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Sobe Silvertree
03-30-2005, 12:11 PM
Well as most of you know we have been moved off EZboards© since Oct 2003 and we been an official community since April 6, 1999.

During our Peak on Ezboards© (Just over 4 years) we hit over 19743 Registered Members.

As of Last night the Druids Grove hit over 10,000 Registered Members, and hit #1 on some of the Topsites Ranking Charts.

I must say 6 Years and running is pretty good for any Community especially one of the first Class site for EQ and the first that decided to break away from a traditional formats of Ezboards© that was sucking the life blood out of every member that decided they didn't want to see advertising.

Over the Last Year:

1.) We developed a community for both EQ2 and WoW and merged our Username Database so that one sign-on works with all the boards.

2.) We created Art Templates for both EQ2 and WoW through the efforts of Ladred the Admin of EQ2 (TDG).

3.) EQ 1 board is now separated from the ( under its own Subdomain. *(we are working on a primary interface to the entire site)

4.) Donation Page has been reformatted to show current and past year donations.

5.) Overall tweaking of the boards and continued upgrades to the software.

6.) Moved on to a new fast Server (Pent 4 2.8 Xeons x 4 cpu's with 3 gig of ram) and offered Webhosting to our community members for a small yearly fee. Feedback from each of those members has been phenomenal.

7.) We have established minor relations with Blizzard and became an Official Fansite for WoW "World of Warcraft". "Sobe wants more than minor and wants them to fulfill the FSP benefits."

8.) Aidon is still a Bitter Druid but is now the Admin of WoW.

9.) Several new moderators have decided to take the reins; Please officially Welcome those Moderators!

10.) News more aimed at the Druid Community was changed per "several" request from the community.

11.) The Druids Grove Interface is being worked on.. (thats the main interface that brings you to (EQ1, EQ2, WoW) News and Forums.. Flash anyone? Don't worry its just the interface to the rest of the sites and not something you have to see.. just introduces new members to our Community.

12.) ... and Much More!

So whats on the table for the next year?

Currently:<o =""></o>

1.) We are streamlining the EQ2 forums (back-end stuff) to work just that much faster. We continue to purchase our yearly subscription for VBulletin ($30.00) a year so we can keep up-to-date with the current software builds.

2.) We are continuing to work on the WoW Forums (back-end stuff) and some search engine through <st1 =""><st1:city w:st="on">Thottbot</st1:city>, <st1:state w:st="on">Ala</st1:state></st1>'s, and the forums. (Check out ).. some minor tweaks are going in.<o =""></o>

3.) WoW Spell and Talent engine is near completion.<o =""></o>

4.) Priest of WoW site is being talked about since many of the community have asked for it.<o =""></o>

5.) Over all Tweaks to EQ 1 (Back-end stuff) is being worked on.<o =""></o>

6.) Vanguard: Saga of Hero's is an up and coming MMORPG and we are discussing putting in a new board/News section. From the feedback so far .. Yes we have Druids. - Anybody confirm this yet?<o =""></o>

7.) Donations are important please contribute! (<o =""></o>

Overall this is whats on the books for the next year - Please feel free to comment and or complain! Please complain via Email - I will answer - PM'ing me sometimes I forget because there is no flagging system to remind me like I have in Outlook.<o =""></o>

03-31-2005, 09:31 PM
Thanks for all you've done to keep this place alive. This is still and has always been my favorite EQ board.

03-31-2005, 10:53 PM
4.) Priest of WoW site is being talked about since many of the community have asked for it.

Oh yes please!! Pwetty pwease with sugar on top?

04-01-2005, 04:30 AM

We've grown up so much.

I can still remember the first time I ever read the grove, back when it was the forums for EQDruids, I was actually playing my warrior then, but wanted to learn more about what my Druid buddies could do.

04-09-2005, 09:19 AM

After adding class links to out guild web page I discovered just how rare a good class board really is in EQ1.

Seems that less than a third of the classes (might be even less than that) have a well established and used class board.

So congrats and keep up the good work!