5 times always it gave me nothing more than "a chest is surrounded by a soft glow". I figured this meant that it wasn't trapped, so I tried my unlock cursed spell, and lo and behold -- a trap. I got booted from the dungon before I got much further, but I figure there must be more to this Augury spell. Perhaps I need to cast the Augury spell on it and THEN /inspect the object to find out if I revealed a trap? If you get a chance try this and let me know what your results are. Also any results from the Augury spell other than "an -object- is surrounded by a soft glow" would be invaluable information.

Good Luck!

09-15-2003, 04:15 AM
We can't loot them either with no mobs about. It's gotta be a bug. Why am I using 20pp to open something I can't loot or that has a piece of "cash type loot" that is less than 20pp?