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08-31-2005, 05:45 AM
Hi all. Nice to be back with you in Norrath. :)

I have played EverQuest from 1999 until 2004. Then I took a one year break to try out EQ2 and WoW. (Both boring imho). I just returned and I almost feel like a newbie again! Veteran Newbie?
I have so many questions and I'm sure I'll find the answer to a lot of them while surfing around at The Druids Grove. But I am so at loss atm and need a push as to where to start.

Anyhows... I hardly played GoD and I also just bought OoW and DoN. I'm level 65 and just before my break I spent most time in BoT, PoV and PoN.

So where do I start now? I managed to find the guild hall in PoK after I was slain in Firiona Vie. (Dark Elves took over? lol)

Are there any new spells for me to get or do I need to level to 66 first?
Do I buy the new spells? Quest for them?

Should I hunt any special place for new armor from the latest expansions?
(I currently have armor pieces from LDoN. See my magelo).

A good place to play solo? (Kiting, Root/Dotting. I'm not much into pet-charming)
A good place to duo with my SK partner?
A good place to group?

Anything else important happened that I should know about? (Plowing through lots of new lore atm).

Help this lost druid of old to get a fresh start again! :wavey:

08-31-2005, 08:27 AM
Heya Milenax!

Welcome back to Norrath/AB! Greetings to the ogre aswell ;-)

No new spells that i know of (except you want to buy the DoN snare - bought with crystals (the DoN points), it's level 61 and has prismatic resist check) before lvl 66.
After you dinged, you need to trade in different kind of muramite runes for the 66+ spells (described here: The 66-68 ones are droppable and can be bought in baz, the 69/70 ones are no drop and need you to hunt in higher OoW zones. The runes can drop from nameds in nearly any OoW zone, besides Harbringer's, Dranik's Scar and Bloodfields.

Look at this thread for where to hunt: (first post mentions Noble's Causeway and the trashdrops you can get there), and this one: is a nice DoN primer. DoN is nice to group in, to get crystals to buy some augments and gear.

Hope this helped a bit,

Cya online hopefully!


edit: forgot that we got new fear spells! YAY! .... but i didnt care enough about them so i can't tell you where to get them ... *whistles*

08-31-2005, 09:05 AM
The new fear spells are also bought at the DoN merchants with crystals. I didn't bother.

08-31-2005, 09:44 AM
Hi Darwa! Warbirds right?? Croziz says hi back. :)

Thanks Darwa and vestix. This will certainly get me started in the new hunting areas.