View Full Forums : Druids - Do NOT attempt your Epic 2.0 Combine in Anguish

09-16-2005, 02:53 PM
For druids working on their Epic 2.0, Absor was good enough to stop by and <a href="">send warning</a> that there is currently a combine bug.

<b><i>Quote: Absor</b>
There is currently an issue with the combining of the Everburning Jagged Tree Limb, Frozen Rain Spirit and the Globe of Discordant Energy in the Insulated Container. IF YOU TRY THIS COMBINE YOU WILL LOSE YOUR CONTAINER!

I made a stupid mistake when trying to fix the issue that prevented if from combining at all and made it worse. I'm working on getting it fixed. In the mean time, please pass the word on to others not to do this combine until they see a fix mentioned in an update message.

Sorry for the error.