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03-31-2005, 07:37 AM
Tod und Teufel on the Tholuxe Paells server is currently looking to fill out our roster a bit more. We are working on GoD (Qvic + Inktu'ta) and OoW (MPG Trials, RSS) progression and could use a few more able bodies. We also farm PoTime periodically to gear applicants and new members.

Note: On April 18th, Tholuxe Paells will be merged into The Rathe server. We will be accepting applicants both before and after this takes place. The Rathe currently has No Asian, Australian or European raiding guilds at our level of progression, nor does Tholuxe, so there is little to no competition within our time zone, but we like it this way

Recruitment is currently open for all classes. Gear and flags aren't important as long as you're willing to put in the hours. Although the current AA requirements are negotiable to some extent, we do insist that you be level 69 upon applying, or is some instances, you will be tagged but required to reach 69 before a vote period will start.

TuT raids from 7pm to Midnight CET Mon-Fri and 3pm to Midnight on Sundays. We currently have 1 "free" day per week on Saturdays. If you cannot commit to 4 - 5 days raiding per week, or log in at the end of our raid time each day, then TuT probably isnt the guild for you.

TuT works on a DKP based, open "auction" Loot System.

If you're interested or would like further information, feel free to visit our site or contact an officer (Vilse, Micahle, Minyyo, Xanisu or Jerben) in game.

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