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Tayana Mystwulf
05-12-2005, 10:48 AM
Hello :) I currently play on morell thule and my server is merging on monday. I was just curious as to which server is the best place for druids to advance on without too much hardship. I know that isn't entirely posssible, but on my server now it is nearly impossible to get groups with my druid.. so the alts have come out to play alot recently. I would like to go back to my druid and maybe get her last 10 levels to max her out before i retire her completley. I have resigned myself that she will most likely never see the high end game.. so i have alts that can do that. BUt, i would like to at least get her level maxed out before she is retired completely. Any suggestions on which server would be the best one for me? Any help would be appriciated.
Thanks :)

Tayana Mystwulf
60 druidess of Tunare
Morell-Thule server

05-12-2005, 12:12 PM
I'm on drinal and considering Druid retirement also, so I don't really know a good server to go to. But in general I'm thinking it would be easier to level on a server with a bad shortage of clerics.

Here's a few ideas some bad some good...

I had alot of experiance in velks lab, so I solo'd alot on the ice on near the top level and the kobald room thing. I don't really recommend that however unless you are real good at ice skateing. I think I dinged 62 in there which is probably borderlineing on insanity for a druid. Theres got to be a better way to 62. I also did some time in Velksar but really needed a tank to go in there deep an I was solo most of the time.

POV, I think I spent some time there also. Cave groups, I'm nutz about dps kite groups. But the cave camps prob not the bext xp in zone.

I did alot of time from 62 on in HOH. In the entry courtyard, did alot of kites, every now and then folks would come in an I'd start a dps kite group just for company. One SK became kind of a regular partner there with me. Groups deeper in are better if you can get them, I got some every now and then there. Much as I like kiteing I got very tired of the HOH courtyard but I got a ton of xp there, slow but sure.

BOT I didn't have much luck getting groups but from 62ish on thats a good place to be if you can get it then. XP starts slowing down when you get to 64 or so I think. Up top theres those bee's things, if you can get a bst partner, can go thru those pretty good for xp maybe even at 64ish.

I never did charm kite in pos with the frogs, I think I should have done that, everything I've read sounds like the solo xp is really good there if you get the aa charm.

I mixed in some LDON's with all of the above.

After 65..I think it gets trickier. If you know the new zones well it might not be bad, but I haven't really learned them yet. Someone else have to offer advice there. Maybe NC or some instanced zone,,, but not WOS. Can solo murkgliders in WOS but the xp is to slow, and it's to early to group at 65-66 unless you have a ton of aa or are really really geard up. ..<sigh>

Good luck and If you get a good answer to your question of what server is a good server.....I'm curious myself.

lol if drinal is the best for druids... port me to Plane of Hate please...

05-12-2005, 01:39 PM
Um, why wouldn't your druid see the end game? Druids are very valueable for the end game, even on servers like mine that have a plethora of clerics. Our server just seems to not have any paladins.

Our guild, while not currently recruiting druids, is not the only guild on our server. If we go through the other guilds,

Has a Very High desirability rating on druids. SR is in Anguish.

Cohort, who's web site is down, I know also is looking for druids as well. They are working on the MPG trials and are Txevu flagged.

Illusions of Apathy has a high need of druids as well. They are in Inktuk`ta working through that right now.

So, just on my server alone, there is 3 decently high-end guilds who would take a look at a druid. Sometimes I think druids get a bad rap here. We really are a good class.

Tayana Mystwulf
05-12-2005, 02:29 PM
Mostly, i am used to mt where you have to be a really high level and have a whole lot of aa's to get into a guild that actually raids the high end zones. Then, it is still hard to get into those guilds as a druid because they take very few. With my server merging with another older server, its going to be tough to do anything there, unless its on one of my alts. I just basically want somewhere that has good people, not too much fighting in ooc and a place to call home that i can make new friends and have fun again for a change. The hours of Lfg are tireing, and soloing now is harder since most solo places are way over camped on my server by others in the same situation. Thanks for the advice and the info though it is greatly appreiciated.

Aquila Swiftspirit
05-12-2005, 06:57 PM
My sense is that any guild that's raiding high end stuff is looking for level 70 chars with certain minimum AA. Certainly that's the case with the highest level guild on my server, which is currently recruiting (yes, you better sit down) druids.

If you're level 60 nowadays, raiding in the highest end areas, I'd guess you'd be a liability, more a hindrance than a help, since you'd probably need more healing from weird AEs and stuff. That's certainly the way it was with my not so good gear when I've raided as a guest with a high end guild (even though my toon is level 70). (I was a guest due to the high end guild's friendliness, especially their druids. But compared to those folks, I'm a total noob.)

If you like raiding, then finding a guild that's at your level, leveling up with them, helping them succeed and building yourselves together might be a good compromise. I think you'll find that lots of guilds value druids and just about anyone else that contributes to the fun of the game.

I'm also guessing that being in a guild with other folks who are 60-some and leveling/AAing together would provide more grouping opportunities. That's how it seems to me, anyway. I depend on my rather casual "raid a couple times a week" guild and friends for groups.

05-15-2005, 02:02 PM

I used to be on Morell Thule but moved to CT. Before the merger of Brells-CT a lot of zones were empty but it was still not impossible to get a group. From what I have heard from old friends on MT they at this moment have the same problem with many zones just plain dead. You might want to wait to see what happens after your merger. I believe you have 30 days from the day of the merger to move your toons elsewhere if you don't like it.

One thing to keep in mind is to consider your level and what guilds fit you for your level.

05-16-2005, 04:49 AM
Hmmm on MT, there are a few guilds that you could go to, but a few things I find alarming too. I'm not sure what restrictions MLF has right now, or even Avatar Elite. Those 2 would be your best bet at level for a guild that raids. Although I'm not sure how often or where either raids, I know they used to though.

60 is tough, I would say for any toon. Most people aren't going to grab a 60 druid for much, maybe if you are lucky a PoV group, best bet though is to solo and I'm no longer sure where the soloing spots are at that level. I was in chardok for about 7 levels and 20 or so AA, charming there. The exp isn't bad especially at 60. With the merger though, who knows there might be more people 55-65 LFG. Also when do you play? MT has been dead throughout the day, and then from 6-midnight, unless a guild calls off raids, I would think it is hard to find a group.

One part that stuck out though, was leveling to 70 and then quitting. I woulnd't let that be known to guilds you would like to app that as soon as you hit 70 you are done with that character, most guild officers and leaders would frown on that.

Also keep in mind that charm kiting IMO, makes for a better druid. You need to use almost every trick in the book if you do it like I do, and it makes you better in the end. Generally when I'm charm kiting I will change spells 2-5 times per kill, depending on what I feel I need.

Good luck though, if you have questions you are more than welcome to send me a tell and I will try to help you out. Just remind me that you read this on druidsgrove so I know who you are lol.