View Full Forums : Epic Armor?

05-27-2005, 06:33 AM
Well, not just yet but Zajeer has the ability to make dreams come true. At least in Everquest, so you never know...

When/If we get new character models, I'd like a specific armor set type for each class to be reserved for 'epic armor'. That way, we can have a set of Shadowknight plate armor, for example, that looks dark and gloomy and has some cloudy particle effects and Paladin armor would be white and have a certain 'glow' to it. A set of rogue armor that looks like a dark chain, and they have a hood for concealment. Stuff like that.

If you've ever played or seen FFXI, I envison having something similar to their Artifact Armor quests, which were really well done in my opinion.


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