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02-28-2005, 02:40 AM
Hi Everyone,

Wreckers is an Aussie Guild started on Tholuxe Paells server, but soon merging so will be on Bertoxxulous. We have been around almost since server went live and as such, it makes us probably the oldest, continuous operation guild on Tholuxe Paells. Being a smaller guild, we are not zerg and every member counts in our success. We kill stuff that most other guilds can only do with 2-3 times our numbers. Strategy is very important to us in our raids.

Whilst we are not a full time raiding guild, giving players time to do the things they want to do, we do raid regularly. Our current raid times are Monday, Thursday and Saturday, from around 7.00pm Australian Eastern Time to 11.00 or whenever too many people log due to work commitments.

On most non-raid nights you will find the average Wrecker in a guild group, either on an exp grind, exploring zones, farming other zones for drops that make us stronger as a guild, working on tradeskills, sitting around 'our' tree in PoK chatting, helping a guildie with their epic or other quests and generally having a good time. We are very fast to drop everything and run to the assistance of a guildie who needs help, there are even a few non-guildies who we do the same for. Wreckers members also would be a little older than the average EQ guild.

We are Elemental Flagged and current targets EP Gods, GoD, and OoW content. Member average level is probably around 69-70 at the moment.

If you want to chat with us and see what we are about, post on our board (, send Aamasie or Giustin a tell or join us on our public chat channel, /wreckers or /tholuxe.wreckers.

Now that server merges are happening and people are being offered free transfers, Bertoxxulous and Wreckers may be a destination you'd like to consider.

Looking forward to seeing you in game

Sianni, 70 Druid, Wreckers, Tholuxe Paells

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03-23-2005, 09:29 AM
You would probably get better results posting this on your own server boards.

04-11-2005, 02:50 AM

point of this, jtoast, is that people are being offered free /movelog with the server merges. we are making ourselves known so people might consider moving to The Rathe to join us. Aussie guilds are few & far between.