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03-15-2005, 03:39 PM
there are two forms of charm: dire charm , spell charm

i feel that dire charm was put in to make up for our weak pet. there may not be dire charmable pets in each and every zone and yes you have to be level 59 with appropriate AA to get dire charm , the NPC has to be flagged an animal and has to be level 46 or under but its still better than our pet spell. I do not see them upgrading it ever for any reason because we have spell charms.

i feel that our spell charms make up for the level caps from dire charm so that we can still have a good pet assuming we can find one that is flagged an animal and is charmable. it doesnt matter to me if their DPS / stats are weaker because we can buff / have buffed / hasted ect ect to make up for the weaker DPS.

the main difference in both types of charm is duration and as such duration is has been determined to be by magic resist not charisma which affects only harmony. the duration of dire charm is indefinate assuming no dispell of it but the initial cast can be resisted by high magic resist. the only wild card in this would be if the animal summons eg. chimeras in walls of slaughter can be charmed and they have the ability to summon.

it seems they are changing charm to balance charmed pets verses summoned pets and the game needs this balance and has lacked that balance to the point they are addressing it and making changes to suit.

sure i wouldnt mind having a say pet that tripled for 2k and had 30khps but its not going to happen and if it does it would not be fair to have the mob at 100% DPS and power verses similar mobs and or summoned pets. that unbalances the game for everyone and i could see people abusing / continuing to abuse such a pet as i am sure people have abused pets in such a way.

i myself ended up with a dire charmed squid in natimibi that was triple attacking for 380s was hasted , buffed and hitting blue cons / nameds for 15% of their hps per round of combat. the pet ended up duel weilding the monk bst particle weapons because the named spawned a few times. they of course lowered the DPS of the mobs in natimbi to compensate i'm assuming for overpowered charmed pets.

so in closing i believe they are trying to address charm and its current state as being close to broken but not such that they needed to have done something before now.

04-18-2005, 10:38 PM
with the OOW charm can charm the spiders in fire at zone in and they hit for full or near to it. Getting 600-800 hits. as for charmed pets I use it in tipt many times with a chanter to clear the zone for bic pieces. 3 charmed pets will kil lthe zone in no time. the tank hardly has time to take dmg with 3 charmed mobs mobs hitting for 1k+

05-07-2005, 02:51 AM
One glowing rune I'm definitely gonna pass on unless it rots -- once they're done swinging the nerf stick, charming will be dead. I'm sad about that :(

05-07-2005, 06:04 AM

Am I correct in reading that you can charm spiders with the new OOW charm we got? We never could charm any spiders before.

05-07-2005, 09:07 AM
Only pofire spiders in field 1. Theyve always been animals, but too high for CoT.