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Sobe Silvertree
03-16-2005, 04:45 PM
EverQuest Turns Six!

In honor of the sixth anniversary of EverQuest, fans of the hugely popular online fantasy game are being rewarded with a host of in-game activities. For the next 30 days, players will take part in special in-game quests and activities that include all-new loot and items.

With the popularity of last year's Scavenger Hunt we wanted to once again send Norrathians out into the wilds of Norrath on challenging quests and epic adventures. Be sure to log in and check out the hunt over the course of the next few weeks. Cool rewards and items are guaranteed for those few brave souls up to the task.

Not to be outdone, the ever-famous Fabled NPCs return with even more power and loot. Relive the nostalgia and battle up to 125 buffed-up, old world MOBs from original EQ to the Ruins of Kunark. A few new NPCs have been added this year including Emperor Chottal and his diabolical pets, Faydedar, Trakanon, Overking Bathezid and his minions and the devilish Drusella Sathir, just to name a few.

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