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05-03-2005, 01:29 AM
Yay. Finally 65! I've become more of a casual player and have decided to focus on my Druid. I am looking to fill in some weak spots (wrists and rings I know need to go for sure) now that I can put some time into her.

Some info:

magelo -

No access to raid drops, but if it's groupable outside of MPG/Ikkinz trials I can probably get it.

I tribute mana preservation. I am looking at OoW to rep the boots but only by virtue of having the nodrop piece already. I have around 100k to spend.

Thanks :)


05-03-2005, 04:54 AM
I would suggest trying to get in Muramite Proving Grounds groups. In particular grouping at Taskfiend, he drops a nice ring about 125hp/125mana priest/casters. Also there is another ring which drops off trash, think it has about 145hp/145mana all/all. Even if you can't get a PG group, you could probably hang outside a group at Taskfiend/Blind Hunter and help them with snares/dps and maybe pickup a rotting ring. This is the common drop from Taskfiend so anyone that wants it in groups there probably already has. Another nice ring drops in Ikkinz trials 160hp/160mana, but sounds like you won't be grouping there. One more ring I can think of is from Plane of Earth if you are elemental flagged. The Living Earth named drops an 85hp/85mana ring with flowing thought 2, would help out your flowing thought.

For wrists I think LDON dropped a leather wrist with stats about 90hp/90mana, may want to look into trying to find the name of it. Other than that I'd suggest grouping in WoS, can maybe pickup more of the quest pieces for OoW tier 1 armor.

If you have DON may want to try getting in some DON groups and save up for mana augs. Grab a few 50/55mana augs which are virtually irreplacable for a long time for you. Can also get most focuses through augs, but I usually try finding it on gear before aug. This might not be an option, on Maelin DON groups were pretty much dead after first 2 weeks.