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06-09-2005, 06:07 PM
My druid has had the same gear for the last 2 years since retiring her, and now that I've finally given up the raiding game I would like to start playing her again but have a feeling she's way behind what people would expect a level 65 Druid to be manawise etc these days (2 years ago she was "uber" but these days those stats are nothing).

I'm looking for ideas on upgrades for her that do not involve raid drops (she is Ele flagged but pickup raids on the Eles don't seem to happen on my new server) I'd like to get out there grouping with her again but would hate to show up in a group in WoS or something and realise they expect me to main heal and I haven't got the heals they expect or the manapool to support them.

Budget: I would prefer not to spend my entire bank account on her, as I have many twinks to support ;) , and I also like the rush of camping things and getting nice upgrades for my toons for no cost and just time spent. Most of my PP is earmarked for OOW spells for her and my enchanter so that does not leave much left over for gear. But if there are any "must haves" that are attuneable and findable in the Bazaar, please let me know. I know the ones to look out for INT casters but am woefully behind on the priest gear updates over the last 2 years. But I'd be willing to spend about 50K on her if it were a significant upgrade.

Current Gear: in Magelo, she's a combination of Ornate/Vex Thal/pre-Elemental with a couple Ele pieces but no Ele Leather. 5Kish mana unbuffed, 3Kish hps unbuffed, but all the necessary focii for her time.

In terms of what she's got access to farming wise, she can be duo'd with either my SK (70) or Necro (61), and I have been keeping her along on my SK's DON progression in case something drops. She is not KT flagged and it would be difficult to get a spot in a Trial group since she's so below what a 65 Druid would be these days. I usually box a 65 chanter with my SK so could always farm something with Druid parked nearby.

I have not played much at all in the last 4 or 5 months, so haven't even been around Druids enough to know what types of things they focus on now. 2 years ago it was mana and focii, and 5K unbuffed mana was a boatload and after that people starting looking at HPs for those beatings they got on raids and such. What is considered a decent mana/hp level for a 65 Druid (non raider) these days? And what would give me the best "bang for my buck" in purchaseable gear or farmable?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

06-09-2005, 06:32 PM
In all honesty, you are doing pretty well at level 65 gear wise, especially considering your on a non-raid char. If you grab some DoN gear in your ornate slots, and add in some focii augs, you should be doing really well for yourself. /tell me IG if you have any questions or whatever, I'm on emarr too.

06-10-2005, 02:06 PM
Thanks- found myself some things in Bazaar last night :) Was a bit sad to see how cheap droppable gear from the newer expansions is so much better than Ornate was, and yet her old VT gear is still pretty rockin'.

Got myself that really nice belt that drops of the Bazu in NC- the better healing focus enabled me to get rid of my Ornate arms and found much better ones for only 1K. Upgraded some other slots for fairly cheap and now will just get some levels to increase stats a bit more.

06-11-2005, 03:17 AM
There are some quests that can get you nice items. In Nobles Causeway kill murkgliders anywhere in the zone to get 4 pieces of a sword, which yields a 110 hp/mana cloak with ID5. NC mobs are quite easy, tanked em with a 7kish hp buffed druid unslowed, with just a boxed wizzy helping, so you would have no problem with the SK. Or you could kite them with your druid and necro since they don't summon. A 90 hp/mana FT2 shield also drops randomly, but I think you have shightly better and don't really need the FT.

In Ruined City of Dranik there are multiple quests. One for a nice BA5 neck, and multiple quests for solid 120ish hp/mana rings. I don't have the exact info on those, but can find em easy enough on allakhazam. I will tell you that the drops from the ukuns for the neck are fairly rare though. I spent a long time there to get mine. Mobs in RCoD hit harder though, so I would suggest bringing a slower along if you play SK/druid.

Other than those I would just suggest getting a bunch of crystals from DoN and getting the druid to level 70. With the new type 9 aug slots you can make the DoN gear elemental+ quality. You can also get all the basic level 5 focus effects from augs.