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07-01-2005, 01:47 PM
Hey all, I had a question about Ikkinz2 single group trial. I have been trying to get through the 3 group trials and all the bs to be able to request the raids sometime in the near future for the guild. I went through Ikkinz1, after many beatings and alot of my exp going to the DD, we finally won, anyhow, I have been going through Ikkinz2 now and im having a hard time seeing what to do here.

I tried the 2 tank set up, druid healing OT and cleric on MA, slows, etc. Yeah, no, 0 dps later i wanted to try soemthing else, even at ~12% health the named have about 100k hp left. So i went to a different strategy group being necro, chanter, cleric, tank, druid, shammy. I know the mobs in the hallways repop, and 2 inside the nmaed room do as well, plus there are 9 mobs surrounding the named and you are going to get hit with the AE's, got that so far.

If we let a dot finish off the last mob (ghost) while MA is gtg to engage one named, we always get the second named adding, and if any healers are close he is heading after them, so the only thing i could figure to do in that case is place healers in the hallway and manipulate the add named. Tank tanks first named, named 2 adds, healers are in hallway, he rushes to healers and leashes back to spawn point, after 3 times he stays put. Necro just dps and FD in case, have had chanter runing the tank from halls, shammy sometimes gets eaten by trying to run in to slow, as the DPS output on the named is super fun. Using this method has gotten really close, but if anyone dies on the first named, may as well not kill it because i know as well the remaining named will rez its other half, and that model will summon you and splat you b4 you can hit exodus..repeatedly.

I have read that you can fight them one at a time, but I dunno how thats possible, have had the 2nd named rush the group whether we were in there with the tank in the corner or not, so. Even chanter chain runing to help healers with mana the named are still rough and hit like mad. With the healers being a cleric with max heal AA's, plus me, and i have max heal AA's, tanks have been 11-13k hp, all a group are well geared, etc, so i still cant find much other of what to do?

If we dont get the duo named first shot after the 9th ghost drops, now anytime you enter the room you have 2 named to deal with since you have to run thorugh the middle of both of the rooms since they are leashed, so no singles there. If someone has done these or recently, could I get some help with this, seems maybe i overlooked something, a way to do them each single without getting raped...anything please would be great 8)~


07-01-2005, 03:55 PM
The 2nd named never added for me. I would kill all the statues except for the last one.. the SW statue in the southern room. Shrink everyone, then have them gather behind the tank in that SW corner. When the last statue dies, let the named agro you and rush into the corner..

The only reason you would have the 2nd named add is a party member got in line of sight to the 2nd named. Fight each named in their own room, making sure to never allow the 2nd named to see you or your enemy.

Edit: not sure if it makes a diff.. but when all statues but the last one are dead, evac and med up at zi.. then go back to the last statue.

07-01-2005, 04:00 PM
Ya beatslayer is right, just position everyone in your group in the farthest corner of the room from the other room (make sure you're all tight in there), and kill the final ghost. The aneuk in that room will come solo. You can just kill it then move to the next. Do not let your melee out of the corner until the aneuk itself is in the corner.

Like beatslayer said, shrink up!

07-01-2005, 06:09 PM
I will see if we can squash in there like you guys said thanks.

Another thing though i know that 2 hall mobs and 2 room are respawns that we deal with, and it usually takes a couple clearings from teh DS mobs and AE's to med up before killing the last ghost. I have been doing that, leaving one mob and medding/clearing to engage, but if the second add in the north room there sees us (which he should) as we cross between the 2 rooms, yet we still set up in the sw corner, would that still cause him to add once the last guy dies and we begin on the first mob? Just hard to tell who saw who heading into the alcoves there i guess considering the AE's, and the jail cell like walls with drapes :p

Thanks again

07-01-2005, 10:52 PM
if the second add in the north room there sees us (which he should) as we cross between the 2 rooms, yet we still set up in the sw corner, would that still cause him to add once the last guy dies and we begin on the first mob?

If by the 'second add' you mean the named in the north room, don't worry.. as long as 1 statue is still alive, the nameds cannot begin to make hatelists. Only after you kill the final statue will the nameds take note to who is runnin around in plain view.

07-02-2005, 05:11 PM
I got you, thanks alot, im going to try that this weekend, ill let you know how it turns out.

07-04-2005, 12:35 PM
I'm not really answering the question but one thing to keep in mind in all GoD content is that the mobs have very high attack it's very useful to have the Necro in this case dispell before the slows and also debuff (mobs are usually hasted), if you can squeeze it on the druid, bebuff also you will see a huge difference in how much damage you tank takes, this will make every mob so much easier, on trash usually they die way to fast to bother.

Everytime I do a tipt wich I usually pull I pull with dispell and then as the tank gets agro I'll do at least hand of ro on the mobs it's really really helpful. As far as raiding in GoD, same concept. A lot of ppl underestimate or never even think to use debuff but they are quite powerful.

Hope this helps :)

07-04-2005, 04:53 PM
Well, we ran into Ikkinz2 twin struggles, cleared trash, evaced/med and went back in, the SW corner made is so darm easy, i think the tank got to 79% health once, haha. We smoked through so easily, killed off one, then the next like cake, grats rot on a 50 end aug.

Ran over to Ikkinz3 then, that has got to be a joke, I was waiting for it to get hard, but it never did, 2% shielding aug on that one. All 3 trials done now, gotta do all that leg work now to be able to request the raids. I have read the walkthrough for the rest, but have heard I dont need to do the summoner ring or something for requesting the raids? If anyone could give any advice I would appreciate it.

Thanks alot for the help with the trials, I was beating myself up trying to get those guys single.


07-05-2005, 09:25 AM
I couldn't open it from work but I think this is the correct instructions Fornax. I just went for the title cause I'm blocked at work :mad: