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07-28-2005, 02:50 PM
I've put together an excel chart that calculates healing stats with respect to adjustable focus parameters and AAs. The spells covered are 65-70 spells for druids, clerics, shamans, paladins, rangers and beastlords.

The adjustable parameters are:
- Healing focus percent and level
- Mana preservation percent and level
- Beneficial spell haste percent and level
- Beneficial spell haste buff and level
- SCM level
- Specialize Alteration level
- Healing adept AAs
- Healing gift AAs.

At the bottom of the chart there's also a CHC duration calculator where CH and KR can be compared under adjustable mana regeneration conditions.

The default settings for all parameters are the best end-game foci and max AAs.

The chart:

Sneak peak screenshot of the chart if you don't have excel:

My original motivation for the chart was to compare KR with our fast heals. I suspected that KR was no longer more efficient than our fast heals, and this is indeed true. A rather hillarious observation I've made is that ranger/beastlord blast heals do more heal-per-second than KR. Ranger/bst heals are quite inefficient so I wouldn't worry too much about that, though.