View Full Forums : Ubisoft EQ servers to be merged onto Antonius Bayle

06-24-2005, 01:47 PM

<b>EVERQUEST SERVER TRANSFER ON JUNE 30TH, 2005 - 23.06.05</b>

In order to maximize the experience of our players, in a game where it is so important to interact with each other, Sony Online Entertainment and Ubisoft decided to reorganize the EverQuest® servers in order to provide all players the chance to enjoy a large and active community.

As part of this reorganization we will officially be shutting down our three servers: Sebilis, Kael Drakkal, and Venril Sathir and UbiSoft’s EverQuest customers will be transferred to Sony Online Entertainment on June 30th, 2005. At that time, your account and your characters, including all your characters’ in-game assets, will be moved to the Antonius Bayle server. Please note that this is an English language server.

We hope to make this transfer process as transparent as possible for you. In appreciation of your patience during this transition process, Sony Online Entertainment is pleased to provide you with the following:

# Thirty (30) days of free game time in EverQuest
# All EverQuest expansions released through EverQuest®: Omens of War™
# A 30-day subscription account key for EverQuest® II, and download access to the EverQuest II software.

As a current subscriber to EverQuest, you will not have to make any changes to your billing information or to your EverQuest software. After the transfer is completed, your EverQuest client will automatically update the next time you log in.

On the day of the transfer, June 30th, you will receive a follow-up email alerting you to the start of the process. Included in that email will be your EverQuest II 30-day subscription key and a link to download the EverQuest II software. Also, upon conclusion of the transfer, 30 days of free EverQuest game time will be added to your EverQuest account.

We sincerely thank you for your loyalty, and we hope your continued adventures in Norrath will be even more exciting!

UbiSoft and Sony Online Entertainment