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09-07-2005, 09:04 AM
Here's today's patch message!

EverQuest - Live Update - 09/07/05

*** Headlines ***
Eyes on Nektulos - From the saddle of her unholy steed, Lanys T`Vyl, the child of Innoruuk, surveyed the trolls' as they marched with all of their belongings and wares from Neriak, the dark elf city they called home for a time, to the city of Grobb in the Innothule Swamp. The frogloks had finally lost their foothold in Grobb and now the smelling, foul race of trolls had their home back.

She kicked her steed into motion and made haste through Nektulos Forest making a cursory survey of the lands and then turned to Neriak where dark fates would soon unfurl by her ebony hand.

*** Spells ***
- Increased the duration on Divine Avatar.
- Reduced the casting time on several swarm pet AAs.
- Modified Intensity of the Resolute so it won't be overwritten by other, lesser abilities.
- Using Cyclone Blade or Whirlwind Blade will no longer cause AE Taunt to be used up as well.
- Telekara is now slightly harder to resist, giving it an equal resist chance to other spells in the same line.
- Nature's Blight and Season's Fury now have 200 spell casting range.
- Rhythmic Reflexes and Superior Rhythmic Reflexes had their double attack values switched. This has now been corrected.
- Nature's Blight and Season's Fury will now not focus level 1 spells, including the Shadowknight ability Harmtouch.

*** Items ***
- The dark side of the froglok’s can now wear the armor their culture made.
- Modified the stats of numerous pieces of the cultural armor and the corresponding symbols.
- After much chafing, and a few cracked ribs, the froglok have decided that gnome cultural armor is no longer wearable.
- Blessed Reviver's Charm should now calculate its stats correctly if a non-wis caster is added to the group or raid.
- All spell scrolls should now be stackable. Please note that if you try to scribe more than one spell scroll at one time by using a stack of spell scrolls, that you will receive an error message. You must use only one spell scroll to scribe a spell.
- Ancient Mist Root Stone, Refracted Dusk Amethyst, Ancient Life Root Stone, and Refracted Dawn Amethyst are now usable in the hands and wrist slots.

-- The EverQuest Team