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Need some upgrades... lvl 47 here. Thanks in advance.

Gerdafeon Naturesflame,
Cazic-thule(Brell Serilis)

05-31-2005, 01:41 PM
I have no items to recommend you, as I am hard pressed to remember anything these days, but I'd say go for items with more wis and hp/mana.

(use this link ( if you're too lazy to copy-paste the one above to view the magelo)

05-31-2005, 07:26 PM
You could benefit from a few Velious armor quest items. Each of the quests requires a different faction: the Kael armor requires good faction with the giants in Kael, Thurgadin armor requires good faction with the dwarves in Thurgadin, etc. Here's a link to pages where each quest can be found (scroll down until you get to the druid section).

Kael Armor (

Skyshrine armor (

Thurgadin armor (

Personally I would recommend the Thurgadin armor...especially if you want to do the blessed coldain shawl quest in the future. Otherwise, it really doesn't matter which you do. Each item requires a pattern drop and 2-3 gems. The only difficult part is acquiring the pattern. If you are not in a guild this would be tough unless you have a couple high-level friends willing to help you out. Either way, it's an idea.

05-31-2005, 08:21 PM
As I said, thanks.

06-01-2005, 08:10 AM
With a bit of pp you could upgrade your armor alot, could be you should ask for pp ideas.

you can get the cabbage quest earring for about 5k if prices havent inflated, havent checked it in a while. Check it out.
can be paird up with

Maybe 8-12k for both. I forget.

Your sleeves look like your weakest item. After that your leggings. A trip to the bazaar with some pp should fix that (if you have the pp that is). If you don't have the pp maybe do some farming. Do some gates do a tracking job., bake pies...something. Acrylia armor is tailor made from hoppers in dsp. I see you have one piece of it. You might be able to work a deal with a tailor, you kill hoppers, try for some superb or flawless and do a deal deal. thats what I did. I gave him hides and got armor. Might take a bit to find a tailor interested but if you go looking you should find one eventually. It's like finding a job lol.

I think I started out charm fighting hoppers but ended up partnering with a ranger, ended up root rotting them but started out snare-fear kiteing with ranger as my pet hehe. Look at the cloak/back for the acrylia to its pretty good, maybe not good enough to swap but look at it.

Grimling forest is another place can make pp going for runes but it is kinda intense.

Look at the armor drops for druids in the umbral plains. they are no drops so cant be bought. If you have a druid friend tho, thats high level, they might farm you a piece or two while you watch. You might be able to hunt there now but it would be HARD.
It's WAY better armor than what you have now. Umbral plains armor should carry you to 65 if you can get it, that and the cabbage earring. Its a tuff camp think I spent a month there but the price is right. If you get the ely armor the next armor you need is bastion of thunder or better. And thats a long ways off. kzam says 800 pp for sleaves now

if you can get them you'd like these clicky dot vambraces
someone gave me mine. Only bad thing about them is you'll outgrow them soon.

I dont know the camp, from looking at the level reccomend only this looks possible to get by you, maybe with friend now,, check faction hits like i said i dont know the camp
just an item to look at another tailor made. I think you could get the acrylia gloves easier.
the acrylia leggings

There is alot of armor stuff you could upgrade with ldon points if you can get the groups. However, you might be better off useing those points for spells.

If it was me... I think I would scratch an claw my way to 51 with the gear I have now. Then ask for tips here on how to hunt elysians and live thru it and get to umbral plains. Either that or get a friend to drop a couple now. The gloves and boots drop the most.

Unless you get the Don expansion and there are better armors there. I don't know if there is or not, more familiar with the old world at your current level.

I had about 70 percent of your armor pieces at one time lol, good luck.

06-01-2005, 08:23 AM
forgot the ely links

One plan might be, get the leggings,arms, boots and gloves since they are they drop more often. the tunic and crown are nice but rare drops. crown drops off the corrupted and he summons an is TUFF. cant say tat enough.







Well anyways, it's nice armor ..and getting it was one of the most satisfying things in game I've done. Also one long camp lol with quite a few deaths. It maybe out of your reach now but it's obtainable.

Good luck.

06-01-2005, 11:49 AM
Cool thanks